Escape room and kids: Do they fit right?

Barcelona has several activities for kids, but you will not find many ideal activities where the whole family can participate because the priorities for kids and adults are normally different. Spending time together with family is more enjoyable, especially when it comes to solving puzzles. But where can you find these puzzles? Well, enter escape rooms!

Escape room Barcelona is a popular activity that includes escaping from a themed place. It is nothing less than a thrilling adventure that offers everyone an equal level of excitement.

The Escape room phenomenon has expanded from being a single entertainment to leisure activities like going to a movie or museum. In Barcelona, there are more than 200 escape rooms with amazingly different themes, most of them welcoming the complete family. Though such an adventure does not need any training or skills, it is better to come prepared. Here is a list of some tips to prepare for the escape room.

Pick a suitable mission

When choosing a mission for your family, checking the minimum age to participate is essential. The information is mentioned in the room. If some team members are young, they may be permitted to enter with their guardians. For instance, in Lock-Clock, you can go with the presence of the parents. Though the kids may not be able to solve the puzzles, they can surely enjoy the adventure with their parents.

If your child gets easily afraid in the dark, then it is suggested not to go for such themes. You can acquire all the information on a particular theme at the help desk. It is always important to make the show happy instead of panicking the child.

It is also suggested not to go for a complicated mission if it is your first time. Go for an engaging and fund theme escape room that will keep the complete family happy and engaged.

Treat your family as a team

Listen to every family member in the room. There are many things you may ignore, and others may notice. Hence, consider the opinion of every team member. Often people don’t listen to the children. Remember, an escape room is a team work and even if you feel you’re the smartest in the room, always move with the consent of your team.

Rely on your game master

The game master is the one who explains the game rules, takes you to the room, and watches you all through the game, helping you as and when necessary. They monitor the game, and if you get stuck and need help, they are there to help you. Do not hesitate and ask for their help anytime you feel trapped or stuck in the game.

Check the result

It is always good to review the game after you’re out. Take two minutes and see the puzzles and their solutions.

Keep playing

Regardless of the results, you can go with other missions and continue playing. The second experience will be better than the first one. Escape room Barcelona is the best option if you love to go on an adventure with your family.

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