Essential Real Estate CRM Features and Functionality

Despite the Coronavirus pandemic, the real estate industry continues to grow in India. It was expected to touch a mark of $180bn by the end of 2020. Real estate CRM software plays a pivotal role in achieving such whopping sales figures even in a crisis. However, choosing the right Real Estate CRM for your company can be quite cumbersome, given the presence of innumerable generic CRMs in the market. 

Before narrowing down your search window for the most appropriate Real Estate CRM software for your company, you need to:

  • Weigh your requirements properly. 
  • Capitalise on the freebies. 
  • Keep your focus on software that is lightweight, simple to operate, and syncs with the cloud.
  • Ensure that it is compatible and user-friendly.

For any business, increasing the sales figure by acquiring new customers is the prime motto and the ultimate mantra for success and prosperity. A well-versed and uniquely tailor-made CRM software can make this job simple and help convert leads into real-time customers for your real estate business.

A rewarding CRM team takes charge of everything from lead generation, tracking, and following up to monitoring the marketing campaign, thereby converting prospective customers to paying ones.

Real Estate CRM Features

The basic CRM features for a Real Estate business should include the following:

Sales Automation

Having an effective CRM team eases Real Estate lead management to a great extent. It is a herculean task for sales executives to manage leads. An ideal Real Estate CRM software helps automate agent notifications and assists in reminding, attending, and reacting to leads at a much quicker pace.

It is extremely important to capitalise on a new lead and assign it to the concerned team as soon as it enters your system. Remember, time lost is lead lost, and a lead lost is money lost. 

Categorising and Segmenting Leads

Before designing a strategy for engaging your leads, you first need to categorise them based on factors like location, preferences, financial standing, demographics, and so on. For instance, a buyer looking for a house in Mumbai can be best satisfied when assigned to a sales executive who is a local in Mumbai.

This way, he would be able to suggest to him the best places to live in. Keeping in mind the budget, location preference, and so on, CRM software with a lead segmentation feature can make things much easier both for the Real Estate company and the prospective buyer. Moreover, lead segmentation even assists in sending relevant messages to all communication channels.

Drag and Drop Landing Pages

Real Estate firms generally have multiple projects running simultaneously. Under such circumstances, creating landing pages for every project can be extremely difficult and time-consuming.

Therefore, CRM software features for a Real Estate company must have an in-built landing page that enables you to create responsive landing pages instantly for your projects without wasting time. This helps immensely when multiple marketing campaigns are run simultaneously across different channels.

Lead Activity Tracking and Lead Scoring

The success of any business is all about how you have been able to trap your leads, converted them into real-time buyers, and how satisfied they are with your services as your customers. Hence, all these interactions need to be monitored and recorded, and this can be done through the lead activity-tracking feature of CRM software.

Right from the arrival of a lead on your landing page till its closure and even beyond, this feature ensures a smooth sailing customer experience and helps to maintain a healthy relationship with them. Again, differentiating your leads using in-built criteria in the CRM software feature helps define your leads under high, medium, and low quality.

This lead scoring feature, in turn, makes the job of the sales team simpler in identifying and capitalising on the best closure opportunities. This categorisation gives them a vivid idea of who they have to attend to first at any given point in time. 

Lead Activity Tracking and Lead Scoring

Another mandatory feature of Real Estate CRM software is its accessibility on smartphones through a mobile app. This provides flexibility and provides the sales team with an easy go-ahead for responding to inquiries instantly, even while on the move. This way, they do not need to wait to get back to the office to respond to a customer. Who knows, the interim time loss may lead to the loss of a lead.

Final Take

CRM software for Real Estate business is an indispensable part of its success and growth. It is the perfect result-driven solution that helps maintain sky-rocketing growth in the market through their real estate business’s smooth running. Hence, the one that comes stacked with all the above features is the apt choice for any Real Estate firm in today’s fast-moving, technologically oriented market.

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