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Entrance Exams in Uttar Pradesh



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Uttarpradesh is the most populous state of India. It is also the most populated subdivision of a country in the whole world. It is the fourth largest state in India. The economy of this state is the second largest in the country. Lucknow is the capital of the state but Kanpur is the financial capital. UP is well known for its sugar production, but lately, the sector dominating the state economy is the service industry, which includes tourism, hotel industry, real estate, and financial consultancies. Noida, Kanpur, and Lucknow are some of the major IT hubs in India which house the headquarters of some of the major corporate, media, and financial institutions. Sonebhadra is the home for large-scale industries and is known as the Energy Capital of India. The agricultural industry of Uttar Pradesh employs more than 9 million people. MSME sector comes next.

Several prestigious universities of UP are known worldwide for their quality education. Rambhadracharya Handicapped University is the only university established exclusively for the disabled in the world. The presence of such universities and institutions helps the students of UP in achieving a better career. To get admission into one of these institutes, the candidate must appear in an entrance exam conducted at a national, state, or institutional level.

Some of the famous entrance exam scores that are accepted in Uttar Pradesh are:

  • UPCET (Uttar Pradesh Combined Entrance Test)
  • JEE Mains
  • JEE Advanced
  • Joint Entrance Examination Council Uttar Pradesh (JEECUP)
  • Common Admission Test
  • Management Aptitude Test

Uttar Pradesh Combined Entrance Test

Uttar Pradesh Combined Entrance Test (UPCET), formerly known as UPSEE, is a state-level entrance exam conducted by National Testing Agency (NTA). This is a computer-based (Online) exam. The exam duration is 2-3 hours, depending on the course, and the type of questions will be MCQs. The medium of the exam will be English and Hindi for UG courses, but only English for PG courses. Until 2020, the candidates are offered and B.Arch admissions based on theirUPCET scores. Still, Abdul Kalam Technical University (AKTU) will instead use JEE Main score for filling 1.5 lakh seats at 750 engineering colleges of the state. JEE Main is a national-level entrance exam conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) to offer B.Tech/ B.E., B. Plan, and B. Arch. in top engineering colleges across India NITs and IIITs. Even though B.Tech is excluded; various other UG and PG courses are offered under UPCET.

Some of the colleges accepting this entrance test are:

  • Harcourt Butler Technical University, Kanpur
  • ABES Engineering College, Ghaziabad
  • Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College, Ghaziabad
  • GL Bajaj Institute of Technology and Management, Greater Noida
  • Galgotias College of Engineering and Technology, Greater Noida
  • JSS Academy of Technical Education, Noida
  • KIET Group of Institutions, Ghaziabad
  • Sharda University, Greater Noida

Joint Entrance Examination Council Uttar Pradesh

JEECUP is a state-level entrance exam conducted by the Joint Entrance Examination Council, Uttar Pradesh. This is an offline (Pen and Paper) exam. The duration of the exam is 3 hours for a total of 100 MCQs. The syllabus depends on the individual papers. This exam provides admission into diploma courses of Technology, Engineering, and Pharmacy at institutes associated with the Board of Technical Education, Uttar Pradesh. This exam is conducted once every year.

Some of the colleges accepting JEECUP are:

  • Government Polytechnic, Jaunpur
  • Government Polytechnic, Lakhimpur Kheri
  • Ambition Institute of Technology, Varanasi
  • Rameshwaram Institute of Technology and Management, Lucknow
  • Prasad Polytechnic, Lucknow
  • Goel Institute of Technology and Management, Lucknow
  • Aeronautical Training Institute, Lucknow
  • Kamla Nehru Institute of Physical and Social Sciences, Sultanpur

There are various other institutional level entrance tests too. Depending on the requirements of the candidate, they have to choose the entrance test they need to appear in.

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Is Kratom Herb Good For Treating Anxiety and Depression



Is Kratom Herb Good For Treating Anxiety and Depression

Kratom is a herbal tropical plant that is mainly found in Southeast Asia including Thailand and Malaysia. Recently, Kratom has gained hype in the field of medicine due to the outstanding results of its intake for pain-alleviation, stress, anxiety, and depression.

Having an excellent healing property, Kratom comes in various strains depending on the area of cultivation and the color of its leaves. All of them are used diversely to cure different symptoms.

  • Maeng da
  • Indo Kratom
  • Bali/Red vein
  • Thai Kratom
  • Borneo
  • Malaysian

Anxiety and Depression — Treated by Kratom

Due to prevailing uncertainty everywhere, many people are facing anxiety and depression. According to the rough estimate, 300 million people are suffering from one or more obvious symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Kratom leaves have made their place in the medicine line for the treatment of above mentioned mental illness. Mitragynine, an alkaloid present in Kratom, stimulates stress hormones. Thus, stabilizes the hormones and reduce anxiety.

Anxiety and depression are usually associated with mood swings. Kratom leaves are capable of effectively controlling your emotions. The intake of its capsule, gum or powder soothes your brain, elevate your mood, relaxes your muscle and finally help you fight anxiety and depression.

People suffering from anxiety and depression also experience sleeplessness. The green-veined Kratom helps improving sleep patterns and overall mental wellbeing.

Usually found in online stores and smoke shops, natural Kratom is identified as a tropical herb that originated from South Asia. For years, it has been utilized as a form of treatment to help with numerous illnesses and conditions, these may include – swelling and pain, however, another condition that this can help with is stress and anxiety.

How Can It Help Me With Depression And Anxiety?

Many people rely upon Kratom to help them manage their anxiety and stress, which can further be characterized by multiple symptoms which include fast-paced heart rate, expeditious breathing, small attention span, tiredness, and insomnia. Kratom works just like any other medicine, having sedative effects.

However, when contrasted with some other medicines that can alleviate the causes of stress and anxiety, Kratom is not addictive. Hence why many people prefer using this over traditional medicines. For example, Kratom helps improve your sleep cycle and schedule, perfect for those who are diagnosed with insomnia.

Furthermore, it does contain medicinal alkaloids, elements that play a big role in giving a soothing and calming effect to one’s mind and body. Consequently, it can be utilized to calm down the heightened emotions during anxiety attacks.

Apart from aiding with these two problems, Kratom is also able to manage pain relief, body pains, restlessness, high blood pressure, PTSD, and many more conditions. Its anti-inflammatory and immunity-boosting elements can solve other conditions simultaneously.

The Considerable Effects Of Kratom You Must Know

Typically kratom is not considered an opioid, but its effects are pretty similar to codeine. The ingredient enriched in kratom referred to as mitragynine, and it binds to the receptors in the brain for relieving pain. That’s the reason for its anti-anxiety and antidepressant results. Practitioners have done a little research regarding how this tree leaf powder affects your mood.  Therefore it has a profound impact on mental health. There is a perceived reduction in stress symptoms, especially in people who self-treat themselves using kratom.

Scientists believe that there are specific compounds enriched in kratom leaves that interact with the brain receptors. Admittedly, it depends on how much does a person takes while producing particular results. It is recommended use the dose prescribed by your doctor. Generally, different effects occur at different doses. Using a low amount will act as a stimulant resulting in a more energetic feel. If you take high doses, it will ultimately put you in another world or dreamlike state along with sleepiness.

The considerable effects are:

  • Slightest pain perception reducing depression and anxiety
  • Sedative effects
  • Pleasure

Bottom Line

Kratom has spread across the globe and has made millions of lives better. It is yet not declared as a medicine, but there is no doubt it will get its due importance with future discoveries. The good news is, if you are suffering from any of mental health problems, Kratom is here to help!

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Improve Your Inner Self by Reading the Best Books for Self Improvement!



NCERT books

Due to the hectic lifestyle of individuals of all age groups and stressed out work environments, they tend to feel surrounded by negativity and self-doubt. If not taken care of at the early stage, anxiety or negative thoughts can take over your mind and greatly hamper your mental health. In the high paced life of the modern world, it has become utterly essential to read the best books for self help and self improvement.

Reading self improvement books help you to gather your thoughts in one place and change your perspective about life and the problems you encounter. Millions of writers write about their wisdom and advice that led them to improved mental health, happiness, and harmony. What can be more amazing and wholesome than somebody going through the same situation as yours sharing their secret how to hold up and fight your battles.

If you haven’t already started reading the best books for self improvement, you are only one step behind learning self improvement and self-love. With a suitable self-help book, you can become a life coach of your own life and improve the growth and development of your soul. No matter what your miseries are or what you are looking for, there is a suitable book out there for you.

Why should one invest their time in reading self-help books?

First of all, reading books is considered an intellectually beneficial activity that educates the reader in all stages of life. Individuals who read books are categorised to be literate and belonging to the knowledgeable class of society. Different individuals have varied tastes in books, for example, some prefer personality development books while others prefer books, boosting them to follow their dreams. Some are interested in reading about romance, child care, parenting, fiction, or spirituality, while others are more inclined towards business-related books. Despite the diverse reading habits of different individuals, inculcating self-help books in your reading schedule can greatly enhance your overall personality and individual traits.

What are the benefits of reading self-help books?

Self-improvement books help transform certain aspects of life that require some help, such as improving mental health and reducing the intensity of stress and anxiety. These books streamline the thoughts of the reader and pave a path for their next life decisions and much more. Reading self improvement books allows readers to practice strategies learnt and make improvements in their daily life without seeking the guidance or help of others.

Therefore, if you wish to make your mind a better place to live, carefully introduce the right kind of books for self-help in your life that can significantly improve your lifestyle and thinking process. Invest mindfully in quality self-help books to create unorganised life and become a better individual each day. Get yourself the best pick of self improvement books now to streamline your thoughts and accomplish your goals easily.

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Learning management systems are making the Singaporean education system




Singapore has made a name for itself in the educational sector. The country has become one of the most renowned places for secondary education. In recent years, the National University of Singapore (NUS) has emerged as the top university in Asia. The NUS has even surpassed other colleges and institutions in the west. Education has been an integral part of the economic growth in Singapore, and the country continues this stride as it explores the realm of digital learning.

One of the institutional strategies to strengthen e-learning in SG schools is to use a learning management system (LMS). An LMS is a type of software that allows schools and companies to manage courses. Users can manage lessons, activities, quizzes, and other resources through these platforms. With the all-in-one power of an LMS, schools can deliver knowledge to students faster and more efficiently.

How an LMS delivers information to students

For educators used to the pen-and-paper approach, an LMS can make them raise their eyebrows. After all, nothing beats the expertise of a human professor. What an LMS can do, however, is enhance the classroom learning experience. It is beneficial in home-based learning, which Singaporean educators hope to use as part of improved pedagogy.

An LMS contains several functions to aid instructors in organizing their course materials. A course builder module enables people to craft their presentation slides, worksheets, exercises, and exams. Once these are all finished by the instructor, students can enter their credentials in the LMS and start doing tasks. Teachers can place timers on quizzes, and most assignments on the platform also have deadlines in place.

The interface synchronizes the progress of a student in real-time. There are options to show students their scores right after taking a quiz. Teachers may also conceal their marks for a designated time frame. They can easily monitor the progress of their students, which makes consultations more transparent. Teachers can make adjustments to help those having difficulty with the course material.

Making things easier for institutions

The Singaporean education system built a name for itself through its effective knowledge campaign. Students are encouraged to work together on projects and solve problems creatively. Educators structure curricula in a way that incorporates both theoretical and practical knowledge. An LMS empowers these characteristics more by giving educators the option to craft their course materials as they seem fitting.

But besides this, an LMS helps instructors keep their files organized. Being an educator is not an easy task, and the volume of documents that one manages can pile up fast. With an LMS, everything is stored digitally in one place. Checking of assessments and grades may even be done through the platform. Since cloud storage is involved, losing files is not a problem.

Institutions also save up on funds by using an LMS because students can access materials from their homes. Schools can opt to use the platform to post videos or other resources instead of paying speakers for repeated guest lectures or seminars. Institutions can reuse these materials for as long as the content remains relevant. Students will also get access to self-paced learning, even if it is just in portions of a subject.

More and more schools are using learning management systems to enhance their approach to pedagogy. One of the leading providers is Training and Development Services (TDS) Singapore, whose 8eyond LMS features an optimized learning experience for its clients.

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Planning to Learn While Working? Enroll for IGNOU’s Distance MBA Now!



Are you planning to do an MBA course without compromising on your career? If yes, check out IGNOU’s Distance MBA course, which helps you learn the required skills to become the leader of tomorrow. The Correspondence MBA school of IGNOU has been offering distance learning MBA Education since 1987.

IGNOU’s Distance Education is conferred awards by the Commonwealth of Learning. The learning resources for all courses at IGNOU are – Virtual class, eGyanKosh, and Education Broadcast.

Hence, Indira Gandhi National Open University’s Distance MBA (IGNOU) is one of the most popular options among MBA candidates planning to work while learning. IGNOU’s Distance MBA has a considerable presence and is preferred by students across India.

Mentioned below are the details about IGNOU’s Distance MBA for working professionals interested in pursuing an MBA while working.

Distance MBA at IGNOU – Details, Eligibility, Fees, OPENMAT

Here, all details about Distance MBA for admission to IGNOU:

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA – General)
  • Master of Business Administration (Banking and Finance)

Details about Distance MBA at IGNOU

  • The duration of Distance MBA is 2 years, though the maximum duration to complete the course is 5 years.
  • The mode of course is English.
  • The specializations offered includeFinancial Management, Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, Operations Management, and Financial Markets Practice.

Eligibility Criteria for IGNOU Distance MBA

  • General Category Candidates planning to study a Distance MBA program must have completed graduation in any discipline with at least 50%. However, candidates belonging to the reserved category can apply with 45% as well.
  • Candidates must have qualified for the OPENMAT exam that IGNOU will hold.
  • They must have at least 3 years of managerial/ supervisory/ professional experience.
  • Candidates having a Professional Degree with 50% marks in Engineering / Medicine / Chartered Accountancy (ICAI) / Cost and Works Accountancy (ICWAI) / Chartered Secretaryship (ICSI), and Law can also apply.
  • There is no age bar.

OPENMAT Key Points

Admissions to Distance MBA IGNOU are done via OPENMAT exam.

IGNOU Distance MBA Fees

The total fee to do a Distance MBA from IGNOU is INR 37,800. The Distance MBA program consists of 21 courses in all; the fees for each course are worth INR 1,800 (so the total fees would be 21X1800 = INR 37,800).

How to Apply for a Distance MBA?

Candidates planning to apply for a Distance MBA program need to give the entrance test and clear the same. If a student has taken any national-level aptitude test like CAT, there are more chances of getting shortlisted.

Applicants can download the prospectus of the IGNOU Distance MBA program from the official website.

IGNOU MBA Admission Procedure

The admission process at IGNOU has 2 stages –

  • Stage 1 – Qualify Openmat Exam.
  • Stage 2 – Apply for IGNOU Distance MBA program.

Step 1Verify the Eligibility

First of all, make sure that you meet the minimum eligibility criteria for the program.

Step 2Get the Prospectus

Once cross-checking the minimum eligibility criteria, one can get the prospectus. The IGNOU prospectus can be obtained in person by paying an amount worth INR 1,000/- in cash at any of the regional centers or study centers of IGNOU.

Candidates can also get the prospectus from the official portal and pay INR 1,050/- through DD.

Furthermore, candidates can apply for an offline post; for the same, they need to send a DD in favor of IGNOU.

Step 3Taking the IGNOU OPENMAT

Candidates can apply for the OPENMAT online only ( The application fee for the exam is INR 600; the amount for the same can be paid using the Net Banking / Debit / Credit Card.

All the candidates have to qualify for the OPENMAT exam to get admission into a Distance MBA course. The exam is conducted twice every year, and the university decides the cut-off score.

The result for the exam is announced within 6-7 weeks post the exam. The result card for the same will be available online at the IGNOU website.

Step 5Complete the Application Form and pay the Application Fees

Candidates are supposed to send a duly filled application form and the required documents to the IGNOU Regional Centre for admission. The list of documents include:

  • Attested copies of documents proving educational qualification
  • Original OPENMAT Scorecard and Hall Ticket
  • Category and Experience Certificate (if applicable)
  • Identity card
  • Demand Draft

Selection of candidates to the IGNOU management programs like MBA, DIM, PGDIM, and other PG Diploma programs are granted based on the marks obtained in the OPENMAT, conducted all over India twice a year. Subsequently, the results will be delivered to the candidates who have given the OPENMAT examination mentioning whether candidates have qualified for the exam or not.

To be a part of the IGNOU MBA course, candidates need to pass the entrance test. But in case students have appeared in any national level aptitude test for MBA like CAT, they might be exempted based on scores.

IGNOU Placement Cell

IGNOU Placement cell was established in 2005, and since then, the university has been arranging many placement drives to offer good placement opportunities to students onboard. The Campus Placement Cell (CPC) is improving by introducing various new initiatives like soft skills and career development activities.

Distance MBA course from IGNOU is a flexible and reasonable option for working professionals because of the course curriculum and learning resources. One can study from anywhere at any time while working.

The institute has received recognition from the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) for offering several UG, PG, Diploma, PG Diploma, Certificate, Doctoral courses. Are you convinced now? Then hurry up and start applying next time!

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Education Get an All-Round Info on IBPS Clerk 2021 Exam to Ease Your Preparation.



IBPS or Institute of Banking Personnel Selection conducts Clerk exam for hiring in the clerical posts within various banks of India. IBPS will conduct the exam through two stages – The preliminary exam and the Main exam. Candidates must possess a bachelor’s degree for applying for the exam.

Last year, IBPS released 2557 vacancies for clerical posts. This year the notification for the exam will get released in July 2021 tentatively. Preparing for such an exam will be made easy if one follows the platform.

The reason why we are saying this is that the online education portal offers students an Exam Guide, News Updates, Results Information, authentic Practise Papers, and Prepp Mock Test Series. Scrolling down, one will get crucial information about the IBPS Clerk 2021 exam and the advantages of using Prepp. – IBPS Clerk 2021

IBPS Clerk 2021 is a national-level exam for recruiting suitable candidates at a clerical level in various nationalized banks. has got everything covered for the applicants. The Prepp login is free for the students, after which students can get access to all the relevant information about IBPS clerk 2021.

  • The Application form must be filled online from the official website – Else, students can also refer to the direct application link provided in
  • Application Fees is INR 600 for General / OBC / EWS and INR 100 for SC / ST / PwD.
  • The recruitment process happens through Prelims and Mains exams.
  • The Preliminary Examination Dates are – 28, 29 Aug 2021, 4, 5 Sep 2021
  • The Mains Exam Date is – 31 Oct 2021.

Apart from all the above information, as mentioned above, students will find the latest

information on Exam Pattern, Syllabus, Important Topics, Results, and Cut Offs on the – online education portal.

Prepp – IBPS Clerk Eligibility

Eligibility is one of the essential points that students have to cater before applying to any exam. On, students will find detailed information on the eligibility requirements of all government exams. We have mentioned the eligibility criteria of the IBPS Clerks 2021 exam below for the benefit of students.


Candidates must have citizenship of India.

Age Limit

Candidates should be between 20-28 years. IBPS offers age relaxation for reserved category candidates such as.

  • For ST / SC, OBC, and PwD candidates, age Relaxation is 5 Years, 3 Years, and 10 Years respectively.
  • Age Relaxation for Ex-Servicemen / Disabled Ex-Servicemen is 50 years (maximum age).
  • Age Relaxation for Divorced Women, Widows, and women legally separated from their husbands and have not remarried are 9 Years.
  • Age Relaxation for Persons settled in Jammu & Kashmir during the period 01.01.1980 to 31.12.1989 is 5 Years.
  • Age Relaxation for both Persons affected by riots of 1984 and Regular employees of the Union Carbide Factory, Bhopal cut down from service (Only applicable to Madhya Pradesh) are 5 Years.

Educational Qualification

Candidates must hold a Bachelor’s Degree of any discipline from a recognized University. If you plan for IBPS Clerk 2021, don’t forget to check the eligibility criteria and other details on Prepp.

Prepp Online Education Portal – IBPS Clerk 2021 Exam Pattern

The general Exam Pattern of IBPS Clerk 2021 is mentioned below:

  • This a Computer based (Online) exam.
  • Only Objective type questions i.e MCQs will come in IBPS Clerk exam.
  • Duration of Preliminary Exam is 1 Hour and Mains Exam is 2 Hours 40 Minutes.

In case you want to know more, check the IBPS Clerk 2021 Exam Pattern on

IBPS Clerk 2021 Application Form

The direct link to the official website of the IBPS Clerk 2021 application form will be there on the Prepp Education Portal once the application form is released by IBPS. Students can directly apply from the Prepp portal itself.

The application process for IBPS Clerk 2021 exam is mentioned in-depth on the Prepp portal. So, there will be no confusion among the students who will be preparing for this exam.

IBPS Clerk 2021 Syllabus

On, IBPS Clerk 2021 aspirants will also find an entire section about the IBPS Clerk 2021 syllabus. We have thought of sharing some of the important topics here for the benefit of the students.

IBPS Clerk 2021 Prelims Syllabus

The Preliminary syllabus for IBPS Clerk 2021 Exam contains three sections such as Reasoning Ability, Quantitative Aptitude, and English Language.

Syllabus for Reasoning Ability

  • Logical reasoning
  • Alphanumeric series
  • Data Sufficiency
  • Coded Inequalities
  • Seating Arrangement: Linear and Circular
  • Machine Input Output
  • Syllogism
  • Blood Relations
  • Coding-Decoding
  • Tabulation

Syllabus for Quantitative Aptitude

  • Work and time
  • Mixtures and Allegations
  • Compound Interest
  • Simple Interest
  • Partnership
  • Problems on Ages
  • Boats and Streams
  • Pipes and Cisterns
  • Time and Distance
  • Data Interpretation
  • Profit and Loss
  • Simplification
  • Sequences, and Series

Syllabus for English Language

  • Cloze Test
  • Para Jumbles
  • Paragraph Completion
  • Sentence Completion
  • Inferences
  • Connectors
  • Word Usage
  • Comprehension
  • Error spotting
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Miscellaneous
  • Multiple meaning – IBPS Clerk 2021 Mains Syllabus

The IBPS Clerk 2021 Mains syllabus contains Reasoning Ability and Computer Aptitude, Quantitative Aptitude, English Language, and General or Financial Awareness.

Syllabus for English

  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Reading Comprehension
  • One-word substitution
  • Para Jumbles
  • Match-ups
  • Fill in the blanks

Syllabus for Quantitative Aptitude

  • Number System
  • Average
  • Percentage
  • Ratio and Proportion
  • Interest
  • Number Series
  • Simplification
  • Data Interpretation
  • Profit and Loss
  • Ministration
  • Permutation and Combination

Syllabus for Computer Aptitude

  • MS Office
  • Computer Software
  • Computer Hardware
  • History of Computers
  • Computer Memory
  • Internet
  • Networking

Syllabus for Reasoning

  • Analogy
  • Syllogism
  • Passage and Conclusions
  • Statement and Conclusion
  • Statement and Assumptions
  • Statement and Arguments
  • Blood Relations
  • Alphabet/ Numeric Series
  • Decision Making
  • Assertion and Reasoning
  • Ranking and Sequence
  • Coding-Decoding
  • Direction Sense
  • Figure Series
  • Input-output
  • Seating Arrangement

Syllabus for General Awareness

  • Current Affairs
  • Banking/Financial Awareness
  • Static Affair – Average salary of IBPS Clerk

Another feature of is that students will find detailed information about the salary structure of various jobs. For IBPS Clerk as well, applicants will find the salary information in detail. Thus, they can compare the scope of IBPS Clerk with SBI Clerk.

The minimum basic pay of an IBPS Clerk is INR 11,765. Wherein there will be an increment of INR 655 every year. Salary includes various allowances like dearness allowance, house rent, medical allowance, and transport allowance.

Final Words on

Here, we have thus mentioned some of the critical information needed for preparing IBPS Clerk 2021 Exam. If you explore the online education portal, you will come across a complete section on IBPS preparation. Students can check their eligibility criteria, application fees, syllabus, the difficulty level of the exam, practise papers, and many more.

They will need to execute the tips and tricks as mentioned there to do well in the exam. Finally, after covering all the topics, students can download the Prepp Mock Test series to practise more and mocks on IBPS Clerk 2021. We wish the prospective applicants all the best for their upcoming exams.

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