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Eco-Friendly Door And Window Products Of The Year 2021



Eco-friendly door and window products are products made with low transfer material and consist of a frame resistant to external melting and freezing temperatures, structural damage, and water.

Eco-Friendly Windows

Double pane or double-glazed windows are designed to have a single glazed and glass panel with air space. In the production of eco-friendly window products,  the air gap ensures that hot air does not escape. However, it makes the glass frost resistant. Eco-friendly windows are a window solution that allows the warm air in the house to stay at home, minimizing air loss and heat loss in the house.

In addition, aluminum windows are produced of high quality. Aluminum windows are long-lasting, strong, and light. Aluminum windows are designed with environmentally friendly window materials. Aluminum frames are one of the widest window frame materials due to their durability and durability in all weather conditions. Its aluminum frame is a light metal. It is an excellent window frame material for the home. Our company produces and sells environmentally friendly aluminum windows of high quality and standards. The aluminum window price is also very affordable to you.

Eco-Friendly Doors

Sliding glass doors are designed with high quality in the production of environmentally friendly doors. Environmentally friendly doors are produced to be particularly good at sealing between interior and exterior. Sliding doors add excellent elegance in terms of decoration.  Sliding glass locks are used for sliding doors designed within the scope of eco-friendly door production. However, it is often preferred because it does not take up much space in terms of usage area. We have framed or frameless sliding door models. Sliding doors can be sliding from the top or can be moved to the right and left thanks to a rail system placed at the bottom. You can find detailed information about our sliding glass doors from our site.

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How to choose the best comfortable mattress?




How do you know if you are getting the best comfortable mattress in town? With all the many options available and a multitude of companies claiming to have the best, it can be difficult to discern who is telling the truth. You know the basic things that you should look for in a mattress, such as firmness and durability. But how do you know what you need to ease when you lay down to sleep at night? If you want to know how to choose the best comfortable mattress for your bed, read on for some tips while choosing the best comfortable mattress.

Low-density foam core

First of all, you should consider the time of day you get up in the morning. Do you wake up at a reasonable hour, or are you one who must rush off to work before dawn? A good rule of thumb is to choose mattresses with a low-density foam core. This will ensure that you are not too soft nor too hard upon rising.


Another factor to consider is temperature. Are you going to be inside your bedroom all day, or perhaps in the office area? If so, then you should invest in a firm mattress. You want one that does not sag or conform to your body’s contours. Some people even buy two mattresses, one for the day and one for the night. That way they can flip over onto their side at night for a more restful sleep.

Other items in the room

While choosing the best comfortable mattress one should also take into account the other items in the room. For instance, if there is heavy furniture or a bookcase on the other side of the bed, then you want to steer clear of this material. A much better choice for this room is a spring or metal frame. These provide support without adding extra weight to the mattress.

Once you have determined that material suits your particular needs, you are ready to learn how to choose the best comfortable mattress. The mattress is flat and firm. This provides a great deal of comfort, but if you are sleeping on your back, then you may find it helpful to adjust the springs to allow for less comfort. Otherwise, the mattress may become uncomfortable due to having to support the weight of the hips.

Mattress size

As you go through this process, you should pay special attention to the measurements for choosing the best comfortable mattress. The mattress size is important because it will determine how many inches of mattress surface area you have to account for. A larger mattress can offer more support and better comfort. To choose the best comfortable mattress size, use the standard of six inches by eight inches by ten inches as a guideline.

Thickness and cover

When you are trying to choose the best comfortable mattress, you should include a few other important factors. The thickness of the mattress, which refers to the depth of the mattress, is important because you need to feel comfortable under the covers of the mattress. The thickness of the mattress varies depending on the type of mattress, so compare the thickness of the mattress that you are going to purchase, for instance, check the thickness of the latex vs hybrid mattress, this will give you a more clear idea to choose from the many. When choosing the best comfortable mattress should also consider whether or not the cover is removable. Some covers can be difficult to remove, which makes them less desirable.

Seeking help from the internet or professional

When looking for the best comfortable mattress, you will find that there are many different opinions out there. The Internet can provide you with a great deal of information on the subject. In addition, the help of a friend or professional may also be helpful. No matter what you decide, make sure that you get the best possible deal with an amazing sales process and the mattress that works best for you. Shop around and find the right product for your needs.

If you are wondering what kind of mattress you should get or which brand is the best, then read this article below carefully. This article will let you in on some important tips and facts that will help you make your decision easier. 


The first tip that you should consider is the material from which your mattress is made. It is important to know the material type and understand the quality of mattresses from different manufacturers.

The material type of mattress determines the durability and the comfort that the mattress offers to the users. The most common types of mattress types are latex, memory foam, and viscoelastic foam. Latex is a natural product made out of rubber trees out of milk and sap. People who have sensitive immune systems can hardly digest latex because of its rough texture. Hence, it is always recommended that people with immune systems should avoid latex-based mattresses also yourAlsoAlso sleeping partners reduce the symptoms associated with latex allergy.

Memory foam

Memory foam is generally considered one of the most comfortable mattress types. Due to its unique properties, a mattress filled with memory foam allows users to have maximum levels of comfort in sleep. Memory foam mattresses are far better than their counterparts spring mattresses, so make sure you check out all the major differences between foam vs spring mattresses. The foam retains body heat thus allowing users to stay warm during the night. Memory foam is generally considered the best mattress for back pain sufferers.

Latex mattress

If you want a good night’s sleep, then nothing can beat a latex mattress. Latex-based mattresses offer incredible comfort and support to the users and they are free from toxic materials. In addition, latex is hypoallergenic and makes the environment safer. However, you need to know that latex mattresses do not offer maximum firmness because it is unable to form a deep contact with your body in order to provide the proper support.

Air mattresses

Air mattresses are another popular choice that provides the firmness that latex cannot provide. Air mattresses are also known for providing good circulation. There are numerous brands of air mattresses available in the market today. You need to consider factors such as your sleeping partner’s size, firmness, and health when looking for an ideal air mattress.


Lastly, it is important to choose a mattress based on your budget. Different mattresses come at different price ranges. The best way to choose the best Mattress is to choose the one that suits your budget and sleeping needs. This is the only way to ensure that you do not end up compromising on your requirements.

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Mattresses are very important for your sleep. No one and even animals can’t stay alive without sleep. We know how precious our sleep is because sleeping or resting your body gives you the energy to function properly for your entire day. Sleeping effectively is not only important for your physical health but also important for your mental health. A person who is not sleeping properly will always remain frustrated and in an angry mood affecting his own life and also his behavior towards others.

Here are some demerits of using a bad mattress that is very old:


When you sleep your body tends to shed some dead skin cells and so these dead cells and sweat get accumulated in your mattress creating a surrounding for dust mites as they prefer a warm environment. After several years of accumulation, your mattress can get infested with dust mites where you can’t easily see them with your naked eye but they will give you the worst allergies especially if you have severe skin conditions like rashes and allergies, they will worsen it.


A bad mattress usually gives you a lot of pain, especially at your back. If you are sleeping on a mattress that is very old and has become hard then you will experience a lot of pain in your body when you wake up in the morning. So it is best for you to replace it.


After sleeping for a while if your mattress gets deformed it will result in a lack of sleep and also if your mattress shape is not right then it damages your bed too. A deformed mattress indicates that there are dips in the places you sleep and it shows that you need to replace your mattress with a new one. Also, deformed mattresses can’t provide proper spine support and so it will cause a lot of back pain and severe injuries making it difficult for you to sleep peacefully.


As your mattress gets old it becomes unhygienic. There are several occasions when your old mattress can cause night sweats. This sweat keeps accumulating in the mattress causing funguses and bacteria to grow and spread around the mattress making it worse. Also, a worn-out mattress releases the materials making it very uncomfortable and uneasy to sleep on.


The hardness of your mattress can vary according to your choice. A very hard mattress can cause severe joint pain when you wake up in the morning. Instead, when you sleep on a soft mattress the mattress can give you enough support for your skeletal system and give you your required comfort.


As said earlier a bad mattress will give you less sleep. The toughness and other factors of a bad mattress can disturb your sleep and you wouldn’t be able to complete your sleep. This will result in discomfort, lack of energy, and soreness in your body and also disturb your mental health making you sick and unable to function properly.

Few points to remember for buying a good mattress are:


There are many types of mattresses like dual comfort, memory foam, orthopedic etc. Again there are online mattress brands like Nectar, Casper, Purple etc. You can research these brands before buying and see which brand will suit you the best.

You can compare the mattresses types like nectar v/s Casper . Nectar and Casper are two of such brands that provide excellent support and comfort and are also budget friendly.Nectar mattresses are very soft and maintain the cooling effect of the body. This mattress also supports your spine. Casper also has many good features but is a little bit high in price as compared to Nectar. Both the brands provide good customer service as well as excellent warranty period.

Nectar mattresses are more soft as compared to Casper mattresses. Light sleepers should go for Nectar while the combination sleepers should go for Casper. 

Also, there are Purple mattresses and you can compare nectar v/s purple mattresses for additional information.

Nectar and Purple are good online brands and provide amazing services. Purple products are  a bit costly as compared to Nectar. Almost there are the same features for both the mattress, they both are soft, comfortable and durable. But Nectar offers extra services such as free pillows, sleeping trials, long time warranty period etc.

Large sleepers requiring most comfort from the mattresses should go for Purple mattresses while light and medium weight sleepers requiring mattress with extra pressure relief should go for Nectar. 


Before buying the mattress, you must know what size of the mattress is required for your bed to make sure that there is enough area for you to move around after you get your mattress. It is a good idea to make sure that the mattress doesn’t get stuck at the doors of your hall and bedroom and this way it will be easier for you to bring your new mattress to your bedroom without any hassle.


It is the most crucial thing to fix your budget before buying your new mattress like if you have a low budget then a small size mattress will be good for you but if you have a bigger budget then you can opt for big size mattresses and also premium quality mattresses as they offer more space. Although it is not necessary that an expensive mattress will be good and a low-budget mattress will not be good enough.


You must check the lifespan of your mattress which will at least last for 7-10 years as most manufacturers recommend replacing your mattress after every 7 years. Also, you must buy the mattress from a good company where the sales process is good and which gives a warranty of up to 10 years and will guarantee full replacement if the mattress gets torn or if the materials are coming out.


You must also check online and view the feedbacks of real customers as they give the best suggestion. Each mattress has its good and bad qualities and these reviews will give you detailed knowledge before buying your new mattress. 


Therefore, for purchasing a mattress, one must follow the following points and the tips mentioned above as these will help you to find the perfect mattress. Usually, mattresses become the hope for you to turn to when you come home tired, it is very natural to want the best mattress which will be comfortable for you to rest on and you must always buy a top-quality mattress for a good sleep because a good mattress will not only provide good sleep but also prevent sores and pains.

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Ways Effective Plumbing Can Make Your Remodeling Project Successful




Ways Effective Plumbing Can Make Your Remodeling Project Successful

Remodeling a property is a fun and exciting way to create your dream home. Through a home remodel, you can enjoy an improved living experience. But for this to happen, you need to have the best place in place. Skimp on this, and the home renovation is going to take tolls on your finances. 

Whereas there are many other things you want to focus on, a home renovation can never be complete without factoring in the plumbing system.  With plumbing remodel, you will find and fix hidden issues making sure all facilities in your home are working properly. Here are three ways effective plumbing can make your remodeling project successful. 

  • Enhance the Design 

A bathroom or kitchen remodeling project serves as the perfect opportunity to choose way better locations for appliances, faucets, and fixtures.  Even though you might find it viable to settle on a temporary plumbing fix, you are better off hiring the best plumbing company in Dubai. With their help, you can improve the overall design of your bathroom or kitchen. 

Professionals reorganize the existing pipework to improve the overall flow.  Better, they turn your ideas into reality to improve the aesthetics in your space. That is what you need to enhance efficiency and convenience while building your dream home with bathroom and kitchen renovations. 

  • Adds Comfort to Your Home

The main aim of a home renovation project is to make your living space as appealing and comfortable as possible.  Since it is the place you head up to unwind after a long and stressful day at work, you should make it comfortable at all times.  Leaky and faulty plumbing systems only add to the stress and deny you peace of mind. 

By prioritizing effective plumbing during your remodel project, you will add functionality to your bathroom and kitchens. Better, it goes a long way in making sure you enjoy a comfortable environment while at home. That way, you can run away from the stress life brings at times.

  • Leverage Technological Solutions

Technology keeps on changing almost every other day, with the plumbing world being no different.  Since a home renovation project is all about improving the property, an interior fit-out contractor in Dubai should help figure out the best plan of action to accomplish your goals. By installing innovative plumbing products in your kitchen and bathroom, they will improve the usefulness of the remodeled home. 

The Bottom Line

Renovating your home is an intricate process that requires a lot of planning and attention. Either way, never skimp on plumbing, as it speaks volumes about the overall feel of your living space. Keep in mind the changes you make today increase the real value of your property. Furthermore, it enhances your living experience and ensures your plumbing is in good condition. The next time you decide to undertake a home renovation project, do not forget about the plumbing since it also plays a vital role in the overall look. 

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A Bathroom Planner Cannot Forget These Important Points




A Bathroom Planner needs to consider the amount of space available and planning accordingly. At least 70cms between each piece of bathroom furniture is required in order to feel comfortable when in the bathroom. Are the walls going to be tiled or is new ventilation going to be added, if you are moving the toilet or shower to a new position, you will also need to consider how this will impact on your electricity and plumbing set-up. The bathroom planner must consider the abilities required to successfully carry out the work involved. For instance changing the wiring in a bathroom can be a tough job, plus it is paramount that you follow the correct safety procedures as water and electricity do not mix. If you are moving the toilet are you comfortable making a new connection to your home’s main soil stack or drain? Do you even know what this is? If we are going to do this then I advice you to first check the regulations around these issues first.

A bathroom planner will need to consider what type of bathroom is going to be installed. Do you want a fitted bathroom, where all the bathroom utilities are fitted in units and follow a single design to create a sense of unity? You will probably be buying these units from a manufacturer and whilst installation will cost extra, doing it yourself with the time, effort and possible pitfalls involved may not be worth it in the long run.

The Bathroom Planner might consider the En Suite bathroom. Now because you have the bedroom nearby the important issue to consider here is the sound made by the bathroom utilities and extractor fans that will most likely need to be installed. It is possible to reduce the sound of a toilet cistern refilling by installing an inlet valve. The Bathroom Planner will need to consider the cost and the skill required to carry them out.

If you have a very small space to work with then a Cloakroom design where everything is compact might be the best option. There are narrow cisterns, toilets and basins specially designed to fit into crammed corners available. In a space like this a window or extractor fan are a necessity.

If you like to feel free in your bathroom then maybe the bathroom planner might choose to go for a Wet Room design. This is where there are no enclosures for showers, the water is allowed to run away freely and drain through the floor. The biggest issue here is ensuring that the bathroom is fully waterproofed and the cost and time involved in doing so.

What A Bathroom Planner Needs To Consider In The Practical Installation of Plumbing

The easiest option is of course to keep everything in the same place. However this may not always be possible so let us consider what these changes will mean in our plumbing. Of course a Bathroom Planner also needs to consider the safety of the electrical systems installed which is a subject all to itself and for the sake of brevity, we shall focus on the plumbing only for the rest of this article.

If each bathroom utility has its own valve then they can simply be turned off and each item can be replaced one after another. However, if they do not, then you will need to first turn off the water at the nearest gate valve, it may even be necessary to drain down the entire system. When dealing with plumbing check the regulations that apply to the UK (If in another country then check the respective authorities). In the UK these are The Water Supply Bye-laws which state that you must give your supply company 5 days notice when performing any activity that could contaminate the water supply. Also the Building Regulations which cover the disposal of waste water from appliances within a property.

Re-routing the waste pipe from a toilet is not simple. An easier option is to fit a macerator behind the toilet pan. A macerator allows the pumping of the waste through small pipes which are then joined with the main stack allowing a toilet to be fitted virtually anywhere. This is possibly the best option to go for.

The Bathroom Planner needs to consider how the shower is going to be installed. It is best to take the shower water pipes off the main water supply and not try to cut corners by taking it off the nearest supply pipe. If the water is taken off the nearest supply pipe then the result will be lower water pressure to the shower and temperature changes when someone is running a tap. It is not nice when you’re in a shower and the water suddenly goes from hot to cold or vice versa.

Summary Of The basic first steps A Bathroom planner Must Consider

So let us recap, the number one consideration a Bathroom Planner has will be to consider first the health and safety issues, electrical regulations and drainage considerations. Then the type of bathroom from the four choices listed above will be decided upon, depending on the needs and outcome that is wished for the space provided. After the basic design is made the Bathroom Planner must think about what implications the design has on the present water and electric commitments.

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The most expensive wood options around the world!




Most expensive woods

Did you ever notice why the price of the furniture made from various woods is so different? Mostly it depends on how rare the wood is actually. The world’s most expensive woods are used to make fine art pieces, musical equipment, pieces of rare jewelry, kitchen utensils, and pencils.  If you would like to know in detail about the world’s most expensive wood forms, then keep on reading.

Most expensive woods

Wood comes from the springs and roots of various trees and from other woody plants as well. The list below will brief you about the most expensive woods present around the globe.

 Dalbergia ($16 per foot)

It is a very unique type of wood because it is mainly found in India and it is incredibly difficult to get there since it continues to grow in such thick forests that nobody can reach. It belongs to the family Albertina, which is recognized as an amazing genus, ranging from small to medium-sized trees.  This wood is very difficult to deal with and cannot even be handled by most trained people as well. However, the few people who choose this project end up making genuinely beautiful and rare products. For years, Dalbergia has been used for acoustic guitars instead of Brazilian rosewood, but it is also suitable for many other applications. Dalbergia floors and floor decorations are chosen by some owners because of the elegance of the grain and how durable it is. It is also known as Rosewood, which includes a lot of color variance, which allows consumers to select whether they want a golden brown light or something darker and more purplish.

Ebony ($10,000 per Kilogram)

The exceptional near-black ebony wood is harvested from a variety of different species of Diospyro-like trees that grow across the Tropics. It covers a layer of pure white wood, two inches thick, around a deep, almost black core of charcoal. The wood has an extremely beautiful is rare texture, but it is hard enough to be handled. This wood offers flat grain that is dark in color and can be turned into a high gloss wood after polishing. For use as piano keys, decorative pieces, and valuable furniture this is extremely valuable. Ebony is also very thick and strong, and it is going to sink into the water. Some ebony species can appear almost greenish-black, including those grown in the United States.

Sandalwood ($20,000 per Kilogram)

Sandalwood is correlated with aromatic wood, one of the most expensive woods found in the world. It comes from a slow-growing tree located all over Southeast Asia and the South Pacific Islands. It is mostly used for Oriental rituals and religious rites. It is used for Brahman caste marks and sachets in its powdered form and the oil is an ingredient in colognes, fragrances, soaps, and scented candles. It’s also a part of traditional medicine. Moreover, it is also well known for its furniture and antique boxes. Sandalwood is now planted and harvested commercially in Australia, mainly for its oil.

Pink Ivory ($8 per foot)

The name Red Ivory is also popular with this type of African wood. It is an extremely rare wood and is prized because of its unique color. The brighter the color of this wood, the more brilliant and better it will look. It can go from pinkish brown to brilliant deep, almost purple-red tones. This unique, unusual wood is strong and hard and has a fine texture and is native to South Africa, mainly Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and Southern Africa, where harvesting is commercially sustainable and controlled. The even grain present in this wood makes it an ideal option for a wide range of applications, including cutlery, chessmen, billiards, and veneers. Most people use it within their homes by making fine furnishings with pink ivory because when it is correctly used, it gives a great accent.

African Blackwood ($10,000 per kilogram)

This is potentially one of the rarest as well as expensive species of wood on the earth. This wood is typically almost entirely black, though there are many variations in its tone. Fine pores usually need not be filled in African Blackwood. The heartwood is very long-lasting in terms of deterioration and can be more resistant than other wood forms to water damage. It is usually used to make musical instruments and anyone who can purchase one will pay pretty much for it. While this tree has a unique scent, it is not almost as bad as the scent of certain other timber. It is highly resistant to heat as well and can be used in small pipes. The contrast of this wood with many other wood colors and textures makes it ideal for decoration, and because it is so durable and sturdy, it can be beautifully carved and will exhibit incredible details.

Agar Wood ($10,000 per kilogram)

Agar wood is precious wood found in Southeast Asian tropical forests. It is part of the dark heartwood tree Aquilaria. It extracts oil that has an aroma which is more valuable than gold and is part of the aphrodisiac group. The loss of wild resources is one of the key reasons why Agar wood is so rare and extremely expensive as well. This wood is very light in weight and is pale in color. On special plantations in the jungle, Agarwood is harvested. After drying, the resultant wood may be instantly used for the disinfection of premises, as a scent, or as a raw material in the manufacturing of fish oil. It is also being used for therapeutic purposes for thousands of years and is still used in Ayurvedic, Tibetan, and ancient East Asian medicines. The market for such wood has risen and it has become a costly commodity.

Ironwood or Lignum vitae ($90 per foot)

Lignum vitae is commonly called the tree of life, primarily because of its slow growth rate. It belongs to the Guaiacum Lignum family, which is mainly found on the northern shore of the Caribbean region. An iron tree is very rare in nature. Their wood is very durable, solid, and high in density. Due to its high oil content found naturally in this wood, it can be finished, producing a very fine gloss finish that can be manufactured easily. This timber is an excellent outdoor choice, given its longevity, hardness, and resistance to insect attacks. Lignum Vitae is available in several different colors from a light olive hue to a darker grassy color, depending on the tree itself and how the wood has been worked up, finished, and aged. This wood gives a nice light scent when it is being processed. This wood is also used for the production of strong mailbox heads, instrument handles, bearings, and turned objects. Art products and decorative plywood is also manufactured from this wood.

Amaranth, Purple Heart ($11.99 per feet)

The Purple Heart is one of the most uniquely colored woods. Although it is dull in color when cut newly, then this wood is dried up and turned into a profound eggplant color, and many people found it extremely beautiful. As it ages, it keeps changing colors and finally ends in a dark brown color, with just little violet touches. In order to prevent this change, buyers can use a finish that prevents UV light when they finish the wood. It has several uses, including heavy construction, flooring, boatbuilding, and manufacturing of furniture. The wood is beautiful and works because of its intensity. It is also waterproof, so it is widely used in boatbuilding. Its durability makes it a great flooring choice but is quite expensive. It is a very durable wood that, except the marine borer, can withstand most pests. It can also prevent decay, hence it’s long-lasting than most of the other expensive woods. This group’s commercial species are common in the area of tropical America.

Bubinga ($18.99 per foot)

Bubinga wood is a very rare and valuable species of timber. A wide variety of colors is offered. This means that lighter stroke wood and darker wood, which looks reddish-brown, is easily available. Heavy and thick wood has different annual rings and normally offer a good texture as the fiber growth direction and other growth differences are frequently changed. This wood can be utilized in many ways, partially as the wood is so wide and can be used to make large wood plates for tabletops as well as other projects. Bubinga doors will never break or warp and can last for centuries if properly looked after. It offers various grain features and stands out from other wood styles and manufactures unique furniture.

Cocobolo ($65 per board foot)

Cocobolo is a wood of Central America commonly admired by owners of costly weapons and knives. This is a beautiful wood, with dark traces passing by the grain from orange to reddish-brown. Just the center of the wood is being used and the color of the heartwood after being cut is rare. Cocobolo is thick and durable, can be polished to a bright finish, and provides a lovely tone. The wood is cherished by musicians and chess players as much as the sportspeople. It is used for the making of guitars, flutes, violins, and bagpipes and the manufacturing of chess pieces and grips with arms.

Koa ($62 per board foot)

This wood appearance is similar to Mahogany and is a native species found in the Hawaiian Islands. Since some of Hawaii’s natural forests are being destroyed to be used as agricultural land, and trees and shrubs are the favorite choices of grazing animals, this wood is becoming rare as expensive day by day. It’s famous for making guitars and skeletons, and its golden and light red-bright colors and simple grain texture makes it an attractive choice for the manufacturing of cabinets and furniture. On the island, koa bowls are frequently used and portray preferred tourist souvenirs.

Holly ($ 40 per foot)

American Holly is an outstanding white wood for turning, painting, carving as well as inlay applications. It is also widely known for piano and organ keys, and inlay lines mostly because of its pale, almost white coloration and its seamless surface texture. Holly trees, however, grow slowly and are small, making them extremely rare. Holly offers a unique feature of fungal bleach that has a blue-gray tone, which must be harvested and quickly allowed to dry in cold weather.

Ziricote ($60 per board foot)

Ziricote is a heavy wood and is mostly known because of its unique spider-webbing pattern. It is available in medium to dark brown color and is found in Mexico and Central America. It is widely used for the manufacture of furniture like cabinets. Many musical instruments like the guitar and violin are also made from this wood. It is renowned because of its decay-resistance feature and longevity. Some of its species are also available in green or purple color.

Bacote ($32.99 per board foot)

 It is a very unique tree that is found in the Caribbean, Mexican, and South of America. Bacote is linked with Cordia. The Cordia is the kind of plant that can be found in the families of borage. It is the most expensive wood you can buy on the planet due to the great demand for this wood. The wood is distinguished by its unique beautiful texture with general brown-black stains. This can be used not only to make beautiful furnishings, but also musical equipment, explosions, ships, and little turned objects. It is a very durable wood that can last for a longer period of time.

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