Do’s and Don’ts with the Washing Machine

When things go wrong with your washing machine in Victoria, the best idea is to find top rated washing machine repairs across Melbourne. An even better idea in general, however, is to use the machine properly in such a way that will help ensure that it won’t need this kind of professional attention.

Here are some useful Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to using your washing machine:

DO: Separate By Colour and Delicates

First of all, even though colour running is a lot less common than it used to be, it still happens and so it’s best to divide your clothes, separating them into at least four piles, namely whites, lights, darks, and delicates. It can seem a pain at first, but you’ll be glad that all your clothing retains its proper colour.

As for the delicates, these are best to place either in special laundry bags, or just in a pillow case if there’s one going in with that load. The point of bagging the delicates such as underwear, silk items, lingerie and the like is to ensure that these items don’t snag when they’re in the machine, which causes problems for the washing machine and your clothing alike.

DO: Use Detergent as Instructed

Some people are very liberal with their interpretation of the guidelines when it comes to putting detergent, fabric softener and whatnot into the machine. There are many options when it comes to detergent these days, including laundry capsules which you just throw into the machine before your clothes, but whatever method you choose, stick to the prescribed amounts. You’ll find these instructions on the packaging, and they are not arbitrary, nor is your particular laundry a “special case” warranting a change to these guidelines.

DO: Clean the Washing Machine Regularly

There’s some mystification over the act of cleaning one’s washing machine. Doesn’t it clean itself as it’s working? Doesn’t all the dirt and other contaminants get washed away never to be seen again? Actually, your machine does benefit from regular cleaning and if you ignore the cleaning, it will steadily become less effective at doing its own job. Just think of trying to wash your dishes with a filthy scrubbing brush.

Machines that aren’t properly cleaned will also generate bad smells, which can then be passed over to your clothing. If you ever take clean laundry out of the machine and find it smells funny, or that you smell bad things when you open the washing machine door, it’s likely because you haven’t cleaned the machine in some time.

Don’t: Forget to Check Your Pockets

The biggest laundry nightmare isn’t finding that a red sock has turned your white items pink…but rather that you left something like a bunch of tissues in the front pocket of your favourite pair of jeans or your sweatpants before putting them into the machine. Oblivious, you start the washing cycle, only to come back later to discover, to your absolute horror, that those same tissues have been torn up and shredded into a million damp and sticky pieces that are now EVERYWHERE in your machine.

Besides the horrendous tissue left behind, don’t forget to also check pockets for coins, bits of hard plastic, perhaps small toys if they belong to a child. These can also do some damage in the machine.

Don’t: Overload the Machine

You might be in a hurry, but it’s not a reason to try and cram 3 loads of washing into the machine at once. Overloading the machine just means your clothes are packed in and not benefiting from the water and detergent circulating through the machine. At the end of the cycle, there’s a fairly good chance that they’ll come out just as dirty and in need of washing as when they went in.

Don’t: Try to Fix Things Yourself

One final bit of advice…if your machine is on the fritz; problems with the electrics or plumbing, etc…don’t try to fix it yourself. Call a professional and get the job done right.

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