Drive Through All Seasons in Style and Safety in a Ford EcoSport

Canadian winters are the time for skating on the pond or local rink, tobogganing, and other fun seasonal activities. However, slippery roads don’t exactly beckon drivers to hit the streets.

Life doesn’t stop because of the weather, so it’s crucial to drive a vehicle that can handle any conditions. The Ford EcoSport is a crossover SUV with impressive safety features, available intelligent 4WD, and an advanced infotainment system.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes the Ford EcoSport such a special vehicle.

Reliable 4WD

The Ford EcoSport is available with intelligent 4WD that gives you added confidence behind the wheel. No matter what the road throws at you in any season, the EcoSport can safely get to the other side.

You’ll really appreciate the added stability when conditions are bad. The standard 2.0l Ti –VCT Engine provides a peppy drive with the muscle to get you out of a snowbank if necessary. It might be a compact SUV, but it has strength under the hood. To get a deal on a Ford that you’ll love driving for years, visit your local dealership.

Advanced Safety Tech

In the Ford EcoSport, drivers have something even better than eyes in the back of their heads. The Blind Spot Information System alerts drivers to other vehicles on the road in places they struggle to see with an indicator light in the appropriate side-view mirror.

Cross-Traffic Alert uses radars to scan for vehicles or objects behind you so that you can back out safely and confidently from parking spots or driveways. Hear and see alerts to keep you aware of your surroundings.

Infotainment and Sophisticated Features

People spend a lot of time in their cars, so it’s important that they’re able to easily stay connected to friends and family and to the internet in general. Whether it’s to help navigate or listen to music, accessing the internet safely behind the wheel is easy when you’re in the Ford EcoSport.

The available in-vehicle touchscreen with voice-activated technology lets drivers keep plugged in without taking their eyes off the road.The SYNC 3 system makes using the internet feel natural and effortless.

In 2021, vehicles can do all kinds of things that never would have occurred to driversto expect even just a few years ago. For example, drivers can also remotely start their vehicle and even schedule recurring start times through the FordPass Connect.

Find your parked car, check the odometer, and lock and unlock your vehicle remotely. Finally, the vehicle itself is a Wi-Fi Hotspot that can connect ten devices to the internet. You’ll love having this feature on long drives, where passengers can stream movies without using up data.

The Ford EcoSport is a spunky, spirited vehicle that combines ruggedness with a fun design and smart features. It’s a delicate balance of practicality and indulgent pleasures, all at an affordable price. The Ford EcoSport ticks so many boxes that it should be a top consideration for anybody looking for a new vehicle.

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