Duties and Functions of Courier Services

We need courier services occasionally in our personal lives but businesses need courier services frequently to send the documents and products. Courier services work with businesses and take the responsibility of safely delivering their business products and documents. There might be an automobile business that needs the automobile parts to be delivered to various parts of the country to make the repair possible or there might be a cloth manufacturer shipping the clothes all over the country to the retail shopkeepers. These people tie-up with one or more courier companies to take care of the shipping needs for their business. Courier companies share a huge workload of these companies and some main functions performed by courier companies are mentioned below:

  1. Business account: Whenever a business approached a courier company to outsource the delivery of their products, courier companies tend to offer them the best deal on the shipping costs. Some courier companies also have the facility to get a business account opened for the businesses that need frequent delivery of their products. Businesses can avail of different special features offered by the courier companies at reduced prices by opting for a business account.
  2. Domestic and international deliveries: Businesses tend to tie up more often with the courier companies that provide both domestic and international courier services. In case a business wants to send a courier to New Zealand from India or to any other country, it is similar to sending a domestic parcel. International courier service charges are more than the domestic courier service charges and can be estimated by visiting the courier company’s website.
  3. Next-day delivery: Courier companies have come up with the option of next-day delivery where they provide the option to get the domestic parcels delivered within 24 hours. Sometimes there are some urgent or time-sensitive deliveries that businesses need to make, this feature helps the courier companies to deliver the products within a day. Also, this feature is useful for the people who want to send gifts to their beloved people and were not able to plan it.
  4. Packaging: Courier companies now also provide the facility of the packaging of the products for their customers. This is quite a new feature and it is not offered by all the courier companies as of now. This feature is quite attractive as the most difficult part in the entire shipping process was the packaging of a product so that it can reach the destination without any damage.
  5. Warehouse facility: Some established courier companies also offer the warehousing facility to businesses so that they can store their products. This feature is extremely useful for online businesses that deliver their products via courier services only.
  6. Customization: When anyone opts for a courier service to get the products delivered, they only pay for what they use. Courier companies make a customized package according to the services that you need and courier charges are calculated based on those packages only. This ensures that the businesses get reasonable discounts on the courier charges.

Courier company sends an agent to pick up the product and then pack it safely. Customers are provided with a unique tracking number for each parcel and businesses can further share it with their customers to maintain transparency. This helps the businesses in earning trust and building a long-lasting business relationship with the customers. The courier company must be trained and professional delivery agents as they are the only humans that have a face-to-face interaction with their customers. It can be said that they are the face of your business for the customers. 

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