Electric Bicycles and the Future of Transportation

The near future of the United States is one that is dominated by the advent of E-Bikes. It is nearly inevitable that major changes in production and technology are ready to set the stage for electric bikes (sometimes called as velo electrique too). It won’t be long before they become the prevalent means of transportation for millions of Americans, some estimates even citing as early as 2023. This begs the question: what will make e-bikes the rising mode of transportation in the US? This article will hopefully answer this question while providing information on the new technology being used to improve e-bikes.

What Technology will New E-Bikes Utilize?

Of course, the aesthetic vision for the future of electric bikes is a combination of sleek, aerodynamic designs coupled with modern simplicity. But what about the power, the motors, or the battery? What will make these future models truly stand out from current electric vehicles/cycles? First and foremost (using Bosch’s upcoming bike as an example), the full suspension and off-roading capabilities look as though they’ll be quite impressive. E-bikes or velo assistance electrique of the future will have a heavier focus on anti-lock braking systems which make for a smooth ride with impressive handling capabilities.

Velo electrique

Another industry standard is its lithium- ion battery. These are not only much lighter than the lead batteries of the past, but they also carry greater power and recharging ability than other batteries. Along with lighter batteries comes a desire for a lighter frame. Appropriately, most e-bikes of the future are likely to be made out of a sort of carbon fiber material. Though it greatly reduces the weight of the overall rig, carbon fiber is also incredibly tough and will help newer e-bikes work well as mountain bikes.

In terms of the electric motor, there have been a few advancements, though it is still likely that you will see either direct-drive hub motors or geared hub motors. The main difference between these two is that a geared motor has a hub connected to planetary gears, which then connects to a motor shaft. Direct-drive motors are simpler and the motor shafts are fixed in place. There may be vast differences in wattage of the motor (capped at 750 watts in the US), but more efficient motors that charge quicker and can be used longer are in development.

Finally, a lot of these futuristic e-bikes definitely seem to be heading towards adding onboard computers to their systems. For the moment, most of these are in fairly early stages of development, as the difficulty comes in trying to maintain lightweight bikes with advanced capabilities. Computers that are installed on the best electric bike for seniors will have a wide range of functionality, such as internet access, radio, collision sensors, and the mildly sci-fi HUD (heads up display) systems. The rest of these are self-explanatory, but the HUD is a bit of a different story. On one hand, a good chunk of producers/developers are looking into adding HUD systems to their bikes for a totally different cycling experience. This HUD would allow riders to possibly wear a special helmet/set of glasses that allows you to see all sorts of information. This could include anything from your current speed and location to even being hooked up to your smartphone. On the other hand, a lot of e-bike riders aren’t exactly jumping at this idea, desiring a simpler, streamlined experience. The bottom line is that both forms of e-bike are being developed for a wide variety of cyclists.

Electric Bikes

 As the improvements for these e-bikes progress, increasing amounts of attention are going to be given to cyclists across the country. New forms of infrastructure will be created, better/more protective laws will be passed for cyclists, and the e-bike market will boom for millions of people. Not only will the roads become a more diverse landscape of e-bike dominated transportation (because of cost, convenience and efficiency), but it will become a safer place for all drivers. With so many great prospects on the horizon for e-bikes, the US is certain to see a great shift throughout the transportation indu

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