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When you’re marketing with a digital platform to a given market, you’re going to need search engine optimization to enhance your local search benefits. More than three out of four searches online are focused on local search results via search engines. However, if your website SEO is not responsive, your company or project won’t be seen, sitting “invisible” to daily digital searches in your local area.

SEO Results are Quantifiable

Unlike a lot of other marketing aspects, SEO is one of the few areas of digital marketing that is easily measurable and quantified. With hard metrics, a company can easily see what kind of search is happening, how its online presence fits in that behavior, and what kind of triggers drive more traffic to the company’s interests than others. Because the results are counted and objective, it becomes very possible to see the relationship between input and output with SEO. The same can’t be said for other marketing aspects that oftentimes eat up thousands and millions of dollars but have nothing concrete to show for it.

SEO Also Needs to be Holistic in Design

When approaching a new SEO campaign, it’s critical to also remember SEO is not a mechanical tool. For many, including web experts, SEO can be elusive, often seeming like it just needs to be placed in the right digital location for the desired result. This is the formulaic approach, i.e. “a” plus “b” equals “c.” However, the true nature of SEO is that it is definitely not a mechanical trigger; it is an outgrowth of customer motivation. Human behavior is the true element that makes SEO successful. People always want a solution, an answer, a product, or information to resolve a personal or business question. SEO helps them find it successfully in the direction your company wants them to go. That’s the beauty of SEO; you’re not creating mechanical reactions. You’re solving a want, and that can be a powerful motivator to get people to act. Not only do they find fulfillment when your solution is discovered, but they also share that experience and become “ambassadors” to others who might have a similar need.

Traffic Building Comes Quickly

When SEO is constructed and responsive to the above, it can build audience traffic rapidly. Even people who have no idea that your company exists in a certain location will find it and your unique value when your SEO helps them accurately and successfully. When that traffic wave hits, your site and your organization will be reacting to it, so you also want to make sure that your SEO sends people exactly where you want them to go on your website platform instead of guessing. Selective SEO also provides that capability, directing traffic by search tag and search engine linking to the right destination. Then it’s a matter of making sure the call-to-action is ready for their arrival.

Good SEO Construction Takes Skill

With the right skill set, your SEO can be amazingly influential on local search traffic, combining it with your unique value offering to audiences. That kind of professional skill when brought in externally should include:

  • Extensive keyword search and analysis to confirm the words that make the most sense for what people are actually searching for
  • Analysis of your current website and where objective improvement can be made to improve its webcrawled-presence online
  • Review the presence and placement of your competition to determine where they are in search versus your company 
  • Provide the analytical connections of people’s motivations to your marketing efforts and how to improve those connections for increased traffic results
  • Point out where there are gaps in your design that could produce security risks or lose traffic inadvertently to weak pages or missing content
  • Provide technical tests to make sure all connections, searches, and related links are working as expected versus sending traffic to the wrong destinations

Remember, there will be lots of services available offering great web design and Miami SEO marketing support. That doesn’t mean they will give you what you need. Just plugging away SEO tags won’t automatically bring traffic to your website. The search engine algorithms have shut down this kind of behavior a long time ago. Good SEO requires linkage to the primary motivation drivers that people are already acting on. Your SEO analysis and related build will be far more responsive when designed correctly and improved with feedback loops and monitoring via metrics.

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