Everything You Need To Know About Accelerated Master’s Programs In Nursing

Accelerated Master’s Programs In Nursing

There are a lot of settings where nurses can practice, like hospitals, education, and the community. Nursing has been rated as the most ethical and honest profession. Different paths can be taken to get into the profession, such as accelerated nursing programs which are offered at the bachelor and master levels. Accelerated masters programs in nursing are possible at the University of Texas Arlington, and the following article is a guide to an accelerated master’s program in nursing.  

Accelerated Master of Science in Nursing 

An accelerated master’s program allows qualified students to get a Master of Science in Nursing degree in less than two years. These are fast-paced, full-time programs designed usually for individuals who already have undergraduate degrees, whether in some other discipline or wish to transfer to a nursing profession.   

These accelerated programs can be held on campus or online. Unlike traditional programs, they conduct group classes in sections and not in traditional semesters and run without breaks between semesters. The students enrolled in online accelerated programs can take up clinical rotations in medical facilities nearby. 

Types of Accelerated Master of Science in Nursing Programs

It is most suitable for people who want to pursue a career in advanced practice as a registered nurse. The different kinds of programs offered at the accelerated master level are: 

  • A window to the nursing career from a non-nursing background for individuals holding bachelor’s or master’s degrees 
  • Coursework in the first year of the program that leads to licensure as a registered nurse

Requirements for Admissions

Accelerated programs have general admissions requirements such as: 

  • Master’s or bachelor’s degree in non-nursing fields
  • Good GRE score
  • Personal statement or goals
  • Recommendations
  • Minimum GPA requirements

These requirements change according to different universities depending on their location for licensure and accreditation reasons, so more information can be gained by the institute of interest.

Career Opportunities

Accelerated programs can equip nurses with a master’s degree through which they can provide advanced patient care in various settings or provide services in education, health policy or administration. Examples of available career options include: 

  • Nurse Educator
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Family Nurse Practitioner
  • Certified Nurse Midwife 

Nature of the Program

The accelerated master’s program in nursing has proved to be very beneficial to students for shifting careers towards nursing, completing education in shorter times, addressing the great demand for nurses. Furthermore, such programs do not require previous healthcare experience. These programs provide opportunities for students to grow in rewarding fields for which they feel passionate.  

Accelerated programs also cost lesser as their tenures are shorter and can also be offered online based upon the program you get enrolled in. 

These programs are very convenient as they also allow students to work as they complete their study however the time constraints and workload may not encourage distractions. This is because the accelerated programs may be challenging due to their fast pace and structure and require focused time to be set aside to get ahead of the coursework.