Do you need a St. Petersburg Car Accident Lawyer?

When you are engaged in a car accident, there could be various situations where you need to appoint a St. Petersburg Car Accident Lawyer, and sometimes, you can do without hiring a lawyer too. Yes, insurance companies can act tough and mean, which is why many victims hire lawyers, to begin with. Here are some circumstances when you do not need a car accident attorney. 

  1. If there was no damage to your car or the other, there is no need to hire a lawyer.
  2. If no one is hurt in the accident, then you can do without hiring a lawyer.

Do not rush into deciding that you are not injured, or your car is not damaged. First, go to the doctor to get yourself checked and then get your checked by a licensed car repair shop to be one-hundred percent sure that there is no need to hire a St. Petersburg car accident lawyer.  

However, if there are conditions like these as below, you might need to hire an attorney:

  1. An intense accident where one or more people have lost their lives.
  2. If not death, the accident has caused major injuries to people involved in the accident. 
  3. If people had to be hospitalized as a cause of the accident
  4. When the medical treatment costs the person concerned a considerable amount of money.
  5. When the victims had to miss their office or school due to the accident
  6. When the physical injuries may not be considerable, but there has been emotional pain, trauma, and suffering.
  7.  When there is a conflict in deciding whose fault it was must be known
  8. When several people were injured in the accident
  9. When the insurance company of the other driver or your policy does not relent easily and make it tough for you to get a fair settlement
  10. When your medical records, insurance papers, or even the police records are misplaced, or not in proper condition, or the paperwork is not complete.
  11. The place where the accident took place is risky and questionable. 
  12. When the accident is complicated, then you might need the services of a St. Petersburg car accident lawyer

Accident lawyers make your job easy, whether during the claim settlement process or in the court of law. It is because they are specialists in this particular genre of law. With practice, they are thoroughly aware of the ins and outs of things after car accidents and how different parties behave during this time. They are also ever of the paperwork, the negotiation process with the insurance adjusters, and the trade tricks to enable them to get higher claim settlement for their clients.

But, it is not just about hiring any lawyer. It would help if you made sure that the lawyer is learned and has experience. You must make sure that the lawyer has a proven track record. Therefore, you must research the credibility and trustworthiness of the law firm before hiring them for your case. You must ask them about their experience in cases that are specific to your case type. 

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