Empowering Women through Fashion: A Look inside Toni Grant’s Vision

Women’s Empowerment has always been the talk of the town since the late twentieth century. Promoting women’s self-worth, providing them the right to influence social change for themselves and others and their ability to determine their own choices. When it comes to choosing for yourself or doing what you love, apparel and fashion are the first of many things that make a mark on your mind. 

Many arguments show how fashion can make anyone, especially women, empowered. One statement that justifies – fashion is an expression of who we are. Whatever outfit you choose to wear speak volume about your personality and preferences. Even a bracelet or a ring can tell anyone a lot about who you are. Fashion is not just a way of expression but also a powerful tool that can change people’s perspectives about many things. If you want to express yourself without saying anything, you can do it by wearing apparel that blends in with your personality.

Every woman has a unique perspective to see the world, which is reflected by what she wears. Empowerment is different for every woman; some feel empowered through modest clothing, whereas others feel it by revealing their bodies. Toni Grant, the famous fashion designer popularly known for her bold designs, also got similar thoughts about how fashion can be a key for women worldwide to feel empowered. She sees fashion as a way of expressing your moods and feelings. When feeling feisty, wear something that assures you that you are heard when you walk. For Toni, fashion is a way of non-verbal communication, and according to her, when she dresses in a way that reflects her emotions, she feels in control of her day. Living up to her mantra, Toni is empowering women through style, look and confidence with her clothing brand V’Che Label.

Toni is a confident lady. Her dressing and how she carries herself speak a lot about how she is the boss. She has injected the crux of her bold and positive personality into all her designed clothes. Her brand, V’Che Label, creates bold, chic, thematic, and sophisticated dresses. The brand aims to entertain all kinds of women and make them feel beautiful and empowered through their attire.  Toni believes a woman should feel confident and comfortable in everything she wears. She strived to make fashion uplifting and collected yet fun. She doesn’t hesitate when working with and styling bold colors such as full red or white jumpsuits.

Texas-based brand V’Che Label was launched in August 2019 by Toni Grant. Toni stepped into the world of fashion designing by overcoming countless hurdles, but she always knew what she was up to and what she wanted to achieve from a very young age. She has always believed in herself despite having emotional breakdowns and sleepless nights; Toni never gave up and always faced her challenges heads up. She expressed her passion for creativity through drawings and illustrations from her early childhood days, visualizing classy and glamorous couture for her dolls. Toni’s journey is nothing less than inspiration, from designing clothes for her doll to designing them for actual models.

V’Che Label is a brand that designs clothes for confident, bold, classy and boss ladies. It is a brand that reflects positivity and makes women empower those who wear it. It is very noticeable that Toni and her brand are linked closely. Be it the designing, making, brand photoshoots or anything else, it compliments Toni and portrays the image of a boss lady. Despite being launched at the time of Covid, when many businesses and brands ran out of the market, Toni’s brand has achieved success, the reason being Toni’s commitment, hard work and dedication towards her goal. Toni is fearless and inspires women around her to be the same because if you believe in yourself, you can achieve anything you want. She wants every woman to adopt a ‘we are the best’ mindset and help every woman feel confident, glamorous, powerful, and fearless.

After launching her brand successfully, Toni didn’t stop because her vision of empowering every other woman around the globe through fashion was yet to be achieved. In the past two years, Toni has been invited twice to the New York fashion week. Other than that, she has been featured in the Essence Magazine. Furthermore, she had the opportunity to design for celebrities, including TV host Sherri Shephard, actress Vivica A. Fox, famous businesswoman Claudia Jordan, and a reality star Malaysia Pargo. These are just a few names, but Toni has worked with many other well-known personalities. Rapper Lizzo is also added to this list, who wore a dress designed by Toni Grant in her new Amazon series.        

With a vision in mind, Toni Grant aims to make every woman feel empowered by doing what they love and following their dreams, just as she did. Even through her social platforms, Toni has never failed to amaze her audience because, according to her, social media can be used to spread positivity and an empowering mindset. She also advises others to take the maximum advantage of the free facility as she did. Toni, with her brand, has succeeded in inspiring many women in a very little time frame. Starting from her childhood when she used to dress up her dolls, Toni and her brand V’Che label have a long journey ahead.