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Hashtags a characteristic culture that is often used on Instagram. As a result of the popularity of Instagram, hashtags are becoming more familiar to young people, especially in the creative use of hashtags on websites and advertisements. It is an efficient way to help you get free Instagram followers.

Originally, hashtags were also used on Twitter, Facebook, etc., but let’s deepen our understanding in the context of “Instagram and hashtags”.

What is a hashtag? 

A “hashtag” is a search keyword with the hashtag “# (half-width sharp)” used as a tag in a post. If you post an article with “#” in the comment keyword, it will be automatically recognized as a hashtag. You can also tap the hashtag to access the post list screen that uses the same hashtag.

Why you should use hashtags 

Instagram is an SNS that makes it difficult to search for posts because it mainly consists of photos and videos. “Hashtag” solves this problem, and using a hashtag that explains the content of the photo has the effect of making it easier for the post to be found.

In addition, Instagram is sometimes used to “get information”, such as getting local information or shop information by using hashtag search mainly for young people. In many cases, such searches lead to purchasing behavior, and it is known that hashtags are an important point that influences purchasing behavior and decision making.

You can also use your company’s name and product as a hashtag to make it look like your own fan community. A flow will be created in which core fans post using hashtags and the light fans who see them will be able to convey the appeal of their company and their products.

Instagram’s unique hashtag culture

  1. Add a lot of hashtags anyway

You can add as many hashtags as you like in a single post (there is a certain limit).

Instagram, which specializes in posting photos, lacks spreadability because there is no such thing as “share” or “retweet” provided by other SNS. By increasing the number of hashtags, you will have more opportunities to get people to see your articles and connect with people who have similar hobbies and tastes.

2. Write sentences with hashtags

This is a method to add a hashtag to the post itself. Hashtags are attached to the explanations of photos and the texts of Tsukkomi. Of course, photos are rarely posted with the same hashtag, and the effects of being found and connected, as introduced in ①, cannot be expected. However, that seems to lead to fun.

As an example, I have posted a post by Naomi Watanabe, an entertainer who is extremely popular on Instagram. You can see that the photos are squeezed like “# I’m scared” and “# I’m crying for children”.

There are corporate accounts that are talked about by making such interesting tweets on Twitter, but if you try to incorporate them on Instagram as well, you may be able to feel the brand closer.

3. Connect with hashtag

Among the hashtags often used by domestic Instagram users, “I want to connect with # ○○ people” (Example: # I want to connect with fashionable people # I want to connect with people who like nails) “# ○○ department” There are hashtags that find people with matching attributes and hobbies, such as (example: # ramen department # diet department).

Originally, in order to make it possible to search for images that are difficult to search, hashtags used the names of what is reflected and places as they are in posts as hashtags.

Now, the meaning has expanded, and hashtags are used to express the feelings of users regarding communication, such as what kind of people they want to see and what kind of people they want to communicate with by posting this post, not just what is shown in the photo. It is designed to be expressed.

Popular hashtags on Instagram

By utilizing the popular hashtags that many people are searching for, it will be easier for more people to find the posted article. I can’t say “OK if you put this on”, but you can’t guess from this ranking to some extent what kind of hashtags are attached to many images, and by extension, whether they are easy to search. Is it?

▼ Top HashTags On Instagram than

In addition to positive words such as “#Love” and “#Happy”, those that express the beauty and cuteness of the photo itself such as “#beautiful” and “#cute” seem to be popular. After all straight words can be said to be popular. If there is something that seems to be related to your post, please use it effectively.

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