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Dubai Shopping Festival Tips



Dubai Shopping Festival Tips

The Dubai city has many souks featuring different product lines such as gold, spices, electric goods, ornaments, designer clothing and a big range of Arabian souvenirs. Each of these souks provides an amazing shopping experience with varieties of products showed in a decorative manner while creating a typical shopping environment.

The spice souk at Al-Sabkha road has become a famous visitor attraction with holiday packages in Dubai, where the dynamic Gold Souk at Sikkat al-Khali Street is one remarkable location to buy gold with discounts. The street showcases amazing gold rings, necklaces, brooches and studs while offering the affordable gold prices in the planet. While the consumers get gold jewelry at lower prices, the gold souks also make sure to offer the top standard gold. On the other hand, the Electronics souks close to the Beniyas square provide a big range of electronic goods at whole sale rates and discount prices. So book your cheap flights to Dubai.

Apart from the souks, Dubai shopping malls are also best shopping places. Unlike the expensive malls in the west, Dubai malls are reasonable yet offer yet top valued items. The amazing Dubai Mall is the world’s biggest shopping avenue with the complex area stretched over the area equivalent to almost fifty soccer fields. The complex has 1,200 retail stores, a twenty-two screen multiplex, a food court featuring 160 outlets; an Olympic sized ice-skating area, 220 gold and jewelry store, and a famous Hamley toy store.

While shopping in Dubai is one famous activity, the city has a yearly shopping festival for the local tourists and people. While offering the best shopping opportunities for the people globally, the yearly Dubai shopping festival or DSF has emerged as a big tourist event of Dubai. Started in the year 1996, the inaugural DSF has a record of approximately 1.6 million visitors from all over the planet. After the stunning success in the past few years, the 2021 shopping festival is guessed to offer much more to the visitors while boosting the revenue of Dubai tourism industry and the retail sectors.

The Dubai shopping festival lasts for a month while providing endless shopping opportunities with fun programs for everyone. Each day the DSF thrills the crowd with some new events such as firework displays, cultural exhibitions, handicraft shows and entertainment promotional programs. Apart from the typical Dubai goods such as carpets, perfumes, gold, Arabic spices and mementos, the DSF also gives a big range of some of the top haute couture clothing, designer sandals and handbags exclusively for the Emirati ladies.

Explore the best things to do in Dubai .

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Why You Will Love Living In Nashville




Why You Will Love Living In Nashville

When one thinks of Nashville, they probably think of it as a hub for country music, delicious southern food, and just generally a place to have a good ole time, southern style. While all of this is true, there is so much more to consider why you will love living in Nashville. If you are seriously thinking about relocating to the Music City, we’ve got a couple of reasons why you will absolutely love it. Read on below to learn why you should pack your things and make Nashville your homestead.

It’s The Music Capital of the World

Although most people think of country music when they think of Nashville, there are also other genres getting their start from the city. This means that when you’re wanting to experience some live music, you won’t just be limited to country music. In fact, if you walk down the busy streets of Nashville, you’ll most likely hear different types of live music pouring out of different bars and venues into the street, hoping to draw you in. With different types of music, means you can also find music to enjoy as a family. Nashville also has various venues such as Ryman Auditorium, Cheekwood Centennial Park, and the famous Grand Ole Opry. With the different types of music and venues in Nashville, you and your family will find something to enjoy, regardless of your music preferences.

Classic Southern Meets Modern Advantages

Although Nashville has been around for quite some time and has its culture and traditions steeped deep in the south, it still is growing with the times, especially in real estate. Although one may think of homes in Nashville being structured in the victorian or even farmhouse style, think again. You can find many other styles of homes that are more modern such as a Craftsman, Contemporary, and many more. Concerning the downtown city of Nashville itself, you will also see classic southern meets modern in business as well. An older and beloved barbeque joint may sit side-by-side with a hip gastropub and other businesses that love harmoniously next to each other but offer old comfort or new and interesting experiences.

Fantastic Food

Speaking of country music and southern comfort, Nashville is also known for its many different types of restaurants. It seems there always some new restaurant or coffee shop popping up, whether it be a continuation of southern favorites, takes on international cuisines, or new foodie trends that are sweeping the world by storm. Nashville is also known for its farmer markets, too, so if you’re craving some fresh produce, you have access to them as well. With the variety of places to eat and try out, just like with music, Nashville has something for everyone, regardless of their taste.

Greenery and Scenery

In addition to all the wonderful music, food, and different types of homes, Nashville also boasts some amazing green spaces and scenery to go along with it. If you want to still have nature at your doorstep, Nashville has numerous greenways such as Shelby Park, Randor Lake, Cumberland River, Browns Creek, and many, many more. Some of these parks and hiking trails also have food truck days where you can enjoy a picnic in the park before or after a hike or a stroll. Concerning scenery, there are plenty of sights to choose from such as Vanderbilt University, which has hundreds of different plant species and is also considered a national arboretum or if you’re after history and music, you can check out the Country Music Hall of Fame Museum. Regardless of what you’re after for nature and sights, Nashville has it all.

Make The Move to Nashville

With so much music to listen to, food to eat, and sights to see, Nashville has it all. As a newly minted local, you’ll be able to enjoy any one of these Nashville offerings at your leisure and may even find some hidden city gems on your own. What are you waiting for? Nashville is calling and you should come and call it home.

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Best destinations Fishing Trips in Seychelles



Best destinations Fishing Trips in Seychelles

The incredible fishing tales in the world come from the sea off the coast of Praslin Island, Seychelles. They are more honest than other stories about fishing, too. Hire a boat or go and catch your fish with an experienced angler. And if you don’t know where to find a useful fishing guide with all the equipment, we are here!

About us-

Praslin is a generous Island that welcomes all the tourists from any corner of the world. Mostly, the city is famous for its natural beauty and beautiful tropical Island. But one thing the tourists can’t stop themselves from doing is enjoying the Best destinations Fishing Trips in Seychelles.

Along the North Praslin coast, there are a variety of deep-sea fishing businesses. Typically, fishing tourists hire boats separately, equipment for themselves, usually in large numbers. Pleasant, knowledgeable hosts who know about fishing, closely interact with the local community. But we researched that finding each one is not only costing more money; it also costs more time and difficulties.

Are you ready for the Top Fishing Charter in the Indian Ocean? Are you a fan of fishing? Do you want to explore gorgeous stuff? 

Island Rhythm Charter

We introduce you to Island Rhythm Charter intending to provide you with the best service in the fishing sector. We ensure fabulous fishing trips and boat charter tours. We have also invested in all specialised equipment to provide highly professional equipment for all forms of fishing and maintain professional contact with all of our customers, ALWAYS. That is why we are known as the leading fishing charters operator on the Seychelles Island of Praslin.

Simon is Island Rhythm Charter’s owner and managing director. He spent more than 27 years in the industry. The ocean of Seychelles and he knows pretty well where to catch the enormous catch. His only son, on the other hand, Brandon has been at sea for more than a decade, and his father is considered one of the youngest and greatest. 

The Captains of Boats in Praslin. Captain Simon and Captain Brandon are both always delighted to present their clients. They both speak excellent French and English languages.

With the Island Rhythm Charter, to begin your fishing trip, it is possible to adjust to your preferred time. We recommend leaving early for fishing; your captain will be pleased to fit in with your schedule, however. You may also inquire for fish on unique islands of Seychelles. We would be equally happy to accommodate them as per your pick!

So, ready for the most awaited tour?




Google My Business:


WhatsApp / Phone: +248 271 4700 

Address: Baie Ste Anne 

City: Praslin 

Zip Code: Nil 

Country: Seychelles

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5 Things to Do in Morton, Illinois




5 Things to Do in Morton, Illinois

Considered the “Pumpkin Capital of the World,” the small town of Morton, Illinois, has plenty to offer both pumpkin-lovers and all other individuals. Nestled just outside of bigger city Peoria, Illinois, Morton is well-loved for its rural atmosphere and beauty mingled with large-scale industrial centers. In the fall, over 70,000 people every year flock to Morton to enjoy the four-day Morton Pumpkin Festival. For the rest of the year, visitors come to Morton to experience its natural parks, small-town environment and thriving art scene. While Morton has plenty to offer, five things remain unmissable:

1) Ackerman Farms

Those looking for the pumpkin experience Morton is known for should make Ackerman Farms their first stop. Open August through Halloween, Ackerman Farms grows over 150 different kinds of pumpkins, giving a family plenty of options to pick that perfect Halloween pumpkin to carve. They additionally grow and sell gourds and squash. Besides this vegetation, there is also a well-loved corn maze, hayride, farm animals and a shop full of fun fall decorations as well as delicious goodies to take home.

2) Farmdale Reservoir

Located 10 minutes from the city center, Farmdale Reservoir is perfect for the family or individual that enjoys a good hike. There are 15 total trails here, varying in difficulty, so beginners and experts alike can both find something to love here. Even better, Farmdale Reservoir is host to biking races, including the I74 Race Series and Midwest Mountain Bike Festival. Those who want to try their hand at biking can even partake in an exciting MTX/dirt jump course.

3) Mackinaw Valley Vineyard

Wine lovers will fall in love with Mackinaw Valley Vineyard, a 20-minute drive from Morton. At this vineyard, visitors can enjoy a glass of wine while taking in the sights from a tasting room or patio. Over 20 different kinds of wine are available that pair well with an assortment of meats and cheeses. The vineyard also hosts plenty of events throughout the year, including trivia and even murder mystery dinner parties. The area is also commonly booked for such celebrations as weddings, graduation ceremonies and holidays.

4) Morton Fine Arts Association

The Morton Fine Arts Association is the center of Morton’s art scene. Here, families can enjoy the Arts in the Park series throughout the summer, where a variety of outdoor bands play concerts, all completely free. In the fall and winter, both locals and tourists to the city can enjoy seeing such bands as The David Osbourne Trio and Still Surfin’ at Bertha Frank Performing Arts Center (BFPAC).

5) Morton Pumpkin Festival

Of course, no list of Morton would be complete without mention of the Morton Pumpkin Festival. Founded in 1967, the festival experiences a different theme each year as selected by community members and the Morton Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. 30 different events are held over a space of 4 days, with over 2,000 volunteers helping out. Some of the top highlights include a carnival, drive-in movie theater nights, parades, a pumpkin run, and opening and closing ceremonies with plenty of fanfare!

Morton has experiences for every type of individual, from nature fans to art lovers to those who love a good drink in a beautiful setting. Though Morton is most visited in the fall season when its pumpkins are abundant, tourists will enjoy the alternative sights and experiences that spring, summer and winter have to offer here as well. Encompassing a small-town feel with its world-famous success with pumpkins, Morton is the ideal blend of big and small.

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Tibet Tours and Treks | Himalayan Trekkers




Visit Tibet

Tibet is a locale in East Asia covering a significant part of the Tibetan Plateau traversing about 2.5 million km. It is the traditional country of the Tibetan public. Tibet is known as the ‘Top of the World’ all things considered: With a normal height surpassing 4,500 meters (14,800 Ft.), the Tibetan Plateau is at times the world’s most elevated and biggest level, with a zone of 2,500,000 square kilometers (around multiple times the size of France).

Topography in Tibet is on a lowering scale — emotional snow-crested mountains loom over huge fields, crisscrossing parkways weave their way through high passes hung with brilliant supplication banners while sparkling turquoise lakes remain in the shadow of exceptionally old ice sheets. Home to a few of the world’s most elevated pinnacles and the well-known Everest Base Camp, Tibet has the ability to dazzle even the most solidified voyager. The most noteworthy height in Tibet is Mount Everest, Earth’s most elevated mountain, rising 8,848 m (29,029 ft.) above sea level.


NEPAL TIBET TOURS and TREKS  gives you an occasion to encounter an inimitable blend of normal magnificence and the one of a kind societies of Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and India. With no misrepresentation, these objections are heaven for explorers all around the globe, known to be the best occasion objective for journeying, social visits, journey visits, experience, and otherworldly visits.

Retaining your movement nature and needs and gaining by our 20 yrs. of service experience, we make trip recommendations and customizations so the journey you had always wanted can turn into a charming reality. The entirety of our kin was brought up in provincial, mountain towns. These mountains were home to our predecessors who came hundreds of years back and got comfortable in their valleys. Our own insight into the land and the mountains gives you controls who can give a definitive in mountain encounters and experience for you.

Mount Kailash and Manasarovar Lake Tour

Mount Kailash is situated in Burang County of far southwestern Tibet. It is one of the most amazing mountains on the planet as a definitive profound objective of Bön, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism. Consistently, various gave pioneers progress significantly from everywhere the world to attempt the disengaged, ageless, stunning, and interesting otherworldly Kailash Mansarovar Yatra.

Lake Manasarovar additionally called Swan rimbonche is a high elevation freshwater lake took care of by the Kailash Glaciers close to Mount Kailash in Burang County, Ngari Prefecture, Tibet Autonomous Region. The lake is adored as a consecrated spot in four religions: Bön, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism. Lake Manasarovar lies at 4,590 m (15,060 ft) above mean ocean level, a moderately high height for a huge freshwater lake on the generally saline lake-studded Tibetan Plateau. It is moderately round fit as a fiddle with a perimeter of 88 km (54.7 mi). Its profundity arrives at a most extreme profundity of 90 m (300 ft) and its surface region is 320 km2 (123.6 sq mi). It is associated with close by Lake Rakshastal by the normal Ganga Chhu channel. Lake Manasarovar is close to the wellspring of the Sutlej, which is the easternmost huge tributary of the Indus. Close by are the wellsprings of the Brahmaputra River, the Indus River, and the Karnali, a significant tributary of the Ganges.

The Saga Dawa Festival

The features of Saga Dawa Festival Tour 2013 will fall on May 25th. As an old celebration, the Saga Dawa Festival is commended by individuals in various zones in varying ways. Tibetan Buddhists attempt to do what the Buddha said and give charity and implore. It is believed that asking and almsgiving and doing demonstrations of consideration during Saga Dawa and in the heavenly month after this duplicates the justified re-visitation of the provider unmistakably more than on standard days.

The Tarboche flagpole supplanting exercise is additionally a fascinating occasion that happens during the Saga Dawa celebration. As individuals from all pieces of Tibet assemble here for this yearly occasion, they bring little petition banners to connect to the huge banner that surfaces with the joined assistance of the spectators that come to observe the occasion. It is truly interesting to watch this occasion that is managed by a Lama from the close religious community.

Numerous Buddhists around the globe call the day Vesakha or Vesak from the Sanskrit name Vaisakha. The First Conference of the World Fellowship of Buddhists settled in 1950 to ask that the day of the full moon in the lunar month be a day to respect Buddha. In spite of the fact that the occasion is as yet celebrated on various days around the globe, it is considered by numerous individuals to be the main Buddhist celebration day. Circumambulation has been an old convention of the Saga Dawa Festival. There are three circumambulation courses in Lhasa. The first is the Langkhor course in Jokhang Temple with an edge of 500 meters. The subsequent course is Barkhor Street with a border of 1000 meters. The third course is Linkhor Street, which encompasses the old Lhasa city with a border of 5000 meters. There are various devotees of Tibetan Buddhism circumambulating on Langkhor Route and Barkhor Street consistently. Tibetans would decide to circumambulate on Linkhor Street on the exceptional and grave Saga Dawa Festival.

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Air Freight From China To USA/US- Complete Guide



Shipping or transportation has been one of the key elements of imports/exports in the global world. China, being one of the significant hubs of exports has clients from different parts of the world. The USA, with no exception, stands strong in the list of Chinese clients. Despite having political turmoil between both the countries, the exports and imports don’t seem to become still. Hence, what you need to keep your business functional is the right mode of shipping. 

Now, coming to the modes of shipping, China is popular for offering sea as well as air freight from China to USA/US. Numerous freight forwarding companies in China offer you a multitude of services to support the shipping of your goods. In this article, you are going to know about the key elements of shipping from China to USA/US by air. 

It’s totally understood that many people are skeptical about shipping their goods from Air cargo, China, thanks to the hyped risks and flaws. But the situation isn’t that dubious as it seems. In order to clear all your doubts and make you fully informed, this article will highlight the practical aspects of air freight from China to USA/US. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s begin!!!  

China Air Freight In Comparison To Sea Freight

Before starting with key aspects of air shipping from China to USA/US, let’s take a look at why air cargo is better than sea freight. The foremost reason why Air freight forwarder from China to USA is highly considered is because of its short duration. All the businessmen or companies, who want to get the delivery of goods within a short period must consider air freight.

In sea freight, the duration could be a month, however, it varies from destination to destination. The actual duration of getting the goods finally delivered could extend due to administrational activities. However, when it comes to air freight, the duration will be within 5 to 10 days. Though air freight is quite time-saving, yet only 5% of shipments are sent through the air. Isn’t it surprising? In comparison to sea shipment, air shipment is a bit expensive, but it has its own benefits too. Take a look, 

  1. China air freight is the most reliable form of transportation as there are no risks of getting delayed. 
  2. Access to land-locked locations can be supported through air shipping from China to USA/US. 
  3. Airfreight is certainly beneficial for high-value shipments as they offer the utmost safety. 
  4. You have the option to save costs on the packaging, insurance, and warehousing.   
  5. Air cargo shipments can be easily tracked with constant information.  
  6. Air Cargo From China to USA/US

If you are willing to get your goods transferred through air freight from China to USA/US, then choosing the right freight forwarding company is a good choice. A right freight forwarder will help you carry out the entire process seamlessly. China air freight also supports you to keep a track of your goods in real-time. Now, let’s examine the process of freight forwarding through the air. 

1. Time Duration For Shipping From China to USA by Air

The standard time for sending shipments from China to the USA requires around 8 to 10 days. Now, you must be thinking that what takes 10 days for a flight. Well, the answer is the complicated procedure of documentation and other formalities, which mostly your Air freight forwarder from China to USA will take care of. 

Mostly the duration extends due to bulk shipment, which requires time to get a slot with courier services on the plane. The air cargo, China has to be first sent to the facility, where they are packed or combined with other shipments for the final transfer. Considering the US laws, the formalities are certainly more complex. 

2. Laws & Duties to Adhere 

In order to ship goods from China to the USA, one has to see through international laws, the country’s national laws, regulations of the carrier’s organization i.e. airline. Along with these, one has to pay attention to the restricted goods guidelines and individual goods regulations. Considering air cargo from China to the USA/US, there are more restrictions on goods. List of goods that cannot be sent through air cargo, China is, 

  1. Gaseous Products including lamp bulbs
  2. Flammable things including Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and perfumes
  3. Corrosive Items and toxic products like batteries
  4. Magnetic items like speakers
  5. Chemical Products

These were a few items to be mentioned. There are more products on the list about which you can discuss with your air freight forwarder. 

3. Major Airports for Air Cargo, China

In order to reduce the cost of air cargo, you need to know which is the most suitable airport to transfer goods. The smallest distance will allow you to save maximum money. Here are some of the busiest airports in China

  1. Beijing Capital International Airport
  2. Shanghai Pudong International Airport
  3. Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport
  4. Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport
  5. Hong Kong International Airport
  6. Xian Xianyang International Airport
  7. Kunming Changshui International Airport
  8. Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

Take a look at some of the most popular airports for shipping from China to USA/US by air. 

  1. Memphis International Airport
  2. Louisville International Airport
  3. Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport
  4. O’Hare International Airport.

The ports mentioned above are certainly the most lucrative choices for sending shipments from China to the USA. These airports are highly popular and a hub for exports and imports.  

4. When to Get Air Freight Services? 

The shipments that require urgent delivery must take a hand of shipping from China to USA/US by air. Although, one can also consider that shipment between 300 to 500 kgs is suitable for air freight. These shipments mist have a higher price of the unit. The accurate time of air cargo from China to USA/US will depend upon shipping space, local delivery time in the US, and the timings of the flight. 

 The time of delivery is usually flexible in air cargo as compared to sea freight. This is because air cargo comes with options for non-stop transfer and charter services. The air freight forwarder from China to USA supports shipping in these categories.  

  1. Economic Air Cargo: The price will be economic and is apt for goods with durability. The goods sent over here are non-dangerous, not oversized, and have no requirements of temperature control.
  2. Standard Air Cargo: The price is quite reasonable and as compared to economic air cargo, the time duration is short. 
  3. Emergency Air Cargo: These are the speed-oriented category for people interested in urgent deliveries of perishable goods. 

5. How To Air Cargo from China to USA/US

In order to support China air freight to USA, you are required to adhere to certain regulations. Here are some things you need to take care of. 

  1. As mentioned above, you need to check the list of prohibited goods which are restricted in the USA. If you do not check this list, then you might suffer major constraints by the US custom service.
  2. You need to check the licenses of the import and export required for the shipping of goods. Also, if you are transacting special products through shipping from China to USA/US by air, then you have to apply for special licenses.
  3.  The China air freight must be cleared from all the customs in the USA. The process of clearing customs will involve cargo inspection through custom officers and payment of import duties after the approval of the customs officer.  

Various air freight forwarder from China to USA follow a simplified process in which they first get the goods delivered to the airport. After that, they carry out export clearance for finally getting the goods loaded on the airplane for reaching the destination. 

After reaching the destination, the goods will be unloaded at the airport. Another custom formalities take place at this stage. Once the custom formalities get completed, the goods can be delivered to the consignee’s address, and the payment of custom fee and VAT takes place. 


Airfreight is one of the best options for people willing to send their goods securely. Though it has an impact on ecology, you cannot deny it is risk-free. It’s better to choose a transportation mode according to the type of goods you want to send and your requirements in terms of urgency. Air cargo from China to USA/US is certainly beneficial for perishable goods as it takes a lot of time if sent from the sea. 

The importers or exporters dealing in high-value goods in less quantity or volume must choose air freight. Also, for remote locations, Air cargo China is a very secure and viable option. Even though the cost would be a little more, one can reap the benefits, which are also worthy. Air freight from China to USA/US will be a good option if taken from a reliable freight forwarding company. 

The best way to get your products safely delivered is by choosing the right air freight forwarder from China to USA. The freight forwarding company will guide you with the entire process and support compliance with all the necessary laws and regulations, so your shipping process becomes effortless. It will help you focus on your business rather than getting stressed about the consequences and implications of air shipping from China to USA/US.  

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