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Everything You Need To Know About Christian Book Publishing


Christian book publishing is a multi-billion dollar industry. Every year, thousands of Christian books are published by publishers all over the world. The most successful ones have one thing in common: they were written for the sole purpose of glorifying God and spreading truth and goodness throughout the earth. Christian book publishing is a little different from secular or mainstream publishing, in that it has its own set of standards and requirements. A Christian publisher will be looking for books that conform to specific spiritual and cultural guidelines. Bible-based stories are popular, as well as inspirational and motivational pieces on topics such as parenting or marriage.

What Makes a Good Book Idea for a Christian Publisher?

Christian book publishers are always on the lookout for new authors and new ideas. They want to publish books that will sell well, but they also want to be sure that any proposed book is consistent with their publishing philosophy. That’s why it’s important to know what makes a good book idea or topic for a Christian publisher. When it comes to booking ideas, Christian publishers are looking for a few things. First and foremost, they’re looking for something that is going to be in line with their mission statement. They want to publish books that will help spread the word of God, but they also want something that is going to sell well. That’s why they often take advantage of pre-existing works, but you can still submit your idea as well.

What are the benefits of Christian book publishing?

When it comes to Christian publishing, there is a ton of misinformation being circulated. Some people have the impression that you can’t make any money from Christian writing. If you’re a new author with an idea for a book, this information may come as a surprise. The truth is that there are many benefits to writing and publishing your book today. You might be thinking about why Christian book publishing will help you to sell more books. 

  • First of all, the main benefit is that you can reach a wider audience. 
  • If your book is published by a traditional publisher, then it will be in bookstores around the world and in churches. 
  • Also if you are an author who does not have a large platform already established, having a publisher for your book can help build your brand and gain new readers.
  • Christian publishing is the process of producing and distributing literature that has been influenced by Christianity. 
  • This kind of literature is specifically intended for Christian consumption, however, not all Christian books are necessarily published through an established Christian publisher. 
  • In fact, many self-published authors use this method to get their work out there in a very visible way.

From marketing products to helping authors, Christian book publishing companies offer a myriad of services. However, the main goal is to provide customers with a quality product and help them get their book published. Small publishers may only handle the printing and distribution of books, while large publishing companies can also offer editing services, marketing support, and more.


Christian book publishing is one of the fastest growing segments of the book publishing industry. Publishing a Christian book is certainly not as difficult as many people might think, but it will require some preparation and experience. You must know how to write a good book proposal that will entice an agent or publisher to invest in your manuscript.

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