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Eleaf and the Electronic Cigarette Business

Electronic cigarettes are devices that have been on the market for a few years now and are still being liked by a lot of people. Most of the time this devices are used to help people get rid of their nicotine addiction. Because of its popularity, the electronic cigarette is manufactured by various different brand. One of the most known one is Eleaf which presents a great variety of products and has the iStick as its most popular item. 

  • Overview of Eleaf 

Eleaf is a company that is currently the leader of creativity and innovation regarding the electronic cigarettes market. This company began as a small start up that was hoping of bringing vape devices to a large number of people around the world. At the beginning of the creation of e-cigarettes, Eleaf products were greatly appreciated for their differences compared to other vape devices. In fact, their products were significantly more compact compared to other vape devices and presented a higher-powered level of e-cigarettes. Eleaf was the first company to create an All-in-One vaping device, making it easier for people to carry and travel with their e-cigarettes wherever they were heading. Combined to this efficient technical device, Eleaf’s products were always provided with excellent and various flavor, making these e-cigarettes very attractive to people who wanted to change their smoking routine. 

Another main concern of Eleaf was to ensure that their electronics and software were easy enough to handle in order for their customers to use their products easily and efficiently. The goal was to provide a vaping device that anyone can use without any issues and easy to handle. Thanks to these concerns, the e-cigarettes of Eleaf slowly became the first choice for clients that were trying to stop their smoking behavior. In a couple of years, Eleaf succeeded in creating an efficient legacy as well as a solid brand well known in the vaper community. 

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  • Eleaf main products 

As said before, Eleaf presents a large number of different e-cigarettes, ensuring that any vaper will be able to find one that will be the most suitable for his/her needs and taste. 

  • Eleaf iJust 3 Pro 

This vape device is a 157 gram tube shape with a fire button on the side of it. The customer is able to choose between a consequent variety of colors from silver and black to purple and rainbow. Next to the fire button, the user can find the battery life that is indicated by the color green, blue and red. The wattage used by this device can be adjusted from 30 to 75. 

  • Eleaf iStick Rim C 

Eleaf iStick Rim C presents a minimalist design that makes it easy to handle in your hand and easily transportable during long rides because it will not take a lot of space in your bag. This device has a USB type-C 2A fasting charge with a maximal output of 80 watts. This vaping device comes with multiple protections against over-discharge and short-circuits. 

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  • Eleaf iStick Amnis 2 

This e-cigarette comes with a long-lasting battery as well as various shade of colors. It is most suitable for beginners as it is easy to handle and doesn’t have many different functions added to it. It is also design with adjustable power modes to suit your preferences anytime. 

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