Don’t Make These 3 Moving Mistakes

While the average person may buy a home nearly six times in their life, there’s usually some time in between each relocation. Whether it’s been months, years, or even decades since your last time, you may be a little rusty.

It’s easy to make costly mistakes when you’re out of practice. Check out these moving faux-pasbelow to ensure you aren’t making any of them on the big day.

Mistake #1: Moving Long Distance on Your Own

Sometimes, taking a DIY approach to your move works in your favour. You’ll be able to save money by enlisting friends and family to help you move.

But when it comes to long distance moving, you and your loved ones may be out of your depth. Depending on how far you’re going, bringing in the professionals may be worth the cost of long distance moving services.

When looking for the top-rated long distancing moving companies, make sure they offer more than just muscle. They should provide support at every stage of your move, even if you’re moving across the border.

To find a knowledgeable team, search for a company like Metropolitan Movers long distance movers that provides all-in-one moving support while boasting experience, awards, and 5-star reviews.  

Mistake #2: Injuring Yourself or Others

The average move involves a lot of physical risks. You can forget to lift with your knees and tweak your back when picking up a heavy box. Your grip may slip when moving a heavy armoire, and its corner can crush your foot when you drop it. During the winter, slush and melting snow turn your driveway, floors, and stairs into slipping hazards.

One way to avoid these dangers is by hiring a local moving company to help. Their expert movers have been trained to handle heavy items, and they know how to work around inclement weather.

But if you’re moving on your own steam, research how you can protect your back while lifting. Invest in equipment to help you handle awkward or large items, and make sure to remove snow from your property.

Mistake #3: Damaging Your Home

More often than not, damaging your home follows an injury, like if you lose your grip on a heavy item and it takes a chunk out of your wall. However, damage can happen even when you’re safe. You can accidentally scrape your hardwood floors, shatter tiles, and cause other costly damage you’ll have to repair.

To avoid this, prepping your home is essential. Lay down mats and other protective coverings to protect your floors. This material will also soak up water, eliminating water damage and removing fall risks. You’ll also want to use packing materials that cover sharp edges and other ornaments that could cause damage.

Making mistakes may be all a part of being human, but it’s something you want to avoid when it comes to your next move. Remember these tips as you prepare to relocate. A little forward thinking can help you avoid these mistakes, and the stress and bills that come with them.

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