Everything you need to know about pipe smoking

Pipe smoking was considered as a sacred ritual; men light them at various functions and ceremonies, including funerals, weddings, and even signing the treaties. However, some men smoke to relax and unwind situations.

Types Of Tobacco:

Tobacco is of different types, whether you buy online or from a local shop. Different tobacco blenders use different types of leaves to enhance mouth feel, flavor and more. Some of the common and best classic tobaccos leaves are:

Burley: This is a slow-burning leave that has a mild and nutty flavor.

Bright: This is a north Carolina-based leaf that has a mild aroma and very light flavor.

Virginia: Virginia quickly burns and enhances the flavor of your smoke. Also, it is sweet and light.

Oriental: Latakia is bold and has a spicy flavor. It is originated in the Middle East and is thus recognized as the Middle Eastern Leaves.

Things You Need For Pipe Smoking:

Pipe roll: While pipe roll is not important, having this will keep things handy and organized. You can have a canvas utility roll with different pockets to pack your things on the go. You can also pack things in an old cigar box, just don’t mix the tobacco and cigar as the smells got mixed and can de-grade the smoking experience.

Pipe: Pipe can range from $5 to $500, and the price depends on the material used in the pipe. The most common material you will see in pipes is briarwood, as they are heat resistant, rugged, durable, and look classic in its appearance. You can also go for meerschaum pipes; however, they are made from clay-like material and are a little soft. Also, these pipes are expensive and require more care as compared to other options.

Furthermore, the shape of the stem also matters in the pipe; there can be a straight and curved stem of the pipe. While the straight pipe is more popular as they sit high on the face and keep the smoke far from your face, curved stem, on the other hand, is easy to hold and sit nicely on the face.

Lighter: Lighters or wooden matches are important to lit the pipe, so keep them handy.

Pipe cleaner:  Pipe cleaners are used to clean the residue and moisture left after smoking tobacco. You can use them for cleaning small bores and other blocked places in the pipe. Also, they are inexpensive and keep your pipe clean.

Tamper/Nail:  Often, pipe kits contain special tamping tool to down the tobacco. They look like a normal nail and is thin and small in size.

Tobacco: You can pick tobacco of any flavor to let you sniff different varieties. There are other fruity flavors, light, and darker tobacco, and other classic flavors to make things good for you.

Adding Flavor In The Pipe:

For newbies, it can be the hardest thing; however, a little practice can make smoking a breeze. Here are few steps you can start with:

The first thing is filling tobacco; gravity fills in which you grab a little tobacco and put it in the pipe without pushing it. You can also bring out the tobacco by scooping it right from the bag with the pipe. You have to do this in layers; fill the scoop, push it down to the rim. With each layer, you need to push the pressure.

Lighting The Pipe:

The first step in lighting is holding the flame right above the bowl and moving the match around the bowl in a circle. Once lighting, tamp the tobacco and once again hold the flame.


Pipe smoking is an art, and once you learn it, your smoking experience will increase. Just make sure your pipe is cleaned and cooled after every smoke. As not cleaning the pipe will enhance the smoke build-up, which can affect the flavor.

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