Do EU citizens need visas for NZ?


A New Zealand visa is expected for Spanish nationals to visit for as long as 90 days. Spanish identification holders can enter New Zealand through the New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA) for 90 days without getting a visa for New Zealand from Spain, under a visa waiver program that started in 2009. A proposal of work in New Zealand might meet all requirements for a drawn-out visa. Those with unique abilities might have the option to get a drawn-out visa that can be utilized to look for gainful employment in New Zealand.

New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority for Spanish residents

Spain is one of 60 nations NZ has chosen that are qualified to apply online for an NZeTA. This implies that residents of Spain should convey an endorsed eTA New Zealand from Spain to permit a section into the country for movement of under 90 days. Spanish residents are urged to apply for an NZeTA with a particular date for their visit to the island country. NZeTA is an authority traveler grant given by the New Zealand government. It is required in any event, for little excursions inside the country.

Voyage transport travelers making just a short visit to New Zealand should likewise have a New Zealand ETA for the journey transport.

Estimated time of arrival NZ application process for Spanish residents

NEW ZEALAND VISA FOR SPANISH CITIZENS The NZeTA application process from Spain is straightforward and can be handily done utilizing a safe site. Since the New Zealand eTA application structure for Spain is accessible on the web. Don’t bother going to the neighborhood consulate, stand in any lines, or finish up any administrative work.

Explorers really must finish a Spain to New Zealand eTA prior to beginning their excursion to New Zealand. To be protected, it is prescribed to present the application 3 working days before movement, albeit most demands are handled within 1 working day. The New Zealand eTA application structure for Spanish residents requires a few fundamental subtleties, visa information, and travel data. Applications should be finished by giving the data found in the visa that will be utilized for movement.

What are the prerequisites for a New Zealand ETA?

NEW ZEALAND VISA FOR SWEDISH CITIZENS What you really want to comprehend is that before you start the application cycle for the New Zealand ETA, you want to ensure that you meet the necessities. As you are going to find out, the rundown isn’t long, furthermore, you may as of now have the fundamental things. This is the very thing that you really want to realize about an effective application process:

  • Substantial Passport – Before you choose to begin the web-based application process, you ought to investigate the expiry date of your visa and guarantee that it stays legitimate for essentially an additional half year from the date of appearance in New Zealand. It ought to have something like one clear page for stepping
  • Date of Travel – During the application cycle, you should give your appearance and takeoff dates
  • Email Address – because of the web-based application process, you will get an affirmation with a reference number by means of email. You will require that number upon appearance.
  • Ways of paying on the web – Payment should be made during the internet-based application process. iVisa acknowledges credit or checks cards, yet go ahead and use PayPal, Alipay, or WeChat.


The residents of Sweden are excluded from getting a visa while going to New Zealand. Subsequently, as a Swedish resident, you meet all requirements for a New Zealand ETA, and iVisa can assist you with applying for it with negligible exertion. As referenced over, every one of the nations in the EU is visa-excluded, and its residents are not expected to apply for a New Zealand visa on the off chance that they don’t surpass the 3-month time frame (the half-year time frame for British residents) yet they need to apply for an ETA.

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