Easy steps for a Successful Home Sale

Easy steps for a Successful Home Sale

What a human being! Twenty total strangers have passed through your home, and you haven’t even heard a murmur of an offer. Maybe your house will never sell, the aroma of the drugstore fragrance used by the last potential buyer lingers in the air. The stress grows, and after burning your realtor’s sign in your wood doctor, you realize that the problem may not be with the agents.

Let’s have a look around this wonderful little bungalow you call home to see if we can’t figure out what’s going on. You can check more information about sale or purchase property in Vietnam by saigonluxury.com.vn

  1. The single-car garage attached to the house. Ideal for parking your SUV with some extra room. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of it? Let’s face it, two weeks of rubbish bags obstructing the entry to the main home’s breezeway aren’t going to help. (At the very least, it’s not in the kitchen!) I’m sorry, boys, but the ten years’ worth of Playboy centerfolds along the rear wall aren’t helping you out.
  2. 2. Huge, eat-in kitchen with plenty of cabinets and appliances…and every single door, including the oven and refrigerator, will be opened. When you invite visitors inside your home to look around for a potential sale, nothing is off limits. If they’re going to spend the money, they’re going to look. The fact that the turkey drippings from Christmas 2006 are still stuck to your oven walls and your vegetables is decaying in your crisper will not help you accept an offer. Taking things seriously may entail getting messy, but the payoff will be well worth the effort.
  3. Cathedral ceilings, unusual light fixtures, and hardwood flooring characterize this expansive formal living room. Doesn’t it sound fantastic? Who knew that those one-of-a-kind light fixtures come with blown bulbs and a decade’s worth of cobwebs included in the price? That’s fantastic! Is there anything else I can say?
  4. if you walked into every fashion trend that has struck the streets in the last decade. Everything has its time and place, and as much as you may dislike hearing it, now is not the time for tie-dyed T-shirts and acid-washed jean vests. When real estate brokers tell you to de-clutter, they’re referring to this. You may not have the heart to toss it, but you must get it out of the way so that the next possible buyer can see the space and imagine them filling it with their own Flash dance legwarmers!
  5. On the main floor, there are two more bedrooms. The Transformers are in the closet, and the Barbies are under the bed, and the kids have tidied them up. Please lend a helping hand to your children! If you’re attempting to get as much money as possible from the sale of your property, now is not the time to lecture about responsibility and no allowance. Kids will be kids, and if you expect them to live up to your standards, you’ll need to help them. Do it yourself if all else fails.
  6. Back yard has cbm fencing, making it suitable for dogs. Oh, how we adore our pets, even though they leave shredded baseboards, messes on the carpets, overflowing litter boxes, and barks that make even the biggest purchasers flee. We understand that you adore your Rottie and that Chump, your pitbull, is a lovable beast, but when I’m showing your home to potential buyers, the last thing I want to do is console a tearful client who had a traumatic experience with his neighbor’s dog when he was five.

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