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Elevations RTC Values Teenage Mental Health

Elevations RTC is just one of the many residential treatment centers in the country for you and your teen as you experience the ups and downs of their mental health.

The teen and preteen years are unique. Whether you are a child’s parent, guardian, or just a trusted adult in their lives, understanding their mental health is crucial.  As children grow into these years, they will experience multiple emotional, social, and physical changes. 

Elevations RTC understands that the teen years are a crucial time for developing both social and emotional habits. Elevations RTC also knows that promoting the well-being of a child’s mental health can help to protect them against risky or adverse experiences in life.

How You Can Help Your Teenager With Their Mental Health

As parents and guardians, it’s pivotal to understand the things you can do to help your teen with their mental health. It will help them get through tough times, and it will show them that you support them and that you are always there for them. 

Give Them Your Support

The teen years mean independence. Your child is trying to navigate through life on their own. Give them the time and space they need to do so. They must gain independence, and needing time away from you is normal. 

Encourage your child to take breaks from things that may cause them to feel overwhelmed. Fears and anxiety are common emotions in a growing teen’s life. 

Chores, schoolwork, sports, and other activities can put a lot of pressure on a child, even if it’s something they enjoy. But if you work with them to find ways to manage their time better, this can positively impact them. 

Show Responsibility

Teens look to adults to see how to own that sense of responsibility to grow into adulthood. Be a positive role model for your child by being responsible in your own life. Take care of your own mental health so you can show your teen how important it is.

You can also work together with your child to stabilize routines and help them achieve daily goals. Fitting in chores around their schoolwork is a great way to help your teen understand that sense of accountability.

Be There For Them

Teens need to have someone they can come to. Make sure your child understands that you are there for them no matter what. Help them know that you want to be able to relate to how they are feeling. 

Encourage them to share their feelings with you. 

Slow down and try to understand their emotions even if it’s not overly comfortable for you. Have empathy and let your child know that you can relate to what may be a challenging situation.

Check on Them

While your teen may act like they want nothing to do with you, it’s still important to remember that you are the adult. Check-in with your child to make sure things are going okay. You can ask what their day was like or if they have done anything special lately. Need proper teen addiction treatment.

Some teens may be receptive to helping you out with dinner or with changing the oil in the car together. Doing things with your teen is a great way to engage them in conversation without it being a “conversation.”

Be aware of any change in mood that is alarming to you. Know the warning signs of depression and anxiety. Getting a hold on things before they escalate is an essential form of suicide prevention. 

Praise Them

It may be evident to you that your child is not going to do everything you like. But try to look above that and notice things they are doing right.

Praise them for their good works, whether it is schoolwork or even being a caring sibling. Letting them know that you value their good traits is crucial. 


Think back to when you were their age. Your point of view was most likely very different from your parents and other adults in your life. The same holds true for your own teen. 

The world is a very different place now and understanding how they may view things can only bring you closer. Even if you disagree, letting your child know you can appreciate where they are coming from will make things a lot easier. 

Don’t Show Your Anger

Concern or disappointment is okay, but don’t show tremendous amounts of anger around your child. This will only elevate the fear and anxiety they may already be feeling. 

Take the time to walk away and take a deep breath and encourage them to do the same. Once you have both calmed down, the conflict can be discussed reasonably. 

Let Them Know You Can Help

With anything that your teen is going through, letting them know that you can help them through it will make a world of difference. Even though they may never tell you, children need you to help them in times of crisis. 

Whether talking to a professional, taking medication, or even going to a residential treatment center, your child needs to know that they have your help. Please make sure you are their light at the end of what may be a very dark tunnel. 

Be Honest

Most importantly, be honest with your teen. No one wins with deceit, and letting your teen know that you have stressors in your life will help them understand that you are human too. 

Show your child how you deal with your own struggles and feelings and let them know it’s okay to have an array of emotions.

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