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Dogs’ Toys: Types Of Sound They Prefer In Their Toys To Play With Them

Many of you would have dogs as a pet and wants to buy toys for them, which can be helpful in their playtime. However, you would be surprised to know that dog toys contain different sounds, and it is confusing to buy them. As every sound is different, and sometimes these can be scary or attractive to the dogs.

Every individual needs to take care of the dog toy sounds as they affect the dogs. However, this can also instigate some fears of your dogs which you want to avoid as it is not suitable for them.

Different Types Of Sound Present In The Toys

  1. Squeak – the squeak sounds can be related or considered to have happy praise. The dog might think of the squeaking as their owner praising them, which they like. This type of toy’s sound also resembles prey. When they play with the toy, the squeak can be of small animals, which are why dog often put them in the mouth. This shows that the dogs love to satisfy the hunger of their prey.
  2. Whistle – the whistling is the same as the referee makes in a football game. The dogs like these sounds in their toys and love to play with them. As dogs like the running and chasing game. So dogs love to chase these kinds of toys, and the reaction to these sounds depends upon the types of breeds of dogs.
  3. Boing – this sound resembles with sound made by the bouncing balls. This is another sound that toys love to play with. They like this sound due to its low-pitched volume, which is not annoying for them.

Why Dogs Like The Squeaky Toys?

The dogs love to lick and chew their toys while playing out with them. The squeaky toys can be a good option for the dogs to chase. A squeak sounds the same as the prey a dog would like to kill or hunt. Many dogs struggle with this situation as now they don’t have to look out for food anymore. But still, the sound of their prey remains in their subconscious, and they react very quickly after hearing the squeaking noise.

Listening to the squeaky noise, the dogs find the pleasure of joy and happiness in it. Also, he wants that whenever he plays with the toys, these sounds should remain continuous as we all want to do the things that make us happy over and over. This is the case with the dogs, too, and they like to play with the squeaky toys quite often times in a single day.

Chewing The Squeaky Toys Is Normal

As we have told you above, the dogs find the squeaky toys as prey. So it is likely for them to chew the toys in order to tear apart their prey. Thus you can take away the squeaker toy whenever your dog tries to tear it. Otherwise, you have to run to the shops many times to bring the new one. This also can waste some money on their toys.

Also, the chewing and swallowing of the toys are not good for the health of dogs. The toys can be made out of plastic and other material. These are not good for any type of stomach, whether humans or your dog. So it is good to keep a regular eye on your pet while giving them the toys to play with them.

Squeaky toys can be the best option to train your dogs

Every dog owner wants them to remain healthy and wants them to learn a thing or twice in the tricks. Thus they want to train them properly to make them a good pet in the house. The squeaky toys can be the secret ingredient while training them. You can make the toy to order them to do a particular task as they would easily listen to you to get their favorite toy. This gives control over your pet while training them, which is good as they can be trained easily and quickly. You should buy the right and safe toys for the dogs as it is better to be on the safe side with your pet.

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