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Do Proxies Hide Your IP Address?



Hide Your IP Address

In this article, we’ll answer the question “what is proxy?” and dive deeper into whether or not it helps you browse the internet anonymously, not to mention some of the other benefits of proxies.

What is proxy?

To help you understand this concept better, let’s take you through how the internet and IP address works.

Whenever a device is connected to and browses the internet, it’s assigned a specific, unique number used to identify the path through which you are browsing the internet. With the IP address, the websites you visit can work back to you as a web-search source. In addition, an IP address is associated with the location from which you are browsing. Therefore, it’s used to place restrictions, web monitoring, just to mention but a few.

With a proxy, basically, what happens is that your actual identity IP address is redirected to another computer, and thus, your IP becomes hidden.

Hiding your IP address

Proxies help hide your actual IP address, allowing you anonymous web browsing. Depending on which type of proxy you are using, it can redirect or reroute to a particular location or a random one.

Types of proxies

There are different broad types of proxies today due to the increased demand from internet users. You can categorize proxies as free proxies or paid-for proxies.

  1. Free Proxies. These are free to use proxies, but their reliability is not the best, especially if your reasons for using proxies are to act in utmost privacy.
  1. Paid-for Proxies. These proxies are offered on periodic subscriptions and offer stronger firewalls, which are hardly traceable. Usually, paid-for proxies have an added advantage of allowing you to choose the specific location you want to redirect your IP address. They are more effective and give you more control over your privacy.

Further, there are different kinds of both free and paid-for proxies based on their abilities and the extent of privacy they offer. These include:

Transparent Proxy

Just as the name suggests, this kind of proxy relays your actual IP address, and therefore, it’s mostly used for tracking and monitoring reasons, especially by institutions such as schools.

Anonymous Proxy

This proxy does not transmit your actual IP address but will show on the other end, meaning that the websites you visit will know that you have masked your IP address.

Distorting Proxy

Like the anonymous proxy, this one generates a new static IP address for a different location. Some will allow you to select a specific location while others won’t. However, for reasons such as continually accessing restricted locations and websites, this is the least you can use. By far, this is the recommended type of proxy, especially for businesses, as it is hard to trace and gives you a specific ‘new’ IP address, assuring you of safety.

High Anonymity Proxy

Ideal for people and individuals requiring high levels of privacy, this proxy not only generates a new IP address but generates and alternates new IP addresses on set time intervals. This proxy generates and bounces your IP address across different locations, making it very difficult for the websites visited to track you.

However, with this high level of privacy, comes a considerable cost with it. Most of these proxies are only offered at high premiums, which are justifiable at the end of the day.

Most common types of proxies

The most common types of proxies are residential and datacenter proxies. Their origin categorizes them.

  1. Residential proxies. These proxies are real IP addresses that are attached to a physical location. Residential proxies provide complete anonymity and allow users to to successfully engage in web scraping.
  2. Datacenter proxies. This type of proxies come from a secondary corporation and provide users with complete anonymity. They are cheaper than residential proxies, but easier to detect.

Business Benefits of Proxies

Other than hiding your IP address, proxies in many ways than one are and come in handy for businesses today, especially in the current wake of technology.

Business Security

Today, there are many malicious activities online, and if you are running a delicate business, you might need to think of increasing security on your website. With a proxy, you can set it up such that it blocks out specific web requests, keeping you shielded.

Access to Blocked and Restricted Opportunities

There are many opportunities for businesses and especially in other countries. However, many organizations and countries have put in place restrictions, and therefore, using a proxy, you can go around the firewalls, access and seize these opportunities.

Internet Use control and Monitoring

To ensure proper use of business resources, you can use a proxy to restrict your team from accessing certain websites and also keep track of their online activities.


With all the facts laid out clearly of what is proxy and after ascertaining that for sure proxies hide your IP address, it is crystal clear that using one  will definitely serve to your advantage.

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The Different Types Of Safes.




When it comes to choosing a safe, you may feel quite confused because there are simply so many options to choose from, and to the untrained eye, they can all look very similar in terms of functions and safety protocols. However, there are many different types of safes which sometimes have very specific uses as well, thus, it is important for you to know about different types of safes before choosing one for yourself. Professional locksmiths can tell you about the design but more often than not, the issue of security remains quite striking. Security in this sense goes way beyond fire alarms and anti-burglary measures.

There is no ‘one safe that fits all’, since all are manufactured to serve different purposes. This si why it is also recommended to consult with a security expert who can give you expert opinion on the kind of safe you would require based in your needs. There are many kinds of safes which can be used either for commercial or residential settings, or both. The most general classifications are as follows:

  1. Wall safes.

These are almost always used in residential installations since they are quite small and can easily be fitted into wardrobes or other closed spaces, to offer an extra security feature. They are ideal for when space is limited, such as in smaller houses and rooms which may seem inconspicuous. Wall safes can be customised in any way the customer wants, incorporating as many security features.

  • Fire-resistant safes.

Burglars and thieves are not the only enemies to your valuables, since statistics have shown that more safes have been destroyed by agents such as fire and natural calamities than human factors. Fire-resistant safes can also be customised in any way the customer wants, and can offer varying degree of protection against fire hazards. These can be used in both residential and commercial setups.

  • Data safes.

Tailored specifically for commercial environments, these safes are digitalised to keep important data secure. These can be found in commercial company buildings and government offices, where sensitive data needs to be stored. These come with specialised protection against any sort of electromagnetic or electrostatic influence, which ensures that the data remains safe. Since digitalised data need not be physically handled to be stolen, these come with both physical and digital countermeasures so that only restricted personnel can handle them.

  • Gun cabinets.

These are specialised safes that are only meant for storing guns. They come with their own safety protocols, since guns usually determine life and death at the wrong or inexperienced hands. These can also be constructed in both commercial and residential setups and can be customised to store one handgun or as much of heavy ammunition as required. Since these are only suited for guns, it is not practical or safe to store other important/valuable items here.

These are the broad types of safes that are mostly used in both residential and commercial settings.

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5 Maintenance Tips to Enhance Your Car’s Battery




Everyone loves a particular model of car and owns it. However, many people are just a fan of purchasing their favourite car and not taking care of it. Your car too needs maintenance with time, especially each and every part must be inspected and taken care of. Your car parts can wear out with time and require a change. Therefore, buy automotive parts from a certified company to enhance the life of your vehicle. 

Cars batteries are another important feature, just like your phone’s battery is. It provides the zap your car needs to keep rolling, which is why you need to focus on the battery change too with time. 

Before I present you with the battery maintenance tips, you must know the average car battery life- It usually lasts between 2 to 5 years. However, the longevity of the battery’s life usually depends upon the external factors and the way you maintain it. Batteries can drain in scorching heat when the engine is already on high heat under the hood. The fluids can evaporate and damage the internal structure. Regardless of the weather, the way you keep it plays an important role too.

Tips to Enhance the Life of Car Batteries-

1) Keep a check on acid levels- You must inspect the acid levels of your battery after every six months since they can hit low when the battery isn’t charged to the maximum or the level is below eighty per cent. If the battery in your car is stratified, the electrolytes will settle below, leaving the top starved. Such cases lead to immediate power consumption, damaging the car system.

2) Add water carefully when required- If you feel that the plates are being exposed, it means that the electrolyte levels are falling in your battery. To keep the count high, pour distilled water carefully in the cells either with a funnel or sports bottle. Keep pouring until the plates are completely submerged. Once you have finished pouring water, recharge the batteries.

3) Keep the batteries tightly fastened- Loosely fitted batteries can vibrate every time you drive your car, and this may lead to internal damages and sometimes a short-circuit. Therefore, it is important to fasten the batteries and keep the terminals tight and intact, significantly if you regularly drive on the bumpy roads.

4) Clean the batteries- Dust and debris can get into the minute parts of the batteries and settle there, causing corrosion on nearby metal. They can jam the functioning of the batteries. Therefore, if your batteries are in poor condition and cannot be treated further, buy new batteries for your car else you can use ammonia-based windows cleaners to clean the top and sides of the batteries.

5) Test the batteries often- You must test the batteries to know their state. If you want to enhance their life, test the batteries output voltage level by conducting a battery load test. The test can be conducted by calling a mechanic. It is to ensure that the batteries can charge properly without any issues.

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Top 4 Tips for Effective eCommerce Keyword Research



For the development of an eCommerce SEO strategy, keyword research is considered as a vital foundational step. It depends wholly on the search engine when it comes to displaying the best results from tons of possible pages. Thus, you need to choose your keywords carefully based on the relevant keyword searches so that your site gets displayed by the search engines. For effective keyword research, you can follow the below down tips.

Pull down data from the website search query:

It does not matter whether the visitors are landing on your website from a paid ad or an organic search query. They may still need to fill their desire by searching or browsing inside your online store. You would need a wealth of information for making further optimizations. To get this wealth information, you can visit the website search option within your eCommerce store. 

Moreover, these pieces of information will provide you with valuable insight into the long-tail searches that the visitors are using to find the correct solution or product. Search and identify for the latest trends within the queries the visitors use to search your website, and you need to make them fit naturally into your product campaigns and pages. If any poor optimizations exist, auditing the data can also be beneficial for discovering search queries.

Use long-tail keywords:

In short, in modern times, making use of broad keywords is not considered a good SEO strategy because of too high competition and relevance issues. Therefore, make sure that the long-tail keywords are primarily optimized, especially when you are creating blog post content or product pages for your eCommerce site. 

It is a fact that a much fewer audience will be searching for these queries, but it cannot be ignored that they are also the ones who are sure about their buying needs and have better purchasing intent. The high intent keywords having high commercial intent have the potential to convince the searcher to take action like purchasing, gathering information, or simply inquiring and may later lead to a sale.

Search volume and pages optimizations:

Generally, search volume is measured based on the average monthly searches. To be more specific, it is the total number of searches that take place each month for each particular search keyword or phrase. So basically, you are looking for the keywords having the highest search volume. 

The higher you rank for search engines with more search volumes, the more will be the potential conversion and traffic for your store. The “right” search volume varies from site to site. To be on the safer side, prioritize the keywords that have at least twenty monthly searches. When it comes to page optimization, give the highest priority to product pages and the homepage. But, you also need to optimize the blog posts, ALT tags or image files, and even the category pages.

Competition and search relevance:

Search volume alone may not be enough. Therefore, you need to consider the competition equally important. The difficulty of ranking for every particular keyword is known as competition. 

Once you find a keyword having high search volume, check for the relevancy of the keyword to your site and your selling components. Due to relevancy mismatch, several visitors may bounce-off immediately when your site will not be able to deliver what the visitors are hoping to look for.


All ways keep it in mind that both keyword research and SEO is an ongoing process. It requires your patience and time to perform the research and implement your keywords. Google itself takes more time to count on the changes. Make sure that your keyword research is accurate and up-to-date because, with time, both SEO and search engine algorithms change. Before commencing, make a robust strategy and stay focused on your objectives.

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What You Should Expect When You Rent A Commercial Kitchen?



What You Should Expect When You Rent A Commercial Kitchen

With a huge number of hungry mouths and stomachs to feed, new or already existing food entrepreneurs look forward to tapping into the market. Starting a food business is not a simple task though, it is costly and the regulations that accompany the venture can be very discouraging. As a food business owner, you are required to work from a commercial kitchen which is expensive to set up. These will prompt you to rent one and below are considerations to keep in mind and what you should expect.

What is a commercial kitchen?

Commercial kitchens are facilities licensed for the preparation and storage of food on a commercial scale. These licenses are obtained when the authority approves on the cleanliness and safety of the facilities. They are mostly used by food truck owners, independent chefs, startups not equipped with financials to open their kitchen, chefs upgrading their kitchen and even bakers.

What are the types of commercial kitchens?

It is very important to know the amount of space you need, how much money you are willing to spend and also your schedule. This dictates the kind of kitchen you will need i.e. a baker would need large ovens that cover a lot of space.

The common types include:

  • Private Kitchen. Though pretty expensive, this kitchen offers you pure freedom and control of the space, equipment and storage all day long. You could arrange your kitchen as you prefer.
  • Shared space kitchen. These types of a kitchen are designed to accommodate different chefs or cooks at different times. It works by each food service booking a slot beforehand. This kind of kitchens can be found in schools, churches, retirement homes, hotels and even army barracks. Other food services can also rent out their kitchens when they are closed (Brick and motor restaurants).

What is offered?

The most commonly found provisions in a commercial kitchen include: Preparation tables, dish washing areas, waste disposal area, oven, grill, walk-in freezers, and a storage area. Other services provide kitchen equipment like pots trays and pans. These equipment are available but maybe in use or might fail because you are sharing with other businesses. If bringing your equipment is convenient, then it is recommended you do.

Note that all kitchens do not allow consumer grade items unless they are made for professional use. Different rental areas will have different equipment. So, ask what is provided before getting into any contract.

Insurance and Regulation

A kitchen is prone to cuts, fires and falls. As a business owner, you will be required to show your liability insurance. It is to shield the owner from liability when you are operating in the kitchen. When applying to rent a commercial kitchen you will also be required to provide a general business permit and a food seller license.

Different local governments regulations require certain standards for commercial kitchens. It is vital you visit the kitchen you want to rent to ensure it has met given guidelines like garbage removal and cleaning equipment.


For a startup on an experimental level, renting a kitchen is a good option since it eliminates the risk of you losing the investment you would make on equipment. This lets you concentrate on perfecting your art more.

Finding a kitchen space

Commercial rental kitchens are in our backyards, it could be the school 4 blocks away or the church behind your house. If you know the location you want anywhere in London you can rent a commercial kitchen here.

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Can Sleeping Temperature Affect Your Health?



Can Sleeping Temperature Affect Your Health?

There are many factors that play into a good night’s sleep and the temperature of your sleeping environment is one of the most important. In addition to comfortable bedding, blocking out any light, putting your phone away about an hour before bed, and not eating a heavy meal too close to bedtime, adjusting the thermostat in your home can really make a difference in the quality and quantity of sleep you get at night. Does that sound too simple to be true? Keep reading to find out why it works.

Why Does Temperature Matter?

As you move through your day, your body’s temperature adjusts itself according to your sleep cycle. As bedtime gets closer, the temperature of your body starts going down, continuing through the night, until around 5:00 am, when it begins to rise back up. By having the wrong temperature in your bedroom at night, you can alter this natural fall and rise, interfering with quality sleep. This is true of room temperatures that are too cold and those that are too hot. Either will make you restless, causing poor quality sleep, and may even result in not getting enough sleep.

The Connection Between Sleep and Health

You might not realize that a lack of sleep can have some pretty negative effects on your health. Just a night of lost sleep may make you grumpy and tired the next day, but not getting enough rest on a regular basis can wreak havoc on your general health. Some of the risks of inadequate sleep include obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Consistent lack of sleep has also been associated with a reduced lifespan. With this in mind, you can see why making your sleep environment, temperature included, is so vital.

How Much Sleep Do You Need?

The amount of sleep you need may not be the same as someone else. However, the general sleep recommendation for adults is to get seven to nine hours each night. Less than this amount and you will not function or perform at your best the following day. Children and teens need more sleep than adults and should be sleeping anywhere from eight to 12 hours each night. If you feel alert during the day and have plenty of energy to get your tasks completed, you are likely getting enough sleep. On the other hand, if you feel sluggish and fatigued during the day, chances are you’re not logging enough rest.

What’s the Best Temperature for Sleep?

Now that you know your bedroom’s temperature may be interfering with good sleep, it’s time to take action to make the changes that can help you drift off and sleep all night long. According to experts, the ideal sleeping temperature is between 60 and 67 degrees. A smart thermostat makes it easy to regulate this, so you won’t be up at night making adjustments. To learn more about this, click here.

Setting Up Your Bedroom for Optimal Sleep

Beyond a smart thermostat there are a few other steps you can take to ensure that you keep your bedroom and your body at an ideal sleeping temperature. One is choosing the right bedding. Sheets and blankets that are too thick and heavy can quickly make you too hot, causing you to wake up during the night or toss and turn, keeping you from getting restful sleep. The same goes for the clothing that you sleep in. Choose bedding and pajamas that are conducive to rest – not too heavy and not too thin. That way you can get comfortable and keep the temperature conducive to good sleep.

The right temperature is vital for quality rest so taking steps to ensure that you get yours just right will pay off for your rest and for your overall health. If you still have trouble sleeping, talk to your doctor about other techniques you can try.

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