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Do These 3 Things and Drug Prices Will Fall Dramatically



Prices for some prescription drugs have gotten out of hand. That much we know. We also know that politicians have been debating about how to lower prescription drug prices for decades. For people who are supposed to be so smart, they sure are having a tough time coming up with a fix for a problem that doesn’t exist in most other developed countries.

Bringing drug costs down requires being honest about what causes high prices. And no, Canadian-style price caps are not the solution. Nor are Canadian pharmacies filling prescriptions online. Enterprises like Canada Pharmacy are a good alternative for now, but they are not sustainable in the long term. We need to actually fix what’s wrong with the U.S. system.

So how do we do it? It is not as hard as the politicians make it out to be. Do these three things and drug prices will fall dramatically:

1. Return to the Old Payment System

Before HMOs were a thing, most people utilized their health insurance policies by paying for their care upfront, then seeking reimbursement from their carriers. Sure, the system wasn’t efficient. But it did control prices. How so? By putting consumers in charge.

Think about what would happen if we all paid for our prescriptions the old-fashioned way. If you are thinking that a lot of people could not pay the upfront costs, you’re on the right track. Such a scenario would force prices to drop because consumers couldn’t, or wouldn’t, pay full price at the counter. If drug companies weren’t selling drugs, they’d have no choice but to crater their prices.

If you think this is a wild idea, you don’t understand retail. Look past prescription drugs to something else, like gas. Did you know that pump prices are based almost exclusively on what consumers are willing to pay? That’s why gas prices always go up during the summer.

Pharmaceutical companies price the same way. They charge whatever insurance companies are willing to pay. Go back to the old system and you put consumers back in charge. If we were not willing to pay such high prices, drug companies would know soon enough.

2. Eliminate the Middlemen

Next, bringing drug prices down requires eliminating the middlemen. There are several players that stand between you and the pharmaceutical company that makes your medications. One of them is the Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM).

PBMs administer prescription drug benefits for employers, Medicare contractors, pharmacies, and pharmaceutical companies. They have to get paid for what they do. Who pays? Generally, it’s the pharmaceutical companies. But ultimately, it’s you and me. We pay by way of higher prices. Get rid of them and you eliminate another cost of doing business. They aren’t necessary to the system anyway.

3. Revamp the Approval Process

Finally, getting FDA approval for new drugs is time-consuming and expensive. Companies spend billions to get new drugs to market. Then they only have 10 years to recover their costs before generics come into play. Change that and prices will fall. Cut the bureaucratic red tape, make approval less costly, and create a fast-track processes. Drug companies will spend less and, ultimately, won’t have to charge as much to make their margins.

It is absurd that Canadian drugs are so much cheaper than their U.S. counterparts. It’s unforgivable that some U.S. patients have to rely on charity to get their medications. Worst of all, it is insane that we continue to operate this way. Lowering prescription drug prices is easy to do if we are willing to make hard decisions. So far, those decisions have been fleeting.

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You need to know how Uber receipts can help businesses?



Uber receipts

Businesses across the globe are watching every new entrant into the transportation industry with avid interest. It’s not that companies are welcoming of these newer companies entering the competition; they are aware that if they don’t do something to stay ahead of the pack, they may be left far behind in their field. While there are many great transportation options out there for companies to choose from, only a handful of companies stand out among the rest. Every other week, there is a new company that begins operations if you want to be one of the companies that stand out.

Every successful company has something unique to offer to its consumers; what sets your company apart from the rest is how it provides that outstanding service. It’s no secret that they look for new and exciting things when people go about their daily lives. When you add that many people work long hours and have demanding work schedules, it makes it difficult to find transportation options that work for them. Fortunately for those in need of a transportation option, it doesn’t have to be expensive, time-consuming or confusing; you need to know where to turn.

How To Make Uber Receipts?

The first step you need to take to determine how uber receipts help your business is to ask yourself if you currently provide any transportation. It doesn’t matter whether you have a car, van, bus or bike. If you cannot offer some on-demand service, you won’t be able to sustain your business. This also goes for companies that have access to regular drivers but need a little more flexibility. There is no reason why you can’t get all of the necessary drivers for a special event; all you need is an understanding driver.

If you are still unsure how this new opportunity can provide you with the support you need, you can try a test drive. Many companies will provide an affordable vehicle designed to carry food and supplies. Many will also offer a car with a cooler and some basic beverages and snacks. You’ll need to provide identification and a copy of your business insurance policy so they can cover you if anything should go wrong.

About Uber Customer Care Service

The cost of these vehicles is nominal compared to some of the other options available. In most cases, you can easily afford them and will have your company’s protection in place if anything were to go wrong. This type of transportation is especially beneficial to companies with events like outdoor trade shows, farmer’s markets, festivals or concerts. They can quickly provide their customers with a safe and reliable ride around town. If they can provide this service at an affordable price without compromising the quality of their products, you will begin to notice an increase in business.

If you are still not convinced about how uber receipts can help your business, consider offering this service to your customers. Perhaps you could provide them with promotional items when they purchase something from you and could allow them to use your parking garage. This would be especially useful for businesses without enough parking spaces. You could also offer them shuttle buses if they drove to your building. Uber notifies the travel charges to the user via nutemplates and emails. There exists a good way of personal and corporate recordkeeping.

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A Brief History of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies You Need to Know About




People are constantly looking for ways to multiply any beneficial action. Regardless, it took them a long time to realize how outdated the traditional fiat currency system is. With the development of information technology, people have learned to perform calculations on an incredible scale. Already in the early 90s of the 20th century, cypherpunks began to actively discuss various options for introducing cryptography into the financial sphere. Read this article if you wish to know, how the history of cryptocurrency developed. If you need professional advice on your fintech development case, I would recommend free consultation from experts, like this company.

First Ideas of Electronic Money

 So, Timothy May of Intel Corporation proposed to get rid of traditional money in favour of anonymous and independent currencies. By this time, Whitfield Diffie and Philip Zimmermann had already developed public key encryption. In 1998, Wei Dai, developed the concept of electronic B-money. In his opinion, such a financial system is able to exempt people from taxes and exclude the influence of a government. This project never became a reality.

 Then the programmer Nick Szabo, developed a currency that requires some work to be done. For example, solve cryptographic equations and send the result to the same computer participants in the network. This traces the features of the concept of bitcoin, but the project is not devoid of many cons, such as vulnerability to double spending and the full lack of anonymity.

Satoshi Nakamoto Move

 In 2008, the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto introduced to the world the technology of decentralized blockchain networks, which combines anonymity, security and independence as well. After that, he showed a project of a virtual currency that can exist on the basis of this technology. This innovation marked the final frontier in the development of cryptographic payment system concepts, as well as the beginning of a new age of financial security and independence.

First Crypto Trades

 Satoshi Nakamoto was ahead of his time. Ordinary people had little idea about what it is and why it is needed. This was interesting only for IT geeks who, after a series of security protocol updates, decided that the project was ready for release to the world of common people. Less than a year later, they established the initial value of the coin. The first trading took place on the New Liberty Standard exchange, where just over 1,300 bitcoins could be bought for just $1.

2 Pizzas For $630 Million

 In mid-2010, there was a case that never ceases to amaze, when the coder Laszlo decided to pay with bitcoin for pizza. It cost him about $ 25, which at that time was the equivalent of 10,000 bitcoins, whereas in the spring of 2021 it was already more than $600 million.

Value and Capitalization Growth, the First Big Thefts of Bitcoin

The beginning of 2011 was marked by a lot of positive news, causing a confident rise in the asset price.  Also, the capitalization exceeded $10 million dollars and hackers became interested in the bitcoin. The more frequent cases of theft of coins from users’ wallets due to the large number of errors found in the bitcoin code did not allow the price of an asset to grow noticeably. But by mid-autumn, its value went up against the background of significant events in the cryptocurrency world.

 After the news on Slashdot told about Bitcoin, Its price skyrocketed several times, but its capitalization was still quite small. There is news about the first trading with deposition on the Mt.Gox exchange. In the summer of 2010, a completely new platform for trading crypto-assets Mt.Gox was opened. This was a turning point and served as a starting point for the further rapid development of the cryptocurrency market.

Use the Opportunities Provided by DLT

 At the time of the cryptocurrency fever, the idea of finance and the possibilities of distributed ledger technology has changed. Previously, thousands of people knew about cryptocurrency. Millions of people know about it today. Coins have become giant assets, and the demand for them is such that the market is ready to swallow and digest almost any supply.

 The most common crypto is Bitcoin, but the altcoin market is also expanding daily. Today, anyone can not only mine cryptocurrency but also create their own. Many new projects combine different technologies, protocols, and blockchains in one system.

 But crypto is only one of the many uses for distributed ledger technology and one of its varieties is blockchain. Take advantage of the great opportunities these technologies can bring to your business. Invite the team of professional developers to complete any task related to the DLT application – from developing a new cryptocurrency to cross-currency systems – and became the market leader.

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Business VoIP service providers – Just how to Choose the Right One




There are several business VoIP providers and also selecting the best one can be an arduous task so to make it less complicated for you I have compiled the top 8 points to search for when selecting a VoIP carrier VoIP is a modern technology that allows you to make a telephone call over high-speed net lines rather than conventional landlines.

Typically, you get many more functions and pay for much less for your get in touch with VoIP than you would be receiving from your local telephone company. For the most part, the VoIP is a little box that you get when you register for a VoIP solution with a VoIP carrier You just plug your net wire into one side and after that plug your telephone into the other, and also presto! You can make the call. Both main benefits of switching over to VoIP are the multitude of free functions as well as the inexpensive. The top 8 things you need to seek so you can feel great that you have the most effective business VoIP service providers readily available are …

1. Your VoIP carrier should have the capability to “Port” your telephone number. Meaning that you need to have the ability to keep the same telephone number you currently have if you intend to.

2. Your VoIP Company should have a cashback ensure so you can attempt their service and also if you aren’t satisfied you can obtain your refund. A 15-day refund warranty is what ought to be anticipated of your VoIP Provider.

3. Your VoIP Provider should have a wide variety of free features. Some of the attributes you need to expect are voicemail, customer ID, call-waiting, 3-way calling, call forwarding, call blocking, and also do not disrupt.

4. Your VoIP Carrier should offer yearly plans which lower your month-to-month cost. Currently, I almost really did not put this in because some people do not like yearly strategies yet the company must deal with this to ensure that you recognize you can obtain the most effective feasible bargain.

5. Your VoIP Carrier ought to be mostly a VoIP business. Your VoIP carrier should not provide various other services such as TV, internet, and landline solution. These all-in-one businesses benefit various other solutions but not for VoIP.

6. Your VoIP Carrier ought to have a client service department AND a technical solution division. To ensure that you can obtain the aid you require when you require it.

7. Your VoIP tools need to be easy to establish. You shouldn’t need to mount any type of software application or change any one of your existing devices. Your VoIP devices need to be “Plug-and-Play.”.

8. Your VoIP Service provider must use limitless far away. If you utilize these 8 straightforward guidelines as a standard you will unquestionably find a VoIP company that will supply you with an outstanding VoIP experience.

I have included a web link below to a VoIP company that my household and I have been making use of for fairly some time now. We are extremely happy with them and their business served as a standard for writing this post.

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PVC Pipes- A Brief History of Manufacture and Evolution




Polyvinyl chloride pipes or PVC pipes are one of the most common and versatile materials used in plumbing. They have been in use for a long time, arguably, as far back as 80 years and are used in various markets and industries. PVC pipes are available in multiple sizes and are adjustable in fitting and applications. They can be used for warm and cold water and have several properties that make them suitable for everyday use. 

When was the first PVC pipe manufactured?

PVC pipes have been a frequent choice in various industries, primarily in plumbing. However, there is enough evidence to show that the first polyvinyl chloride pipe was manufactured and used about a hundred years ago. The first instance of its creation or discovery dates back to 1838 when French chemist Henri Victor Regnault experimented with it and found something unique. However, this experiment was not entirely successful. 

In 1872, German chemist Eugene Baumann did a similar experiment and got the same result. Both the chemists discovered PVC, respectively, but it was not a breakthrough for either of them. Both times, the polymer materialized into a white solid substance in the flasks containing the vinyl chloride gas. Hence Baumann, along with Regnault, can be regarded informally as the first PVC pipe manufacturer .

After these first instances, there was no other development in this matter until the year 1913. Then, a German scientist named Friedrich Heinrich August Klatte took out its patent and made polyvinyl chloride using sunlight. Following this, various companies experimented on this material for years, and Klatte lost the patent. 

Later in the 20th century, BF. Goodrich, the tire company owner, hired Waldo Semon to work on new alternative materials for rubber since it was becoming increasingly expensive. Polyvinyl chloride experiments were started for this purpose, but they were soon stopped due to the recession in 1920. 

Around this time, the scientist involved in this project, Waldo Semon, came up with the idea for alternative use of PVC, that is, as a water-resistant layer for fabrics. This was a new development, and the idea soon became a hit, increasing the sales and uses of PVC worldwide. During World War II, PVC was in peak demand because it was used as a wiring insulator on military ships. 

Initially, there were some issues regarding the safety of PVC pipes. This is so because many of these pipes were known to burst under extreme pressure or during their installation. This became quite a problem for any water tank manufacturer of that time. However, the solution to these problems was implemented soon enough. Flexible plastics were added to the PVC pipes which solved the problem effectively.

By the 1950s, the idea and use of PVC pipes were reaching their zenith since it was being used in various ways and industries due to its innumerable properties. As a result, industries began testing out the properties and potential uses of PVC pipes.

 PVC pipes were helpful in different ways to different industries. For example, the flexible plastic of the material resistant to chemical, light, and corrosion was a practical choice for the construction industry to build different structures. Soon after this, the temperature resistance property of the PVC pipes was developed. This was a revolutionary change since it became helpful in the plumbing systems from then on. 

Today PVC pipes have several applications starting from plumbing and construction to healthcare industries, IT, textiles, and even the transport sector.

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How to Start Collecting Coins: 5 Effective Tips



How much could a $20 gold coin cost? It’s not twenty bucks, but a cool $19 million.

The Treasury removed the coin from circulation in 1933. A worker stole a handful of coins before they met their fate in the furnace. Rare coins don’t reflect their face value, but the mystifying tale of their history. 

That loose change in your pocket could be your ticket to early retirement. Before tossing it in an old jam jar, here is how to start collecting coins. 

1. Look Before You Leap

Before starting a coin collection, you’ll need to learn the ropes first. Getting into coin collecting without foreknowledge is a dangerous way to lose money. 

Learn the proper pricing of coins you have or are interested in buying. Pool together your sources for a more accurate price. Getting a general median price is best. 

You should learn the grading system for most types of coins. The quality of the engraving and metal determines the price. 

2. Handle With Care

Hands are oily and dirty. Never handle your collection without cotton gloves. 

Even the slightest touch can reduce the quality of the coin. Oily prints can cause corrosion. It doesn’t matter how clean you keep your hands, handle the currency with care.

3. Interact With the Community

One of the best things you can do when starting a hobby is to interact with other hobbyists. Getting to know your peers and starting a network is as invaluable as some of the coins. The connections that you make may lead to friendships or even business propositions. 

There are frequent trade shows and fairs for enthusiasts. Even if you’re a newbie, take a walk around and see how to collect coins like an expert. They offer a breadth of knowledge, and you may end up with a souvenir. 

4. How to Start Collecting Coins Safely

Preserving the quality of your coin is of the utmost importance. There’s no way to restore it to its original quality; it will only degrade if handled without care. 

Coins should be kept in a dry, cool place within a locked box. Keep them in Littleton coin albums or their original, mint packaging. 

Don’t be afraid to take them out to show off, though. It’s a coin collection, not buried treasure. A little exposure to the outside world won’t ruin the coin — but remember the gloves! 

5. Pick Something Interesting

A lot of people get into coin collecting for superficial reasons. They see dollar signs when they think of rare coins. But this hobby is more than that.

It’s about having fun and preserving a piece of history. 

When you’re collecting, find coins that interest you. If you love Roman history, add an Aureus to your collection. Maybe misprinted money fascinates you; try to get your hands on error nickels.

Catch You on the Flipside 

Coin collecting is all about chasing the next coin. Historical currency all have stories behind them. Learn how to start collecting coins by following these tips.

Before trading, learn what you have or are buying. Always handle your coins with care and store them in a proper area. Interact with the community and have fun doing it. 

Interested in having the best coin collection? Check out our other articles on collecting. 

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