Everything you need to know about Solenoid Valve

A solenoid valve is a valve that features a solenoid. It consists of an electric coil that has a movable ferromagnetic core in the center. Solenoid valves are used for clean gases and liquids. The plunger will close off a small orifice in the rest position. A magnetic field is induced when you pass an electric current through it. The magnetic field will exert a force on the plunger. Thus, the orifice will be opened. Solenoid Valve is used as indirect operated valves. Also, it is used in heating systems, car washes, irrigation, and vacuum. In this article, we are going to talk about the Solenoid valve.

What is a solenoid valve?

A solenoid valve is an isolated electromechanically operated valve. It has a valve body and a solenoid or electromagnetic actuator. The solenoid used in this valve is responsible for closing and opening the valve. You can arrange this actuator in such a way that the action can either close or open only. Only these two positions exist in this system.

The solenoid is responsible for converting electrical energy into mechanical action. It has a coil that is wrapped around an iron core. There is also a ferromagnetic plunger. The components will depend on the design and application. If you are passing the electrical current through the valve, then it will induce a magnetic field.

Where are solenoid valves used?

The best thing about solenoid

valves is that you can easily control them. It is used in every industry where

the remote control is required. Some of the common applications of solenoid valves are:

1.    Hydraulic and pneumatic circuits: Solenoid valves can be used to stop or allow the supply of liquid or gas. It is used in air compression, refrigeration, and lubrication systems.

2.    Automation: If you want to control the fluid flow automatically, then you can use a solenoid valve. Thus, solenoid valves are heavily used in factory automation and robotics. These valves are controlled by programmable logic circuits and microcontrollers.

3.    Pharmaceutical, medical & food manufacturing: Solenoid valves are used in medical equipment like ventilator systems, anesthesia machines, and dialysis machines. The food and pharmaceutical industry is using solenoid valves for ensuring that you are keeping up with the hygienic requirements.

How to choose a solenoid valve?

You should understand your application before you choose a solenoid valve. If you want to choose a solenoid valve, then you should check out the guide at https://linquip.com/industrial-directories/345/solenoid-valve. It will help you in finding the best solenoid valve. Some of the common factors that you should keep in mind are:

1.    Type: You need to determine if you need a 2-way or 3-way valve.

2.    Material: You need to determine which housing material you need. This will depend on the temperature and chemical properties of the media. Also, you need to consider the environment where you are going to use the valve. If you have neutral media, then you can use brass. Stainless steel has good pressure, temperature, and chemical resistance. If you are looking for cost-efficient media, then you should go for PVC and polyamide.

3.    Voltage: These valves are available in both DC and AC versions. There are both pros and cons of both versions. Thus, you should check which is better for you.

4.    Seal material: You need to check the temperature and chemical property of the media before you select the seal material.

5.    Pressure: You should ensure that the valve can withstand the pressure.

6.    Valve function: You can choose a normally closed or open valve. The normally closed solenoid is generally used in the industry. If you want the valve opening time to be longer, then can go for the open valve.

7.    Temperature: Make sure that the valve material can withstand both the maximum and minimum temperatures. Temperature consideration will help you in selecting the correct material.

8.    Degree of protection: You should ensure that your valve has an IP rating for protecting from contact, moisture, and dust.


Solenoid valves are very famous in the industry. It is an electromechanically operated valve. Thus, you don’t need to worry about hiring an operator. You should check the points mentioned in this article before buying a solenoid valve.

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