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Everything You Need To Know About Manhunt: Deadly Games




This article will contain spoilers for the popular drama series spanning two-season long.

With that disclaimer out of the way, we can cover the things you need to know about Manhunt: Deadly Games. Manhunt: Deadly Games is based on a true story. It involves a security officer, Richard Jewell, and the 1996 Atlanta Olympics when a bomb detonated and endangered the lives of hundreds of people.

At the beginning of the show, Jewel is a security officer that actually saved lives when the Atlanta bomb went off. He was seen as a hero and beloved by all. However, that all changed when Kathy Scruggs reported that he might be the bomber. This threw Jewell’s life into chaos as he found himself in the middle of an FBI investigation.

This is the general plot of the show. However, fans are left upset. As the true story goes, it took the FBI five years to catch the real bomber. In all that time, the hero guard’s life was turned into misery. He was scrutinized, couldn’t find a job, and sent life threats. It is a sad story of how one man’s heroics made him the victim of a crime he didn’t commit.

As such, here is everything you need to know about Manhunt: Deadly Games.

We Know Nothing About the Main Culprit

As far as the audience is concerned, the main suscept of the Atlanta Olympics bombing is a bloodthirsty killed that only wants more. The reality is that we know nothing about the man they call Eric Rudolph. After the bombing, Rudolph went into hiding for five years. He hid in the woods with the FBI having no knowledge of his whereabouts or what he was doing.

As such, we can safely assume that all those scenes involving Rudolph are made up. This isn’t to say that Rudolph is a victim of his upbringing. What the Atlanta bomber did and tried to do is sick and vile. But fans of the show should know that for the five years he spent in hiding, there is no record or evidence to back up the scenes from the show. 

The Show Is Fairly Inaccurate

It’s always hard to tell a story where you don’t know all the facts. Documentaries make a good habit of flexing their creative hand whenever facing unknown facts. The case is no different with this show. Most of the inaccuracy surrounds Rudolph and the militia that supposedly helps him in the Murphy area.

These accuracies were rightfully pointed out on popular forum platforms such as Reddit. Fans of the show, although praised the show for its stunning storytelling, criticize the validity of the facts. There is no record of a militia in the Murphy area, nor is there any evidence for some of the supposed “killings.”

The inaccuracies of the show put it in a bad spot. Fans summarize the show in simple words: ‘The first part of the show is accurate, while the second is completely made up.” Even though the show is great and makes for an excellent watch, fans should go into it with a fresh perspective and don’t buy into the accuracies around Rudolph and the militia (The Regulators).

Kathy Never Recovery From the Atlanta Article Debacle

The famous report who broke the story of Richard Jewel enjoyed a brilliant career up until that point. Kathy Scruggs enjoyed a good relationship with the local authorities and was responsible for breaking some of the most popular news around the Atlanta area.

However, her hot article, “FBI Suspects ‘Hero’ Guard May Have Planted Bomb”, is something she never truly recovered from. The article put Jewel’s life in the spotlight. It put a target on his back and effectively ended all chances of Jewel enjoying a normal life. Even more so, she ruined her life through bad reporting. If you want to know what happened to her, see this post on Kathy’s sad end.

Since we know how the story ends, Kathy Scruggs fell into depression for what she did. She got it wrong – big time wrong. What’s even more damning is that Kathy Scruggs’s reputation was further damaged by Clint Eastwood’s 2019 movie “Richard Jewell.” In his movie, Eastwood portrays Kathy as a person who obtains sources by performing certain favors.

After the authorities caught Rudolph, everyone close to Kathy knew she would never recover.

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7 Essential Badminton Tips for Beginners to improve fast.





Badminton has become a widely played sport across the globe. And, almost youngsters, kids and even older persons have a craze to play this exciting game. This popular game has its own charm, as when you start playing it, you want to have more hits. As we know, to play badminton, we require a quality best badminton racket under 2000 and a shuttlecock and, of course, a best move to hit the cock in the air. Further, if you are a professional, you can play every shot with confidence. But, if you are a beginner, it would be good if you learnt some basic tips to play like a pro.

Since you are a mere beginner, you can grasp some tips for hands-on this game. For this purpose, I am explaining some easy and quick tips for beginners to improve fast. You can find them below:

1. Prepare your body to start the game:

Yes, it is the fundamental step to start any game. You should warm up your body to play actively as this game requires enough stamina to jump up high. To warm up your body, you can jump, skip and cover a little area by jogging. When your pulse rate is a bit high, or you feel warmer, you have been ready to play this exciting game. This way, you can play a good round with your mate player and stay active. Hence, before starting a game, prepare your body to face the game’s up-down by warming up.

2. Learn how to grip appropriately:

After warming up the body, another tip is to learn how to hold the racket correctly. If you have small hands, a small grip is an ideal and ample grip for big hands. Here is one more thing to discuss: do not hold the racket too tight as you may face a problem playing. It would be best if you held it nicely in order to play a smooth round. 

3. Know about the shuttlecock flight:

If you are a beginner, you need to know about the quality of the shuttlecock’s flight. If it comes too fast, slow, shaky, or out of the way, you can dispose of it. But, if you do not do the same, you may lose the shot. And this way, you will have to be ready to lose over your mate players. So, it should be on your priority list to pay proper attention to shuttlecock drives. This way, you can play a better game.

4. Get back to your position:

The position matters in this play because if you are not in the correct position, you may lose the shuttlecock drives. And, after playing your shot, you should get your place back so that you can get ready for the next shot comfortably. And in this way, you will act like a pro in the game, and the opponent will envy this trick.

5. Try to play badminton inside the place: 

As we know, the shuttlecocks are very light weighted. If we choose the outside area to play this game, you may lose your shuttle cock as a slight wind may whisk it and send it to other places. So, to avoid these situations, you must select a safe indoor area where you can comfortably play badminton without worrying about dislocating the shuttlecock.

6. Play with a tricky mind: 

This game require good concentration and a mental workout. While playing this game, you must stay active and calm to get and drive the shots. Here, it would be best if you had proper planning and thinking to play badminton so that you can not miss any shots. In this game, positive thinking is a must in order to take over the match from your pals. So, get ready with some positive vibes to collect a needful concentration to win over other players.

7. Cool down after playing badminton:

It is also a necessary step as you have spent almost all your energy on this game. You may get tired of the hectic physical activity. Here, you need to cool yourself down by starting walking around the game area. Also, you can divert your tired mind by stretching the muscles. This way, you can feel relaxed. 

What’s more, before planning to take the badminton round, you also need to know about this. To play this game, I suggest buying good quality rackets and shuttlecock to avoid mishaps. Sometimes, cheap quality rackets may break when driving the shuttlecock. So, keep this thing in mind while getting them.


The above are the best and most reliable tips for beginners or with a passion for playing badminton like a professional. You can adapt the above information to enhance your ability to play. So, if you have yet to get the badminton set, buy them right now to get started with the game.        

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Atomicrops – agriculture during the apocalypse




Once again, Epic Games grabbed something exciting and even in an unexpected genre of farming. The events of Atomicrops take place immediately after the apocalypse. 

Be a farmer on Atomic Crops! An ordinary farmer lived quietly for himself and here you are – nuclear bombing, radiation and mutations. The representatives of the flora and fauna together became bloodthirsty monsters, and the rabbits learned to use weapons. And, of course, the whole gang is aggressively tuned exclusively to the protagonist.  

Local radioactive farming, mutant rabbits and business planning in an environment where every bush wants to eat you. The gameplay can be called roguelike: each run starts with a basic set of handy items and randomly generated terrain. Monsters, scattered artifacts and seeds, the location of boxes and useful scrolls are also randomized – in general, everything is mixed.

In the morning the farmer must take part in raids for prey, in the afternoon he works hard on the beds, and in the evening – to repel the fierce attacks of monsters. It doesn’t have to be in that order, everyone decides for themselves! The gameplay is simple and clear from the first seconds: hover the mouse cursor, start clicking. The tactic is proven to work even on genetically modified food. Further – for the economic component or in a simple way for trade. 

“To sell something unnecessary, you must first buy something unnecessary”. So the hero has to rush among angry bulls and rabbits with an ordinary gun to find at least some seeds. Then you have to dig a place, remove the weeds, prepare a garden bed and finally plant a mutated miracle. It remains to water and take care of the sprouts from time to time so as not to swallow the teeth of caterpillars. The next morning a helicopter will fly in and pay for the entire collected product in kind, and with it we are already buying packages of seeds, better weapons and even building materials to access distant biomes.

Some more interesting gameplay nuances 

The game world is static, which means that the location of all locations is always the same, so once you look closely, you can judge the strength of your opponents in terms of potential benefits. 

Ordinary crops grow singly and bring little profit, but if you add a little genetic fertilizer … mmm. delicious … then you get a huge mutant woven from several plants. There will be more serious profit from it, and more money by the morning – more opportunities tomorrow. Also, one of the main tasks from the very beginning is the search for tree sprouts. They repeatedly bear fruit, maintaining a stable income and much more convenient in terms of cultivation. Also, don’t bother finding a mini-chef and choosing a random artifact in the style of the good old Binding of Isaac. It can be either a banal superstructure of an attack, or completely changing the gameplay mechanics.

By the way, there are two types of opponents: neutral (they just do their job, do not touch anyone) and dormant (the same). An evil farmer is always the first to enter the path of war, start killing everyone or calling a tractor from the sky, and he is already making bugs, rabbits and buffaloes in the manure. By the way, tractors are different, there is uprooting, watering, killing – just for all cases of apocalyptic life. In addition, you can get magic scrolls that activate rains, earthquakes and other weather events (always only good). It is usually enough to take out a small group of two or three enemies to take from them a package of seeds or a box of objects. The golden box and the homeless tractor provide better protection. Well, sometimes random neutrals can kill you inadvertently – you’re alone that you haven’t calculated and climbed under a herd of bulls or a swarm of locusts.

But there is also a bright side to the story – the opportunity to play a wedding by giving flowers to one of the NPCs. So you get an extra pair of hands ready to help in the battle and water the garden bed. And help is really needed, because the hero, in the true sense of the word, works hard. With one hand we hold a watering hose, with the other we dig a bed with a pickaxe, periodically stop and pour lead on the annoying rabbits, not forgetting to carry buckets from the well with our backs. All at the same time, without stopping, without rest. And finally Night monsters are very different from day monsters. They are aggressive, naughty and want to steal your loving crop. There are also bosses who appear after several waves of small fries. The full day-night cycle takes five minutes of real time, so Atomicrops activity is out of scale: days and even seasons change quickly and a lot needs to be done.

Based on the success of the season, the mayor awards a prize, often a package of any useful permanent loot. But the weapons here are disposable – they live only one day and break immediately. Although upgrades are placed on them, you will need to properly allocate capital and plan their purchase in advance. Also, it is not always possible to find something interesting on the first day, and then on the second it will no longer be possible to go deeper into the forest or steppe and as a result the overall approach to party planning will change a bit. .

Although it would be an exaggeration to say that compilations can be created here, but the game strives for this and has all the prerequisites to become a really great computer project. 


Now only an early version is available without game mode + and no endpoints, and although there is a cross-currency, it only allows you to buy some weird cats. If we take it honestly and truly, then Atomicrops turned out to be a one-off, but as a Nuclear Throne no one will pass it the first time. However, the game is fast, chaotic and fun, as far as it can be done in the style of GMOs and the end of the world. 

Atomicrops has huge potential. But what it will eventually become is a great mystery.

Now this is a beautiful, original arcade game, which managed to perfectly combine different genres. 

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A Brief History of Game Modding



A gaming controller

Video game modding has made the entire video gaming scene more creative and vibrant. Among many examples of how modding has improved video games, FiveM servers in GTA is a fine one.

At first glance, video game modding may look counterintuitive as you’re essentially taking trademark intellectual property from a developer and altering it to your liking. But certain developers enjoy the ingenuity that their games can promote through modding.

Let’s put things into perspective; to understand how big modding has become nowadays, let’s discuss where it all started.

Where It Started

A parody of the original Castle Wolfenstein on Apple 2 called the DescriptionOne appeared in 1980. The game was named Castle Smurfenstein, and the mod replaced enemies with Smurfs. After a decade, the classic fps game Doom is perhaps the most important title in the history of mods. 

Founders John Carmack and Tom Hall were aware that the fans of their old Wolfenstein 3D game had attempted to modify the game. In 1995 id Software pioneered their first attempt to commercialize user-friendly tools that enabled the gaming community to easily create their levels and mods. 

Half-Life 3 Confirmed?

One more seminal PC gaming developer blurred the lines between developers and players. Valve Softwarestarted hiring the best mod developers and talented individuals from the community to work on their titles.

In 1998, Valve released the popular Half-life game, which is now involved in memes. Its modded version Counter-Strike is, to this day, a global phenomenon and an Esports title many love and earn a living by.

Valve recognized counterstrike’s potential and acquired the rights to this modded game. Counterstrike is one major example of how individuals used their talent to grab the attention of developers and paved a route for employment. One might even wonder, can modders develop Half-life 3?

Where Modding Stands Today

In the end, Pc gamers will always benefit from custom-modded environments and innovative content in their favorite games. Most of all, the majority of the content is free to download and enjoy. Modding has opened new doors to careers in the gaming industry. Currently, video game mods are highly appreciated and have become the normal way of playing video games for most.

A person playing a first-person shooter game

Are you looking to create GTA 5 mods for yourself? Save time and visit the FiveM Store. Our store offers the best GTA FiveM servers, best FiveM scripts, FiveM maps, FiveM custom vehicles, FiveM EUP, and more! Besides 24/7 customer support, we also offer the best prices on roleplay and free roam servers. Visit our online store today for more information.

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How to Improve Scoring in Roblox Shooting Games?




If you’re a fan of first-person shooting, then you know that one of the key elements to success is having a good aim. Whether you’re playing against other humans or computer-controlled opponents, being able to hit your targets is essential for racking up kills and coming out on top.

There are a number of factors that can affect your aim, from the sensitivity of your mouse or controller to in-game distractions. However, there are a few general tips that can help you improve your accuracy and up your kill count.

1. Use a Laser Sight

If you’re having trouble aiming, attaching a laser sight to your weapon can help. This will give you a constant reference point for where your bullets are going to hit, making it easier to line up shots. Just be aware that enemies can see your laser too, so use it sparingly to avoid giving away your position.

2. Take your Time

In the heat of battle, it can be tempting to just spray and pray in the hopes of hitting something. However, this is rarely effective and will just waste ammo. Instead, take your time to line up shots and make each one count.

3. Aim for the Head

This is a classic tip for FPS games, and for good reason. Headshots deal significantly more damage than body shots, so they’re always worth going for if you can manage it. Just be aware that enemies will often duck or move erratically to avoid getting hit in the head, so you’ll need to adjust your aim accordingly.

4. Use Cover

In most first-person shooting games, there’s a lot of emphasis on moving around the map and using cover to stay alive. This is because being out in the open makes you an easy target for enemy fire. By using cover wisely, you can stay safe while also getting a better angle on your opponents.

5. Maintain Graphics Settings

It is always a good idea to adjust your graphics settings and find a balance between FPS and graphics. A lot of people tend to set their graphics to very high resolutions and maximum details which can decrease their FPS. Conversely, having your FPS set too high can also be detrimental as it will make it harder to spot enemies. Try to get rbx fps unlocker to get the most out of your FPS.

6. Use a Controller

Shooting games are often designed with a mouse and keyboard in mind. However, if you’re more comfortable using a controller, don’t be afraid to give it a try. Many gamers have excellent controller support, and you may find that it gives you an advantage over players who are sticking to a mouse and keyboard.

7. Practice in Offline Mode

If you’re having trouble against real opponents, try practicing in offline mode against AI-controlled enemies. This can be a great way to get a feel for the game’s mechanics and learn the ins and outs of each map. Once you’re more comfortable, you can jump into online matches with confidence.

8. Play with Friends

Playing with friends is not only more fun, but it can also help you improve your skills. Collaborating with teammates can give you a better idea of how to approach each match, and you can also learn from their mistakes.

9. Join a Clan

There are many competitive clans out there that are always looking for new members. If you’re interested in taking your shooting game to the next level, joining one of these clans can be a great way to do it. You’ll be able to compete in tournaments and matches against other clan members, and you may even end up making some new friends along the way.

10. Use Training Maps

Most Roblox games come with a variety of training maps that are designed to help you practice specific skills. These maps can be a great way to hone your aim, learn the layout of each map, and try out different strategies. Be sure to take advantage of them whenever you can.

With these tips in mind, you should be well on your way to becoming a top-tier player in any shooting game. Just remember to practice and stay calm under pressure, and you’ll be racking up kills in no time.

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Why Crypto and Blockchain Gaming is the Fastest Growing Trend in 2022?




  Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have evolved from a minor pastime of tech-savvy enthusiasts into a worldwide movement in the last few years. And it’s just the beginning of the story. You may be shocked at how many individuals are already familiar with blockchain technology and have a bitcoin wallet on their phones. Although the world has not yet fully embraced blockchain gaming in all of its poocoin stock, the future seems to be quite bright.

A decentralized digital ledger that maintains track of all transactions on the network, known as the “blockchain,” is what the word refers to. All of the transactions are documented in blocks, linked together to form a chain of transactions. As a result, each block carries all the information about where it originated and where it is headed. The difficulty of hacking or corrupting any data on the blockchain is significantly increased due to these features.

Investing is a challenging undertaking, and you should be aware of all the risks. Investing in bitcoin exchanges is a high-risk approach to gaining money. On the BitConnect website, you can go through various bitcoin robot reviews and decide which one is ideal. If you want to discover further about bitcoin trading robots, 

Reasons Why Crypto and Blockchain Gaming is the Fastest Growing Trend in 2022:

  1. Online Gamers are Expanding

One of the most apparent reasons why cryptocurrency and blockchain gaming will be the fastest growing trend in 2022 is the fact that they are decentralized. With millions of individuals globally playing games online, the number of online gamers is rapidly increasing. It’s only logical that more people would want to try crypto games, particularly if they’re seeking a method to make money while playing crypto  games.

  1. Data Security and Protection

Security and data protection are why crypto and blockchain gaming will be the fastest-rising trend in 2022. When you use bitcoin for gaming, the blockchain technology utilized by most cryptocurrencies employs encryption to guarantee that all transactions are safe. This ensures that your personal information will not be stolen or compromised. Because all transactions are recorded on a public ledger that everyone can see, only the transaction owner has access to its contents. This may also assist in preventing cheating in specific kinds of games like poker or slots.

  1. Transparency in the Gaming Industry  

Blockchain games have more transparency than conventional gaming platforms, which may be a significant selling factor for gamers who want to know how developers are using their money. Blockchain games are also more affordable than traditional gaming platforms. A further advantage of the blockchain is that it will enable players to spend their winnings on other games or things they want rather than waiting for someone else to determine what they may do with them.

  1. Improved Game Distribution

With crypto and blockchain gaming, developers don’t have to think about getting their games onto consoles or mobile devices. They can create their distribution channels and profit solely from sales made through those channels. This means that gamers have better access to the games they want to play without going through multiple steps between purchasing an app or game and playing it on their preferred device (or paying for it). And, since crypto/blockchain firms are always searching for new ways to develop, there is no limit to how much better things can become for gamers in the future.

  1. The Future of Gaming Looks Promising

With the introduction of the blockchain, various new possibilities have opened up for gamers. Players may now earn money as they play, thanks to the availability of cryptocurrencies and digital assets to use in their games. This is certainly a novel approach to problem-solving, but it will gain popularity as more people get engaged with it.

Wrap Up

For the time being, we can expect that the value of this cryptocurrency will continue to rise as more game creators begin to release blockchain-based games. Video game lovers are excited to see what these inventors can create by routinely combining bitcoin and blockchain technologies into their gaming experiences. Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology will probably play a role in the gaming future.      

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