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Dragons House of Horror And Covid-19

With the Mile of Terror, Dragon’s House of Horror tried to overcome COVID-19. No one can hear you shouting or screaming in your car. With one of the most thrilling new activities of the season, the “Mile of Terror,” Dragon’s House of Horror is rocking up the chills and thrills this year ตำนานสยองขวัญบ้านร้าง.

The revival of Dragon’s House of Horror’s classic character Bo Bo the Butcher Clown, as well as a slew of new terrors, will hold your grip on the steering wheel white-knuckled and close.

With COVID-19 keeping many people at home stuck to their screens, Ron Gideon, director of Dragon’s House of Horror, said it was critical to introduce creativity in this year’s haunt to guarantee it was an experience anyone could enjoy comfortably even during the pandemic and lockdown.

“I think it’s important to get it out,” Gideon said. “I’m bored waiting at home. So, if I can do that, or if I can get out and do something, I’m going to create it. But I still want to keep my employees safe. As a result, we built the Mile of Terror, a horror drive-through attraction.”

Beginning on September 4, the event will take place at the Santa Ana Star Center every Friday and Saturday from dusk until midnight. For the remainder of the fall season, until October 31, Dragon’s will provide New Mexicans with a secure and exciting experience to look forward to.

According to Gideon, the event would be equivalent to iconic hayrides of yesteryear, with guests driving through the haunted house from the comfort of their own vehicles. Gideon has created a labyrinth of frightening and familiar tropes to entertain attendees by playing on the frights associated with driving and taking influence from famous horror films.

Though the haunt is expected to launch at midnight each night, Gideon promises all attendees that he’ll never close the door to those waiting in the queue, meaning that anyone who comes will get an opportunity to shoot in. Furthermore, Gideon said that Dragon’s ‘haunters’ will not touch any of the attendees’ cars.

“The actual pace you want to be at when driving is about 2-5 miles an hour,” Gideon said. “You ought to be certain that you are paying attention. If you get afraid, make sure you hit the brake rather than the gas pedal for the sake of our employee’s and your own safety. We would not be tampering with your vehicle. That is a critical point that we want to highlight. There will be no touching of vehicles out of respect for other people’s vehicles. We’ll pass by, but we’re not going to hit anyone’s car.”

Harold Gideon, Gideon’s son, is delighted to show off the haunt’s mascot, Bo Bo the Butcher Clown, in a new terrifying setting. Harold, who used to be terrified of clowns, said he understands how to capitalise on people’s fears, inventing new shocks and tricks that both regulars and beginners will love.

“We can change our haunted house in the middle of a scare. We would like to give you the best experience possible, and the right approach to do it is to always be on our toes,” he said. As the haunted attraction’s atmosphere continues to flourish and excite people of all ages, Harold plans to extend the clown family in the future.

“Come and have some fun, and bring an extra pair of underpants,” Harold said with a wide smile and a chuckle.

The cost of a ticket is just $40 per car. Interested parties can purchase their tickets online at today.

To guarantee the safety of all haunters and hauntees, Dragon’s House of Horror will only take cash at the door and will not take credit cards. Those who want to pay with a credit card can pre-order their advance tickets right now.

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