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Everything you need to know about finding the best student accommodation in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is that the capital of Scotland located within the Central Belt region of the country. The city manages the mix of ancient and trendy culture in an exceedingly unambiguously Scottish atmosphere. Women can enjoy in this city as a solo traveler as it is Scotland’s throbbing night-life center.  Edinburgh is also known as the Athens of the North and is a feast for the mind of students in Edinburgh. There are also many good student accommodations Edinburgh for international students wanting to study here.

Students ought to note that capital becomes irresistibly jammed both in the hotels and on the roads during the most competitive periods of high summer (August to early September) and New Year’s. Solo women students at these times ought to arrange well ahead for booking central accommodation and event tickets at these times

Safe places to stay

Edinburgh has been established as a traveler destination for hundreds of years, and then there’s a large selection of accommodation out there for students. If you are designing a visit throughout competition time (Aug), around Christmas and New Year, or on the weekend of a Scotland game then you’ll notice that each one variety of accommodation gets set-aside up well before, and a premium could also be applied to the room-rate. For those on a budget, their square

Staying safe and safety tips for women students:

  • Like all different major cities, it pays to stay attentive and use some good judgment in Edinburgh travel as well.
  • Try to not get too drunk: if you have got had an excessive amount of, it would be wise to get a taxi home.
  • Night buses here are cheap and are safe alternatives for taxis.
  • It is important to dress appropriately, in tune with the locals, and avoid too much contact with strangers.
  • Students traveling to Edinburgh should also refrain from eating in local shops and partying late at night, to avoid unnecessary contacts with strangers.
  • Some articles for safety could be possessed in the bags of females such as small knives, sprays, and umbrellas that could help attack violators in a distance.

Advantages of studying in Edinburgh:

1) A right Royal town

If you wander off in the capital, merely rummage around for the castle. Perked on a craggy foreland on top of Princes Street Gardens, it’s visible from everywhere town. The views over the rooftops to the Firth of Forth square measure large, and there square measure exhibitions in its precincts, as well as the Scottish Crown Jewels

2) The recent city

Before the building of the upper crust populated area within the mid-18th century, made individuals lived in shut proximity to the poor within the medieval recent Town’s slim, steep streets and overcrowded tenements. Edinburgh travel guides would help people to explore the innate beauty of the land better.

3) The populated area

When a young creator referred to as James Craig won the competition to style the road set up for the populated area, made individuals flocked to measure in his broad, straight streets, elegant squares, and crescents. Visitors would be able to sample their lives at The Georgian House in modern Charlotte square. 

4) A novel literary heritage

So made is that the city’s literary heritage that, in 2004, the capital was honored by UN agency because of the world’s 1st town of Literature. The Writers’ deposit simply off the Royal Mile, is devoted to the lives and works of the poet, Sir Scott, and parliamentarian prizefighter Stevenson.

5) The water of life

Edinburgh information is not complete without a note on this. The Scotch whiskey Heritage Centre (, close to the castle entrance on Castle hill, could be a well-thought-out attraction that each informs and entertains. Begin with a tipple, then hear all regarding the history of Scotch whiskey creating ‐ and you’ll be able to get a large variety of blends and malts within the search later.

6) Retail medical aid

Edinburgh’s main road, Princes Street, is lined with outlets on one facet and by public gardens on the opposite. Drop into Jenners to admire its elegant galleries and glass dome. Patron saint Street, which runs parallel to Princes St, is home to fashionable shops like doc Nichols.

7) Art for all

Student accommodation flourishes because of its art. The city brags of 5 national galleries, all joined by one free bus. The National Gallery of Scotland (admission free) on Princes Street, homes a global assortment. The adjacent Royal Scottish Academy Building in Scotland’s high exhibition venue

8) Family attractions

Head up the Royal Mile and you shortly return to the chamber, associate enchanting ‘eye within the sky’ that had Victorian women fainting at the sight of ‘live’ moving photos. There square measure broad views from the highest of the five-story tower and a few nice optical illusions to do on the floors below.

9) Wide open areas

Princes Street Gardens, within the shadow of the castle drop-off, provide a swath of inexperienced within the heart of town wherever you’ll be able to watch the planet blow over. Don’t miss the Royal biological science Garden between the town center and also the Firth of Forth.

10) Weird and fantastic buildings

Edinburgh has some distinctive buildings ‐ and I’m not simply talking regarding the Scottish Parliament with its bamboo-covered windows.

Studying and finding accommodation in Edinburgh:

The best way to find the best student accommodation in Edinburgh is to find the room through dedicated online portals like Amber student. Students looking for accommodations need to check for the extras available in the location. The student’s mandatory requirement is the internet for studies and project work. It is also smart to look for other amenities such as washing and drying areas, gyms, common rooms, etc. Few private accommodations offer several facilities, hence the student has to research and find the best private accommodation.

Bottom Line:

Not every student looks for luxury features in accommodation, but it is vital to look for a decent room with good furniture for studying, and a properly maintained property. This feature is mandatory as many students opt for rooms without considering these features and experience staying in quality fewer accommodations.

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