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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Secured Credit Cards



Secured credit cards are some of the most misunderstood financial tools of our time. While many people think secured credit cards are “less” of a credit card than unsecured credit cards are, this couldn’t be further from the truth. If you want to know the cold, hard facts about the world of secured credit cards, we have some information you need to read.

1. It’s NOT a Stigma

If you think you’ll be stigmatized each time you pull out your secured credit card from your wallet, you’re being just a bit paranoid. When you use secured credit cards, the only people who know that the card is secured is you and the bank. The people who swipe your card won’t even realize that you’re using a secured cvv shop.

2. You DON’T Need Thousands of Dollars

While it’s true that some people open up secured credit card accounts with a deposit of more than one-thousand dollars, the fact is that you can get a secured credit card with a deposit of just a few hundred dollars to start. If you eventually want your credit limit to increase and you aren’t yet ready for an unsecured line of credit, you can usually add money to your deposit amount in future installments.

3. It DOES Count On Your Credit Report

Some people mistakenly believe that the companies that offer secured credit cards don’t report account activity to the credit bureaus. This definitely is not the case. Your secured credit cards will appear on your credit report, as will your payment history.

People who think secured credit cards aren’t reported are usually confusing secured credit cards with prepaid credit cards. Prepaid credit cards are not reported to the bureaus. With a prepaid credit card, you put money on the card and when you use it, you use it. There is no revolving line of credit. This is very different than how secured credit cards work.

With secured credit cards, you put money into a savings account that acts as a guarantee for the revolving line of credit you are being issued. Each month you are billed for the purchases you made to the card and you must make minimum monthly payments, just as with an unsecured credit card account.

4. Interest Rates Are NOT Better

Some people think that secured credit cards offer much lower interest rates because the account is guaranteed by a bank account. This isn’t necessarily true. With secured credit cards, the interest rates are usually in the same ballpark as they are with unsecured credit cards (10 to 20 percent, depending on the card).

5. Some ARE Bad News

While it’d be nice to think that all secured credit cards are intended for the good of those who need them, that just isn’t the case. When applying for a secured credit card, make sure you only deal with reputable companies.

If a company charges extremely high interest rates (more than 18 or 19 percent) or an application or processing fee, then take your business elsewhere. You should never pay more than you have to and there are many secured credit cards that won’t abuse you with these unreasonable terms.

6. Rewards ARE Available

If you’re one of the many who believe that secured credit cards never have rewards programs or perks, you’ll be happy to find out that isn’t the case. There are some secured credit cards that do indeed offer rewards programs, although you may need to pay a minimal annual fee to enroll.

7. The Deposit IS Refundable

You get one or two secured credit cards and use them for about a year. Your credit is looking much better and you’re now eligible for an unsecured credit card with much better terms. You want to close your secured credit cards, but what happens to your security deposits?

When you send in a deposit for secured credit card, it goes into a savings account and the money still belongs to you. When you close that credit card, the money is sent back to you with the interest the savings account has earned once the balance of the card is paid in full.

Now that you know the facts about secured credit cards, go ahead and find the card that’s right for you. Remember, secured credit cards may not be your dream card, but they are definitely a means to that end.

A secured credit card is in effect the opportunity to regain a sound financial position.

Due to the easy accessibility of credit reports through well-established credit bureaus today, credit issuers rely increasingly on these reports to make their final decision on providing you credit. A credit card is often denied to you when you do not have a credit history. This is often in the case of the young adults who have never taken out a loan or have so far used a credit card through a parent. It can also occur in the case of divorced people who have never had a credit card in their name.

Secured credit cards [] thus provide the best means for anyone to establish a credit history. The secured credit card by virtue of being secured by your own money allows the issuer to feel safe, ensuring their money back in case you default. Since the issuer is also holding your money, they persuade you to make your payments regularly instead of losing your security deposit on the secured credit card.

Secured Credit Card – A credit card with a security deposit

Very often when you rent an apartment, the landlord will ask you to deposit an amount equivalent to a month’s rent into a special account. This amount acts as security and is not used till you move out. When you move, this money along with interest is returned to you. You will not owe the landlord any money if you leave the apartment without any damages. The same rule applies to the secured credit card. In a secured credit card you have to deposit an amount as security equivalent to 50-150% of your credit limit in a special account with the credit card issuer. The credit card issuing company will provide you with a secured credit card which is used like a regular credit card. The only difference being that only you and your credit card issuer know that the secured credit card has attached to it a security deposit.

Provided you use your secured credit card wisely, the security deposit will not be used. This means that the secured credit card will be used to make reasonably priced purchases and the monthly bills will be paid regularly and fully as far as possible. To increase the credit available to you on your secured credit card, you can either increase your security deposit or get as many secured credit cards as possible. The credit card issuer will soon increase your credit limit from 50% of your deposit to anywhere between 75% and 100%.

The interest rates on secured credit cards are usually quite high. In the even that you have been rejected for credit by some companies you will be thought of as a significant credit risk. The issuing companies are taking a huge risk in lending you money through secured credit cards, and these interest rates are based on these risks.

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The Most Unusual And Creative Business Signs



Business Signs


Businesses are constantly looking for new ways to attract customers’ attention. They use different kinds of promotional offers, give the customers some extra bonuses and make their shop windows really attractive. Some of them even use very unusual things to promote themselves or to draw attention to their shops. A business sign is the first thing that customers see when they are interested in your company. It’s important to get it right, but this article will show you some of the most creative signs out there to help inspire your next one! Business signs tell the story of the brand and what the business is about. These days, most business owners and marketing teams understand that a great sign can help with customer recognition and drive more customers into their shops. A business sign should be eye-catching and unique enough to draw in potential customers. 

Business signs 

Businesses have been using signs for years. The purpose of a sign is to convey information, but more importantly, it can also be used to catch the eye of potential customers, direct them inside your business, and entice them to do business with you. There are several types of signs that are used in businesses today. Business Signs are a great way to let others know where your business is located. Whether you are looking for an address sign, monument sign, or directional sign, our great selection will help you find what you need. They have many different types of business signs to suit your needs. ACE Signs is a family-owned business with over 20 years of experience in the industry. They are dedicated to providing their clients with professional customer service, quality workmanship, and superior materials. As a full-service sign company, we offer design, fabrication, and installation services to their customers.

Signage Melbourne 

If there is a need for a business that will be placed in a prominent location, then it would be better to have a signboard. The signboards are not only useful for the businesses but also help in promoting it to the public. There are different types of signage styles that you can choose from when making your own signage. Signage is a key part of any business’s marketing strategy. Whether you’re looking for signage design, or signage installation services in signage Melbourne.

Ace Sign Company was founded in 1986 by graphic designer, Mark Weiler. Mark dreamed of changing the world by helping businesses achieve their goals through better design. His vision for Ace Sign was to cater to both small and large companies, providing comprehensive yet affordable signage solutions.

ACE Sign offers the best way to get your business noticed by customers or clients, which means you can improve your sales. This company has provided signs for major companies like Mercedes Benz and Nissan. The team at ACE signs is dedicated to creating an incredible experience through sign design and production. They have certified in all things signage, but they also provide services like decorative wall murals, wraps for vehicles, 3D cutouts, fabrications of metal signage, window graphics solutions, and more.


While the business owners may have a unique idea to promote their company, it’s important that you take a look at your customer’s needs before coming up with a campaign. By focusing your marketing efforts on these aspects, you’ll be able to create a campaign that works for everyone involved.

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7 Ways You Can Get More Cupcake Boxes While Spending Less.



cupcake boxes

The customer can never know what our product is and how it works. Then what makes a person buy our product? The cupcake boxes packaging is what helps us to sell our product and to represent our brand. But it also has a drawback. If the packaging happens to be ugly, it can build a negative impression of the brand. And it always is the hard part to get rid of any rumors in the market.

Every person in the market looks for something unique and alluring. It is human nature to look for rare things and get fascinated by them. And hence designers are taking advantage of this fact. You must have noticed every new brand tries their hardest to get themselves a unique box. And they attempt to let the world know about themselves with the help of packaging. But only some succeed.

But you must have noticed that luxurious packaging is often costly. So then, what should we do if we do not have many finances for our business? IF you are curious about the same thing, then keep reading.

In this article, we will discuss seven ways you can get more cupcake boxes while spending less.

By using the appropriate box.

What is a perfect box? Such as a million-dollar question.

An ideal cupcake box packaging represents their product professionally. For example, for a shoe, a shoebox would be considered absolute. For confectionaries, a kraft box would be suitable. Unfortunately, we cannot put the sweets in a rigid case.

Now, let us talk about cupcakes. What sort of box should we use for this product? A product like a cupcake already serves the looks. And it might be unfair if we use a case that does not show the product’s deliciousness.

So we must use a window box. A window packaging box gives a sneak peek of the product inside the e case. It tells the customer what the product holds and what exactly they would be buying. Using window boxes for such products always proves to be helpful. Let us confess that we always get attracted by the desert’s appearance. The more colorful and delicious it looks, the more sales it generates.

Other than the window boxes, we can also use sleeve boxes. A sleeve packaging box consists of two pieces. A container in which we place the product. Meanwhile, a sleeve within which the container goes to. You can use a transparent sleeve box with only the brand logo printed on it. In this way, the customer could see the cupcake boxes. These boxes are also gaining popularity for getting used to macarons.

We can also use foldable boxes. For example, these packages cases could get folded into different styles and never fail in impressing the customers.

By customizing the box professionally.

What factors to be careful of while customizing the packaging box?

  • Make sure that you use the right color to customize your customized cupcake boxes.
  • do not over-customize your case. For example, limit the number of illustrations or designs you print on your box.
  • be careful of your logo and slogan placement on the package.
  • Study the box dimension.
  • Make sure that you write any relevant instructions, ingredients, and product expiry date.
  • finally, tell the customer how to store the product.

By using organic, impermeable, and durable packaging:

Use cardboard, Kraft, or paperboard packaging as they are 100% organic. Besides, these boxes are durable and protect your food item from getting soggy due to any moisture.

Choose your packaging material wisely, as it plays a tremendous role in the business.

By printing brand identity on the box:

Brand logos and slogans can easily make your product sell. Meanwhile, their absence on the box can make your product stay on the shelf for months. Carve in or print your unique logo on the box where it’s most visible for better customer interaction.

By customizing with the right color:

Color plays such a vital role in our packaging. We examine and get to see many products in the market. Every item has different packaging.

But there is something else that makes a packaging unique. And that is the color plate getting used for the branding. Branding is all about how we represent our brand through our cupcake box packaging. It includes the color we use, typography, and how we manage the theme.

Many brands use dark colors like black for the customization of their cosmetic products. But what color should be used for our cupcakes? Try to use a colorful palette, but you can always make the box look elegant by using only one color, like white.

By using a flexible yet sturdy packaging:

The fragile item always requires protection from visible and invisible factors. Harsh environmental factors like dust, radiation, and dampness can make the product go wrong.

But when we use sturdy and secure packaging, we could increase the shelf life of our products. But packaging should also be flexible. WE all know how some sweets get covered with cream. And while putting the item in the box, we might mess up the decoration. If the case is flexible enough, we can place and take the product out effortlessly. So try to make your packaging as ingenious as possible.

By using add-ons:

Any additional decoration on our packaging boxes is known as add ons. It could be a ribbon, a sticker, or a label. Try to make your packaging boxes fun to look at.

But during customization or decoration, do not overdo anything. Make sure that your packaging still looks sophisticated. Nothing attracts a customer more than a box that is elegant yet fancy. A product that can serve looks does not need extravagant packaging.

Now use these tips and tricks to get more from Cupcake Boxes while spending less.

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The pandemic recession recovery and the fiscal policy – Insights by Paul Haarman



The economic recession that started in 2020 differed greatly from other recessions in the past, comprising the Great Recession 2007 to 2009 and the 1930s Great Depression. This recession was an after effect of COVID-19 and all the government policies targeting restricting human contact. The shutdown and stay-at-home orders were designed to limit contact, minimize cash flow to the businesses, and raise unemployment.

Paul Haarman takes about the recovery and fiscal policy

The fiscal policy at this time of the recession, recovery, and even beyond can occur in two forms:

  • The fiscal policy gets designed to avert business failures and effectively sustain unemployed people at the initial recession.
  • The fiscal policy used during conventional recession and recovery stimulates aggregate demand and restores full employment.

And the increase in the case numbers highlights that sections of the world economy are still under the virus’s effect and in the grip of the pandemic.

The empirical evidence and economic theory highlight that the simulative initiatives move the economy towards total employment after the recession. It can bring down the debt and works well in places where there is scope for unemployment. According to a few experts, one of the crucial policy mistakes was the premature policy shift that eliminated the economy’s fiscal assistance, which followed the Great Recession, where there was unemployment. And it acted to inhibit the economic growth in several advanced economies.

The efficiency of the fiscal policy explained by Paul Haarman

The fiscal policy effectiveness in stimulating the demand depends on the policy type and the amount of instant spending it generates. The government spending and grants to states or the transfers gets considered by the majority of the economists to be efficient in comparison to the tax reductions of the businesses and higher earning individuals in specific circumstances because such businesses and individuals spend their tax reductions. It is effective to spend on the infrastructure, but there might be a delay. And considering the view of a prolonged unemployed economy, the delay might not reach a severe limit. Also, the infrastructure investment can maximize the future output and capital stock.

Paul Haarman says that there are few measures undertaken to address the economic recession, similar to the ones employed as the genetic demand stimulus during the Great Recession. The augmented and expanded unemployment advantages cater to sustain unemployed workers and avert a further reduction in spending because of lost wages. And other initiatives got designed to sustain the businesses and to follow the stay-at-home orders during the shutdown phase.

One such program is the Paycheck Protection Program which offered forgivable loans to the small business houses that kept their workers.

In conclusion, according to Paul Haarman, the economic effects of the current recession include discretionary spending and automatic revenue declines, and increased spending can significantly increase the debt. Economists agree that currently, the debt condition is premature to address. But it’s essential to remedy the same when the economic conditions allow.

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Everything you need to know about Promotional Products Industry Work Jobs



Promotional Products Work jobs

We can understand that job searching is a strenuous job on its own, so we are here to help you with that. If you are good with appealing ideas that grab peoples’ attention easily, then Promotional Products Work jobsmight be a great place for you. But first, we would like to discuss a few things.

What are Promotional Products?

It is a practical product branded with a company logo with its taglines or the company information. Let’s give you an example to understand very clearly. You went to appear for an examination. When you are coming out of your examination center, a man is standing there from some ‘xyz’ institute giving away notebooks and pens. Now you took that notebook and pen and went back home. So what is it all about?

Every time you use that pen or notebook, you will see an advertisement written on it, and someday you might decide to get admission to that institute. That’s how it works, and the business is done. 

What are the most popular promotional products?

  1. Personal Protective equipment or we as we call it PPE. After corona, the mask is our 24/7 companion every time we go out. You can see every mask has some logo printed on it. That’s a promotion that they are doing.
  • T-shirts, hats and jackets are some of the most popular products for promotions. Survey says almost 70% of people have promotional t-shirts in their closets.
  • Drinkware is very popular among young people. Almost 78% of people have promotional drinkware. There are so many items, coffee mugs, sippers, water bottles, and so on.
  • Umbrellas are used in summer as well as in monsoon. Every time you open an umbrella, the brand will shine.

5. Calendar is another very popular promotional product. It promotes the brand throughout the year

Why does this Promotional Product Industry work?

Promotional products are influential gadgets for the marketing industry. Who doesn’t like to get a free product? And according to a survey, 90% of recipients remember the name of the advertiser product. Every time recipients use the product, it reminds them about the brand, and maybe sooner or later, they invest in the brand by purchasing some products.

How do the Promotional Product Industry Jobs work?

 If you have a creative mind, analytical thinking, and work strategically, promotional products industry jobs are for you. You have to choose your target audience, prepare a creative way to promote, set up your product, and aim for the right set of audience. Remember that targeting loyal customers will always be helpful for the brand that needs a bit of research, but these are the customers that make the brand successful in the long run.

And this was all about promotional products work jobs. For further queries, you may get in touch with us.

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Advertising and marketing Consider Going Through The FSBO Option



Best Flat Fee MLS Companies in Illinois

Once you’re able to sell your home it is a wise idea to take the FSBO market into consideration. There are a number of benefits to be able to selling your home on your own. Best Flat Fee MLS Companies in Illinois – For the flipside, there are also a few flaws to take into consideration, though there are supplemental downsides to going with a will give. Many owners come to realize that offering their own home is the ideal insurance policy for themselves and their dependents.

Any business can benefit from getting rid of between man and that’s one thing the FSBO listing allows. It means no fees for reading an agent and having more significant control over every aspect of promoting process. That amounts for you to more flexibility and, generally, a greater return on investment. Dealing with a real estate investment firm can get crazy on occasion and hinder the providing process, so it can be clear and understandable why people would work without.

If you are willing to take installments over time or offer a purchase to own agreement then you include your hands on another precious benefit. There are lots of wonderful would-be home owners in the world who have no credit or have suffered some sort of blow to their credit. Nevertheless many of these people have never neglected a rental note or have less than bad credit, banks may turn down them loans.

If you can give these people your home with significantly less stringent requirements you could lower the time it takes to sell the house in half. As the owner along with seller of your own home you could negotiate your own payment options for those individuals who cannot find approved for those large money.

Obviously there are some disadvantages to help selling your own home. For one, you will find yourself required to do your own FSBO promotion and marketing but without the aid of a realtor. You also may find that a small group of customers do not like the idea of buying and not using a realtor. Since negotiating in addition to financing flexibility are at your personal disposal, you can often conter the skeptics by illuminating a wider net.

There are various tools of the trade that you may possibly not have at your disposal, so you could end up having to do some checking before successfully selling your own home. This includes targeted markets by online searches and other stunts of the trade. With this almost setup you still save a new generous amount of money compared to using a realtor and you retain the mobility of doing your own deals.

If selling your own home you can count on the chance to earn the profit you actually seek and the joy connected with helping another family to a home.

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