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Electronic Parts for Home Automation Projects

Home automation has two main characteristics: Automation and Remote control. By combining these two aspects of your home smart device, you create a system that maintains its own functions without manual interference i.e. In practice, home automation whether done by professional or a DIY project can be controlled and monitored remotely. For example, CCTV & security lights, appliance, HVAC heating and cooling systems, home entertainment etc.

What is Home Automation?

Home automation is as the name states. It is the automation of your home, mainly electronic products through interconnection and gaining control remotely. This is often done to enhance our lifestyles and making it more convenient. For example, you can gain access to garden irrigation and sprinkling system whilst away to give the lawn a drink, you can access security cameras to check who is at the door and give the delivery man access to the porch to secure your parcel. Also, you can prefer Fire Shutters that make your place safe and fireproof.

Home automation electronic components.

According to electronic parts finder, searches for home automation have gone up over the past year as people spend too much time in their home. Some of the main searches include products in these categories: led lights, microcontroller (mcu), microprocessors (mpu) & sensors, actuators, couplers, network controllers & switches.

Best Home Automation Products

Rome was never built in one day, where as automation can be quickly installed if you are doing it yourself as a DIY project, start small and build it all up over time with careful consideration of scalability and interoperability in the future. Below we have listed some of the best home automation products that support open framework.


Based on our current research, KNX certified in Europe and International using quality standards confirming the value of KNX and the more than 300 manufacturers it supports. KNX home automation technology is user friendly, expandable, and most importantly open. Therefore, KNX allows all products in the network to work seamlessly under one common language.

KNX can manage all programmable white goods, blinds and shutters, energy management and home theatre, audiovisual and security CCTV network. Recent studies show that by using KNX your energy consumption cost can be reduced by up to 80% for lighting and 50% for room heating. This is an automation system that engineers from electronic components believe is the best system out there for professional and hobbyist alike.


You never hear about these guys like you do with HomeKit, Alexa and SmartThings, Control4 have been around from 2003 and are compatible with over 35000 devices using frameworks connectivity like Z-Wave, Zigbee, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology.

Unlike other home automation kits that allow you as the user to configure it, control4 pride themselves in doing everything from start to finish for you and as a result all controllers are configured by the dealers themselves.

Control4 has placed itself as a luxurious product and this can be seen on the cost associated with the installation. Depending on the level of automation you want, you can easily get a 5-6 figure bill with a subscription cost for certain products like door station video doorbell.


The technologies mentioned above can be used at any scale, residential, commercial, industrial and on outdoors settings. For more information on this visit KNX and Control4 websites.

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