Earnity CEO Dan Schatt Weighs in on the Future of Finance

The future of finance is shrouded in uncertainty, points out Dan Schatt of Earnity. However, a few key trends suggest where the industry might be headed. Machine learning, mobile technologies, and globalization of the economy are just a few aspects to focus on when looking into the future of finance.

Machine learning 


Many industry observers note that artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning will profoundly impact the finance industry. Up until now, financial decisions have solely rested on humans. However, machine learning algorithms are beginning to take over this role. It can process large amounts of data much faster than humans and make more accurate predictions. As a result, machine learning is likely to play a major role in financial decision-making in the future.

Mobile technologies


According to Earnity executive Dan Schatt, mobile technologies are transforming the financial landscape. More and more people are using their smartphones and other mobile devices to conduct financial transactions. Such a trend is likely to continue as thesegadgets become more sophisticated. In addition, mobile technologies provide new opportunities for accessibility and inclusion, allowing people in developing countries to access financial services more easily.

Globalization of economy


The globalization of the economy is another major trend shaping the future of finance, shares Dan Schatt of Earnity. With more and more countries interacting with each other economically, there is a need for an increasingly global approach to finance. In addition, globalization is likely to lead to the development of new financial products and services that cater to the needs of a global market.

Education matters

While keeping an eye on these trends, global users must choose to be proactive by learning more about these advancements. For example, a community-based crypto platform and marketplace like Earnity can help users become effective in buying, selling, holding, and swapping their virtual assets.

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