Everything to know about Champions League

Everything to know about Champions League


Today football is considered the most passionate and popular game in the world. It is a game played between two teams with 11 players each. Players kick the ball and have to pass it through the goal to score a point. Football began in 1969. People used to play it before 1869 but with other local names. In 1869, it was played at the state level in the USA. The first professional match was played in 1920. Football has a huge fan base in America and Europe.

After every four years, FIFA organizes World Cup. It is the biggest football event in the world, and almost every country participates in it. There are many other ESPORTS that we recommend that you should check. Besides FIFA World Cup, countries organize their national leagues. With time, these leagues gained more success than the FIFA World Cup. The winner of these leagues in Europe then participates in UEFA Champions League.

What is the UEFA Champions League?

UEFA Champions League(also known as UCL) is the most prestigious tournament in Europe. In UCL, the top 32 clubs from all the national leagues compete to decide a single club to be the winner of all European clubs. It happens annually and consists of all the prestigious clubs of different European leagues.


The first UEFA Champions League happened in 1955-56. In its first session, 16 teams participated, and the title was named to Real Madrid, a Spanish club. Since then, 65 UCL are played, and the number of participating clubs increased gradually. Now UCL is considered the most popular league in the world. It was rebranded in 1992.

Top 5 European Leagues:

There are several European Leagues. Each European country conducts its league and has its clubs. The top 5 European leagues are as follows:

  • La Liga: It is a Spanish League and is most famous of all the European League. It consists of 20 clubs. Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid are the famous clubs of La Liga.
  • Premier League: It is a British league and consists of 20 clubs. Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea are considered the most prestigious league clubs.
  • Bundesliga: It is an association football league of Germany. It comprises 18 teams. Bayern Munich, Dortmund are the famous clubs of this league.
  • Serie A: It is an Italian professional football league. Each year 20 Italian clubs compete to choose one winner. Juventus, Milan are the most successful clubs in this league.
  • Ligue 1: It is a French football league comprising competition between 20 clubs. PSG is the most famous club in Ligue 1.

How are the teams selected?

The primary question that comes to mind if every reader is how these teams are selected to play the Champions League. So we will explain to you the procedure of selecting teams for the UCL playoffs in the following:

  • UEFA Coefficient decides how many teams each association can enter in the UCL. Any association with a higher coefficient value can enter more teams representing that association than an association with a low coefficient value. So an association with a higher coefficient gets an advantage over others.
  • Thus 32 teams are selected from all European football associations. Then these 32 teams split into 4 Pots. The first Pot consists of winners and sometimes runner-ups of their Football Association. At the same time, the remaining teams are grouped into four other pots.
  • It should be kept in mind that two teams from the same association cannot be drawn against each other.
  • These 32 teams then compete with each other in “Group Stages.” The group winners and runner-ups then enter into 16 team Stages. It is a knock out phase.
  • These 16 teams are then grouped into two pots of eight teams, which play knockout matches to choose the best club. These matches are called “Leg.”
  • Champion League Winners:

Following are the most winning clubs of the UEFA Champions League:

  • Real Madrid has won 13 titles.
  • AC Milan has won 7 titles.
  • Liverpool has won 6 titles.
  • Barcelona and Bayern have won 5 titles.
  • Concussion:

UEFA Champions League is considered the most popular and prestigious league of the European Football Association. It is the dream of every European Club to win this title. It is an annually conducted championship in which 32 teams of all European Associations compete to choose one champion from all Europe. The dominating Associations of the Champion League the Spanish, British, German, French, and Italian leagues. A total of 25 UCLs played till now, and Real Madrid won 13 of them.

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