Everything You Need to Know about IGCSE Education System

IGCSE or International General Certificate of Secondary Education is the best certificate course for students who have completed secondary exams (UK GCSE, O-Level, or other respective exams in different countries) and proceed to pre-university studies.

IGCS studies are more famous among adult students or home-schoolers. Hence, typically, it’s taken by student s from the 14 to 16 years age group (depending on the entry-level primary one, it can be 15-17 years). However, it also has a place for students pursuing alternative education, whereas adult students can anytime appear in IGCSE exams and continue it for their personal, educational advancement.

Subjects IGCSE Curriculum Encompasses

There are over 70 different subject options in IGCSE, and students who are opting for this educational itinerary need to choose 5 to 14 subjects among them. However, in renowned IGCSE institutions like Hudson Academy in Hong Kong, IGCSE tutorials always contain essential subjects like Maths, Chemistry, and English.

For completion of each subject, one certificate is awarded to students in IGCSE. Hence, if you are pursuing five opted subjects, you will have five different certificates after r completion of the course.

Besides, the institutions offering A-Level IGCSE tutorials covering the three significant examination boards, CIE, AQA, Edexcel, often prove themselves more productive than others. Again, an experienced IGCSE tutor Hong Kong from an institution like this is trained to identify students’ weaknesses to prepare for examinations accordingly.

Why are IGSC Courses Well Ahead of Other Educational itineraries?

Because of some definite factors, IGCSE has become famous worldwide. The most important one among them is every learner wants to be educated through a qualification system capable enough to open plenty of scopes around the world.

IGSC is considered among the popular international qualification system for 14 to 16 years old learners. It offers a gateway to higher education or professional aptitude development within the country you are residing in or overseas. An IGCSE tutor can help you in:

  • Getting a place in an esteemed college or university located in your country or abroad
  • Discovering better occupational opportunities
  • Success in the language assessment required for emigrating into another country for studying
  • Development of necessary skills for having a more prosperous and exciting life

Hudson University, nestled in Hong Kong, educates students through their extensive IGCSE tutorials obtainable through the home and online tutorial programs. Every IGCSE tutor from the academy comprises over three years of experience in this field along with gleaming university credentials. 

The Course

Generally, the IGSC course usually would require three years to be completed. Having an extensive module for accessing learners’ aptitudes, the course’s examination process encompasses different viva, written, practical, and coursework tests.

The Ability Range for Students 

The core curriculum of the course is excellent for learners expecting C to G grades in their assessments. However, it also comprises an extended curriculum enabling students to reach A* to C.

What to Consider Before Registering in an Institution for IGCSE Tutorials?

Though many institutions claim to offer professional IGCSE course in Hong Kong, in reality, merely a few of them are proficient enough to serve that.

However, learners can distinguish a capable institution by verifying how many years they are offering the course. How experienced and competent the faculties are for educating learners. How the curriculum is, and more. Many institutions are even proffering a glimpse of their educational ambiance by suggesting free IGCSE tutorial trials.

You can contact Hudson Academy for free trials available for both private and group studying. The responsible team will contact you within a day. They are now also open to online and home-based tutorials.

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