Do you need knee pads to play Polo?

Knee pads can be known as the protection that saves us from many hesitant occasions, our knees are a part of our body that maybe be sensitive to bumps and bruises, a knee can function perfectly during all our life, but once it has suffered a lesion a recovery is slow and painful and many time leave life time consequences.

A kneepad that can efficiently guarantee care must be made with high quality and durable material; this is why Krono Polo has decided to use buffalo leather to protect your knees. Buffalo leather is well known for its great resistance and flexibility, which allows to have the adequate form of your leg, also its resistance turns it into a material with a long life, reason as to why the polo kneepads made in this material can give you protection for years.

There are three fundamental reasons when it comes to owning POLO KNEE PADS, if you decide to purchase kneepads of good quality you must make an inversion that you can take advantage of the different benefits that the kneepad gives you. For Krono Polo the experience you have with the products is very important , this is why they have centred on attending those needs which are: protection, fit and comfort.

The protection of a kneepad is a fundamental asset; being its fundamental function that of caring and keep-saving the players well-being in that region, which is exposed constantly to it being hit by a bocha, a mallet or a fall from the horse.

The fit of the kneepad depends on the maximum protection that it provides, remember that an unproperly fitted kneepad decreases the benefits and can leave certain zones unprotected, it may also no provide its full potential con in trial, which makes important the correct adaptation of the kneepad to the players body.

Comfort is the last factor to take into consideration, a kneepad that provides a good sensation on the polo player had various number of advantages in the game field. For an athlete everything adds up in the consequence of getting a victory, a kneepad gives comfort when it is breathable and flexible, fundamental assets to give a better experience when in use.

Krono Polo has based its self on those assets to make their kneepads, finding that the buffalo leather is the best material for this challenge. The leather that is used by Krono Polo is flexible and breathable and must of all resistant and long lasting, the Krono kneepads can be used for many years and still have their main characteristics, additionally Krono Polo kneepads have adjustable straps that allow you to have an extra help of adjustment and guarantee the best protection and comfort. Krono Polo kneepads are a tribute to the care that each player must have with themselves with the luxury of using a leather that with the years its appearance will be elegant and unique. Krono Polo kneepads are designed not only for players that enjoy polo but also the life style that this has.

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