Everything you need to know about the Kubota KX080-3

If you’ve been scouring the web for a new utility class excavator it’s hard to ignore the Kubota KX080-3. Whether you’re talking directly with dealerships or skimming online articles (like this one) you’re probably after some concrete data on why this machine is worth its metal, and what can it offer you that your existing fleet or competitors can’t. Here’s everything you need to know about the KX080-3.

First up, here are the basics: 

Horsepower66.6hp @ 2000 RPM
Dump height5250mm
Auxiliary hydraulic flow100l/pm
Bucket breakout force6650kgf
Digging depth 4600mm
Dimensions 6450 x 2200 x 2540
Air conditioning You bet
Operating weight 8.1T

One word. Hydraulics. 

As far as this class of diggers goes, Kubota has basically made the KX080-3 hydraulically invincible. The world-class load sensing hydraulic system does the trick, delivering oil according to the operator’s lever motions which basically makes the machine telepathic. And that’s a good thing these days. With the demand for more versatility on the jobs-site, having an excavator that won’t mind shifting heavier attachment day in day out – is right on the money. Think of the Volvo ECR88 or the CAT 308 – both direct competition to the Kubota KX080-3, when it comes to these 8-tonne excavators, it’s hydraulics that count when it comes to lifting the heavier stuff. The Kubota here comes forward with smooth and highly reactive hydraulics – something you’ll thank yourself for having almost instantly.

Bringing industrial power to urban environments 

Everyone knows Kubota specializes in the compact digger. But the 70hp KX080-3 is by no means compact in the sense of its size or capability. The KX080-3 has excellent reach for its ‘middi’ size, and that makes it the versatile choice for the larger heavier lifting jobs you may have lined up. 


With all this power you’d almost start to think it’s a bit clumsy. Well, it’s not. It’s the token Japanese precision-accuracy in both design and usability making it really sing. This agility is super important when digging in more compact environments. With 2,200mm in width, this slim digger is designed to be transported with ease and set loose on any suburban project without a hassle. With a tight tail swing, the Kubota kx080-3 is reasonably balanced and can therefore handle a wider range of loads. Just don’t expect this digger to fit through any tight garden gate, it may be versatile, but this machine just isn’t designed for digging out the backyard pool.

Running costs

As a rule of thumb, this excavator does well on keeping down costs, particularly on the job. The auto idle system will instinctively reduce RPMs while control levers aren’t being used. This reduces fuel consumption and when the dig gets unpredictable, you’re never sitting there listening to your fuel costs go up. Kubota claims this system will save up to 10% of fuel. Not too shabby.

Cabin comforts

Another area that is hard to ignore is the interior cabin which is designed to eliminate operator fatigue. The wrist wrests do a fine job of cradling tired arms and the 12v electric socket will keep your phone charged throughout the day. The sore lack of a built-in radio will demand you plug in those headphones. The general roominess and ergonomic control system cannot be faulted. A long day on the job is made easier with a high-quality suspension seat, a gapingly wide entry-exit door, and air-conditioning.

Tracks to attachments

With a choice of steel or rubber tracks, the Kubota KX080-3 is appealing for first-time buyers who might still be tossing up what kind of tracks they need, allowing them to focus on other more specific features. The range of attachments you can get for this digger is vast, but it’s the dozer blade up front that really makes an impact on-site prep and cleanup.

What about resale price?

Indeed, any Kubota will generally snag a good resale price on the private market, especially compared to some of the competition. The Kubota KX080-3 is no exception to this rule; however, you should take care to maintain and service regularly – these machines deserve some love.

The bottom line Ultimately, the Kubota KX080-3 excavator is a win-win for contractors and larger companies alike wanting to expand their reach and versatility on the job. With excellent fuel consumption, superior load capacity, and pact with features that you’ll actually benefit from, it’s no surprise that this midi excavator is the market leader in its class.

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