Eating Habits That Will Hurt Your Teeth

Although teeth are primarily used to chew, they serve several essential functions. They protect the oral cavity, contribute to the structural integrity of the jaw and enhance facial aesthetics. Unfortunately, teeth are vulnerable to damage, and poor eating habits are the main culprit. Here are some eating habits you should avoid to protect your teeth.

Eating Sugary Treats

Everyone knows candy is terrible for your teeth. Nonetheless, it’s a common habit to take sugary treats. The taste is tempting, and so is the sugar rush that follows.

Processed sugars used in candy settle on the teeth and serve as food for harmful bacteria. As the bacteria feed on the sugar, they produce acids that damage the enamel. Cavities soon develop and form a nidus for further bacterial growth. Damage can be extensive enough to destroy your teeth and cause jaw infections.

If you are guilty of taking sugary treats frequently, you have to reduce your intake. Moreover, rinse your mouth after taking sweets and remember to brush your teeth regularly.

Drinking Sodas and Energy Drinks

Another culprit when it comes to tooth damage is soda. Sodas are packed with sugars that provide the perfect substrate for harmful bacteria in the mouth.

Moreover, sodas and energy drinks have acids that directly damage the enamel and cause cavities. Unfortunately, sugar-free carbonated drinks still have harmful acids. Therefore, even diet sodas and low sugar energy drinks are detrimental.

Chewing Tobacco

It’s common knowledge that smoking tobacco is bad for your teeth. Unfortunately, chewing isn’t any better. Tobacco causes a myriad of problems ranging from bad breath, stained teeth, and receding gums to gum loss.

Tobacco also causes tooth sensitivity and cavities. In addition, after long term use, you are likely to get bone loss at the roots of the teeth. Cancers of the oral cavity and the throat are also strongly linked to tobacco use.

Smokeless consumption of tobacco may look appealing, but you’re still at risk of similar complications. Therefore, it’s best to give up the habit to save your teeth and preserve good health.

Binge Eating

If you’re fond of binge eating, there is some bad news. Tooth damage is relatively common after episodes of binge eating. Food that sticks to the enamel after binge eating attracts harmful bacteria that produce acids. Oral hygiene is also compromised with frequent binge eating episodes.

Those who find it hard to quit binge eating are advised to space out their meals and brush their teeth frequently. If you maintain good oral hygiene, the probability of developing cavities is low.

Chewing Hard Foods

Eating hard foods doesn’t strengthen teeth. On the contrary, it can chip your teeth and cause serious complications. The front teeth are usually the most vulnerable.

The best way to take hard foods like apples is to chop them into small pieces. As a result, the mechanical pressure exerted on the teeth is significantly reduced.

Chewing Ice

Although the enamel is tough, chewing ice can seriously damage it. Ice is notorious for causing chipped or cracked teeth. Moreover, the habit of chewing ice leaves teeth vulnerable to tooth decay. Ice also damages dental fillings and dental appliances.

Once you pick up the habit, it may not be long before you start accruing costs at the dental clinic.

Chewing Pencils and Pens

When you’re fully engrossed in your work, the urge to chomp can sneak up on you. Many people are fond of chewing pens and pencils, and the consequences are often dire. The habit makes you vulnerable to cracked or chipped teeth, and the risk of tooth decay is high.

To save yourself the trouble, keep everything that doesn’t belong in your mouth out of your mouth.

What you eat is vital for your health. So if you eat well, your dentist in Maroubra will have a smooth time preserving your dental health.

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