5 Facts that Alexander Petraglia, Attorney, Wants You to Know About Dealing with an Insurance Company Following a Car Accident

Do you need a personal injury attorney after a Connecticut car accident?

After a car crash, one of the most frequently asked questions by the victims is that is there a need to hire a personal injury attorney? Well, the answer remains yes. Any licensed attorney in your state can take your case, but the reality is that they will not have the expertise nor experience to prove your claims, due to which your car accident case can turn troublesome. 

So it is always best to hire a personal injury as they have mastered the skill of dealing with cases like your own. Personal attorneys know how to get you the medical treatment & total compensation that you deserve. In addition, an attorney can advise you regarding shared fault rules of your state, manage all the deadlines, be there for your trials if the case doesn’t settle down & can handle all the legal proceedings. 

The following are a detailed account of why you need a personal injury attorney after a car accident.

To negotiate your insurance settlement.

After a traumatic car accident, negotiating with insurance companies is the most time-consuming thing you can do on your own. Handling this over to an experienced individual is the best decision you can take. At this time, insurance companies will try their best to lower the amount they have to give, so avoid communicating with them single-handedly on your own as you won’t have enough information to deal with them & they can make a fool out of you. 

To gather necessary shreds of evidence.

Pieces of evidence start to fade soon after the accident. Eyewitnesses forget, vehicles involved move & shreds of evidence vanish. It would help if you had an expert who could gather all the pieces of evidence to support your claims, without which you can’t expect that the court will rule the decision in your favor. 

To prepare a settlement demand letter. 

After organizing the necessary evidence, your attorney will prepare the settlement demand letter for the insurance company. Many people settle the case without dragging the issue further to court trials. Hence, a good & well-prepared settlement document prepared by someone authorized can solve the problem without long court trials. 

To do the necessary paperwork. 

If the settlement demand letter cannot settle the agreement, the court trials will demand proper documentation of the whole incident. An excellent personal attorney will look into all the matters of appropriate paperwork. Adequate paperwork is what it takes to win a case efficiently. 

To handle all the legal proceedings. 

It would be best if you had someone authentic to handle all your legal proceedings & pay a visit to the court trials while you are busy running your other daily pieces of stuff. Then, an expert opinion helps you to negotiate a fair settlement. 

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