Electrical Isolation Films for xEV Battery

From packs to individual cells, the firm that pioneered electrical tape now offers a wide range of innovative insulating films for today’s important xEV battery applications. All of our electrical film tapes are made with high mechanical and dielectric strength in mind. Our products are suitable for a wide range of temperature ranges, electrical grades, and substrates. Fabric, epoxy, polyester, polyimide, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), and other films are examples.

Rubber, epoxy, acrylic, and silicone are examples of adhesives. Many are pressure-sensitive, and some can be heated or UV-light activated for semi-structural strength. Electrical isolation films are available for today’s battery designs as well as the exciting future of electric cars.

Benefits for xEV battery assembly

Minimizes rework

Benefits for easy and fast assembly are included into our variety of xEV battery electrical film tapes. When compared to ordinary tapes with reinforced backing, our epoxy film tapes are engineered to require fewer wraps to achieve dielectric requirements. To aid reduce rework, they also resist solders and punctures. Cut-through, edge tear, and abrasion resistance are all features of several of our films.

Performs in high temperatures

PTFE and glass cloth film tapes reduce shrinkage over a wide temperature range. Rubber, acrylic, and silicone adhesives are compatible with epoxy and urethane resins and can withstand high-temperature thermosetting procedures.

Customized to meet your needs

Our tapes come in a variety of sizes and shapes. They can be tailored to fit specific OEM requirements, mixed with other materials, and processed quickly. Please click here if you want to learn about Sound damping adhesive.

Durability under harsh conditions

From assembly to vehicle life, our electrical insulation tapes and films are engineered to withstand the harsh circumstances and changing climates that xEV batteries are exposed to. Cut-through, edge rip, chemicals, and abrasion resistance are all features of PTFE and composite film tapes. Moisture, UV radiation, abrasion, corrosion, alkalis, and acids are all resistant to PVC-backed vinyl tapes. Glass cloth and polyimide film tapes, for example, can withstand extremely high temperatures. For long-term bonding, several of our adhesives can withstand high temperatures, solvents, and chemicals. We have the best BLU adhesive in the market.

Designed for any challenge

These electrical insulation and isolation materials are essentially tapes, which combine high-performance adhesives with a variety of film carriers. They can, however, be considered sticky films in many xEV battery applications where electrical isolation is required. For constant coverage, we provide them in a variety of thicknesses and widths. Even when working on wide, flat terrain. For design flexibility, they provide numerous combinations of strength, flame retardancy, chemical resistance, adhesion, and more. They’re also great for prototyping, design, and debugging in test conditions.

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