Dr. Richard Hill and The Professionals At Lab Doctor Weigh In On How to Implement Concussion Guidelines In Combative Sports

Fort Lauderdale, Florida / June 2022 / Combat sports athletes have suffered a concussion or return to competition after a concussion. The Association of Ringside Physicians (an international, non-profit organization dedicated to the health and safety of the combat sports athlete) sets forth this consensus statement to establish management guidelines that ringside physicians, fighters, referees, trainers, and promoters can use in the ringside setting. 

We also provide guidelines for returning a combat sports athlete to a competition after sustaining a concussion. This consensus statement does not address the management of moderate to severe forms of traumatic brain injury, such as intracranial bleeds, nor does it handle the return to competition for combat sports athletes who have suffered such an injury. These more severe forms of brain injuries are beyond the scope of this statement.

“Athletes who participate in combat sports are at a higher risk for concussion and other head injuries because of the nature of the sport,” said Dr. Richard Hill. “It is important that athletes, coaches, trainers, promoters, and Ringside Physicians are all on the same page regarding concussion management and return-to-play guidelines.”

The Professionals at Lab Doctor offer the following tips for those involved in combat sports:

  • Educate yourself on the signs and symptoms of a concussion
  • If you suspect that an athlete has suffered a concussion, remove them from play immediately
  • Seek medical attention from a licensed healthcare professional experienced in concussion management
  • Follow the return-to-play guidelines set forth by the Association of Ringside Physicians

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About Dr. Richard Hill:

Dr. Richard Hill is a highly trained physician specializing in general family medicine. He currently holds the title of Medical Director at Fort Lauderdale’s Lab Doctor. Dr. Hill graduated with Honors from the University of Florida as a Physician Assistant and obtained his medical degree in Osteopathic Medicine with Honors from Nova Southeastern University.

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