Enterprise Dropbox Alternative

Enterprise Dropbox alternative is a perfect solution that can offer ultimate security and control to all businesses. It will help you solve all the Dropbox problems and workplace invasion by giving the best consumer tools. The use of unsanctioned consumer-oriented file sharing has become a growing issue for many businesses. It is commonly known as the Dropbox problem. For employees who work from home or remote locations is making use of Dropbox and third-party cloud services. You can share local folders and backup files that give easy access over the internet. Dropbox is used as a tool so everyone can easily access all the files on the cloud dropbox

With this method, file-sharing among employees has become easy no matter where they are working. However, major businesses are worried as they share internal company documents on multiple devices. The third-party hosting sites are not safe, and they can never be trusted when it comes to confidential files. Even though Dropbox offers convenient access outside the firewall of a company, confidential data leakage is a big cause of concern. They cannot control where their files are shared, and that is how the cases of data breaches occur.

Enterprise Dropbox alternative to solve the Dropbox problem

Triofox offers a perfect solution for the Dropbox problem. The Dropbox alternative will offer the best security and gives all the control into employees and business owners’ hands. You can easily install and self-host the solution, and that will give you the best of everything. Feel assured that your data will be shared among on-premise or inside the service data provider trustworthy. It will also be easy to integrate it with the file server storage, SAN storage or NAS storage. 

Triofox offers many conveniences that are similar to Dropbox but in a much better and secure way. You can get easy remote access on any computer or device. Windows and Mac desktops will display all the mapped drives without taking any time and effort. It will also be easy to get the same experience on iOS and Android devices or any other popular web browsers. Your business can grow without any issues if you use this alternative.

Active directory

The best thing is that there is no additional setup needed for an active directory. The users have the option to log in on the Triofox cloud web portal. When the employee leaves their office desk, you can turn it off their active directory.

Folder permission

You can use the home directory and the information related to web browsers and mobile device access. Employees can access these details at home or office while the NTFS permissions will protect your files like never before.

Self-hosted solution

The self-hosted solution can easily be integrated with your storage. No matter it is under different file server network shares like SAN storage and NAS storage. You can self-host this solution and keep the data protected against threats and viruses. It will be easy to control data and overall ownership, along with data privacy.

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