Earn Some Extra Cash from Your Spring Cleaning Efforts

As we settle into the new calendar year, now is the perfect time to get started on freshening up our living spaces. Springtime may not be upon us quite yet but it’s just around the corner, so that means spring cleaning will be knocking at the door before we even see it coming.

Take advantage of this new year and fresh beginnings by getting a jump start on spring cleaning your home before warmer days come our way. Best of all, there’s a chance to make some extra cash off your spring cleaning efforts!

Getting Started: How to Make the Best Spring Cleaning Plan

Just saying spring cleaning can be enough to send chills down your spine. At least that was the case until we found out that spring cleaning could come with some monetary incentive. Before we get into how to turn cleaning into cash, let’s figure out how to get a jump start on spring cleaning that is as pleasant as can be. There are plenty of spring cleaning tips and tricks to look into but overloading on ideas will just make your head spin before you even get started.

Before jumping into cleaning headfirst, the most important thing to remember is to clean one area at a time. In other words, make a cleaning plan that breaks down your living space into sections. Let’s say you want to start your spring cleaning in the kitchen, focus only on that area from start to finish.

For example, your kitchen cleaning plan can be broken down into sections, such as:

  • Throw away all garbage from the floor, table and counter tops
  • Clear out any clutter that doesn’t belong in the kitchen (that means removing any clutter off the floor, countertops, table and any other surfaces)
  • Go through the fridge and cabinets and toss expired food or products
  • Reorganize cabinets and drawers
  • Make a pile of anything you no longer need or don’t want to keep
  • Wash/clean all cabinet surfaces, appliances, countertops, table and lastly the floor

Since the point is to get a jump start on spring cleaning there is no need to rush. Depending on how thorough you plan to clean, take a day, or more if necessary, to properly take on each section of your home before moving on to the next room or area to clean.

Turn Spring Cleaning into Your Next Pay Day

Now that your house should be nice and freshly cleaned the big question is, how can you turn all that effort into a cash payout. Remember those piles you made in each section of your house with things you no longer want? The scrap yard is your ticket to getting paid for parts of those spring cleaning piles.

That’s right, Canada Iron wants to buy your old gadgets and metal scrap. Go through those piles for any old electronics and ferrous or non-ferrous metal items, like old brass pots. Then put together your haul and head to the scrap yard for your spring cleaning pay out!

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