Do US freelancers build better websites and web design than marketing agencies?

We are happy to talk about the topic of who builds better web design and websites; freelancers or marketing agencies?

While there is no one-way to look at this comparison and establish any certain winner between the two, as there are many on both sides (ranging from novices to absolute topic experts). 

Nevertheless, with the help of Aleph Website Web Design agency, based in New York and consisting of 3 freelancers who chose to work together under the brand/company name of Aleph Website, we talk to them today and learn more about the differences in web design quality created by freelancers vs. those done by marketing agencies.

  1. How good are web design freelancers?

There are great web design freelancers out there. You can always scout for them on Behance and Dribble. These platforms serve freelancers so they can showcase their work.

You will be amazed how some designers and software engineers are talented and capable of creating top-notch solutions for real-time problems. 

All of this is visible and possible and you can interact with their designs too. 

What’s the catch?

Well if you are a talented freelancer, the likelihood that a big company will employ you is very high! So, de facto, these freelancers are not really freelancing – they’re working for a company or an agency!

An alternative is that these freelancers have their own clients and they are overbooked with projects. Therefore, hiring a freelancer then becomes a serious challenge and very difficult.

Any way you go about it, good freelancers always turn to one-man agencies, or are taken up by big companies and marketing agencies.

Then you have the other freelancers, those who are medium to novice level of web design and development expertise. Such will always be available but never provide top-quality services. It’s a curse and a blessing – as they are available for a low price but cannot product stunning designs, or complex web functionalities.

  1. How good are web design agencies?

Pretty good! 

Web design agencies produce high-quality products and are able guarantee the quality of the product. The fact that there are multiple people working on each product is what increases the success rate by 2x, 3x, when compared to freelancers.

The downside, of course, is the PRICE. Web design agencies, in most cases, don’t take up clients that wish to build a website cheaper than $10,000. That’s a big sum of money for any entrepreneur to pay – or even a small business.

That’s why web design agencies work only with special clients – those who can ascertain their market position and aggressively increase their sales year over year.


Web Design agencies are better than freelancers. Although more expensive, the quality and quantity is better across the board.

To learn more about how web dev agencies work, visit the Aleph Website Services Page, and you will be able to comprehend this process a bit better!

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