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Do Chow chows shed hair? (Stop your excessive shedding of food)




Chow chows are an ancient tribe that has been a trusted and respected companion of Chinese elders for thousands of years. Their first name (Songshi-Quan) means “Fluffy Poodle”, and that’s the perfect way to describe them (well, except for their blue tongue!).

Yes, Chow chows do come off – a lot.

The Chow chows are a heavily shedding breed with two coat types: smooth and rough. Both have double coats that shed seasonally, however, the rough coat (the most common breed) requires more brushing to avoid mats, as his coat is thicker and longer.

How much did Chow chows drop?

The do chow chows shed are a heavily shedding breed. From this point of view, they shed about the same amount of fur as Akitas and Bernese Mountain Dogs, just not as large. In any case, shedding (even a lot) in dogs is normal. All that is happening is that your dog is losing his old fur to make way for his new fur. It’s just that some breeds shed more than others, depending on the individual breed and the type of coat they have. Chow chows have two coat types. The most common variety is the shaggy Chow chows, which has a fairly long, thick, fluffy coat. And the less common variety is the smooth coat, which has a shorter, smoother coat.

They shed profusely throughout the year and have soft, thick undercoats. As a result, they shed in large numbers several times a year, which is called seasonal shedding.  In the spring, they take off their winter coats, as they won’t be needed for the following summer. In the fall (fall), they take off their lighter summer coats in preparation for winter. So at these times of year, you’ll notice more shedding. There are other factors that can lead to excessive shedding beyond the normal range. For example, stress, allergies, and poor diet can all play a role in shedding. A good way to tell if hair loss is “beyond normal” is if the hair loss is patchy, sudden, and if their skin is red or inflamed. In any case, if you are concerned for any reason, please contact your local veterinarian.

How to stop your food from falling off excessively

The first thing I want to point out is that you can’t actually “stop” your Chow chows from coming off completely.  This has led some people to ask if you can shave your Chow chows. The answer is a resounding no; it’s not a good idea. It’ll save you some time and frustration, yes, but Chow needs their undercoat.  So, what is the solution? The best ways to keep excess fur from falling off the Chow chows and landing on furniture are brushing, bathing, and dieting.

1. Brush your teeth regularly

Daily brushing is the easiest and most effective way to control shedding. Not only does brushing remove loose fur from his coat before it sheds, but it helps stimulate and distribute his coat oil, which promotes a healthy coat that holds fur longer. Some people even find it helpful to brush their teeth multiple times a day during severe shedding, as this can make a huge difference when they blow their hair seasonally.

What kind of brush should you use? The best types of brushes to use for Chow chows are smooth brushes or pin brushes, and metal combs or depilatory combs for the undercoat. Smooth brushes consist of fine-line bristles (with rubber or plastic tips) that are slightly angled to make brushing easier and more effective. Pin brushes are basically the same, but the bristles are thicker and less tightly packed. These are suitable for outer coats as they easily remove loose fur, mats and debris that can easily get caught in the coat. And a metal comb or depilatory brush works well for shaggy undercoats. Check out our shedding brush reviews and buying guide to learn more about which brushes are best and why, and check out some of the best quality brushes on the market.

2. Maintain proper bathing habits

Washing your Chow chows can make a big difference in hair removal, especially when combined with a thorough brush (when their coat is too tight). You don’t want to bathe him too often, though, or use a cheap (or human) dog shampoo because this can dry out the skin and hair, which can actually increase shedding. Stick to a good quality dog ​​shampoo and bathe him no more than once or twice a month, preferably lukewarm water. Once he’s clean and tidy, wait for his coat to dry and give him a good brush. Some people like to use a hair dryer while brushing because it really helps remove a lot of loose fur from his coat.

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Different Kinds of Dog Nutrition Supplies That Improve Dog Health



Pet lovers see their pets as their companions, whether a cat or a dog and they do everything possible to ensure their pets maintain a constant healthy life. Some people have been known to be obsessed with their pets, given the levels they go to ensure their pets live comfortable and healthy lives. For someone who isn’t into pet keeping, the extent of keeping the dogs safe and healthy might look extreme, but a deeper understanding of the entire thing makes it all worthwhile. 

Pet Zone provides a wide variety of pet services to ensure pet lovers keep their pets healthy, safe, and adequately groomed. Dog supplies in Saudi Arabia professionals have the skills and expertise to guide dog lovers on the right products to take for their dogs, whether leashed or caged. Depending on what the dog owner looks for, Pet Zone has it all under one roof, making them the go-to place for all dog food and grooming needs. Also, a team of knowledgeable staff is ready to offer the necessary assistance when needed. Some of the various food options for dog owners include the following: 

Farmina Vet Life HP Derma Canine Formula Dry Dog Food

Farmina Vet Life HP Derma Canine Formula Dry Dog Food is a dietetic food that specifically reduces dietary intolerance to nutrients. Additionally, the food formula works best for dogs ailing from atopies and dietary allergies. The dog supplies in Saudi Arabia dry food formula are used as a diagnostic tool that treats recurrent diarrheas making the dog regain optimal health. Dog owners get guided on how to use the food for the dog to achieve maximum healthcare levels. 

Farmina Vet Life Derma Management with Fish Dry Dog Food

Farmina Vet Life Derma Management with Fish Dry Dog Food gets sold in two sizes, 2 and 12 Kilograms. The dog supplies in Saudi Arabia also work to reduce alimentary intolerance in dogs, made with a proven formula to meet the objective of its formulation. Additionally, the foods are recommended as a coadjutant that supports the trophic function of the dog’s skin and appendages like the ears, eyes, and sacks. The food formula is a Farmina brand known for producing excellent quality dog food products; hence, dog owner gets assured of excellence when they use dog food. 

Farmina Chicken and Pomegranate Light Mini Dry Dog Food

Farmina Chicken and Pomegranate Light Mini Dry Dog Food get sold in dog supplies in Saudi Arabia for 2.5 Kilograms. The food formula contains chicken, spelled, oats, and pomegranate, all of which work together to meet the established AAFCO Dog Food nutritional levels for proper maintenance. The nutrition levels in the food, when well absorbed by the dog’s digestive system, make them live a healthy lifestyle without any persistent diseases or ailments. 


Maintaining a pet in proper health serves the owner best as it also saves them from exposure to infectious diseases. The food provided by Pet Zone are well prepared to offer excellent health standards for the dogs. 

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Flee Away The Ants With The Best Pest Control



It is one of the uphill tasks to keep your house and family members healthy and away from all kinds of dangerous pests. No more worries for you, as now you are in good hands with pest control services.

It is the best suitable company to render all your services to make you free from just irritating ants crawling in your house walls. You know that ants are itchy and terrifying invaders. Before finding any solution to it, you must take any fast action to get rid of these creepy ants at your home or your workplace.

You need to follow these easy tips with ants control pests

Ants or any other pests crave food and water in your house, so they find their ways to access your homes. Since they are very constant, you also need to be incessant.

  • Always clean up the spilled food or your eating areas.
  • Always wash out containers and jars before you place them in recycling bins.
  • Before off to bed, make sure you store your leftover food items.
  • Seal your doors and windows
  • Prevent your house walls to get moisture
  • Always trim your plants away from your house; otherwise, they can use them as a bridge to access

The above steps are given by the licensed staff that is efficient enough and trained to remove ants from your house or your sitting area. If you still find some ants at your house, you can spray insecticide to eliminate them. Points, as mentioned above, are very necessary for selecting the best pest controlservices providers.

It becomes a difficult situation when you see ants crawling in your house. It gives you goosebumps and itching. One of the best ways to find the solution to control ants is browsing the internet, where you get the appropriate information. You will get endless information’s on ants controlling. Go with the most reliable company, which can be quickest and can provide you continuous services.

Services are indeed economical. It assures you that you will not find a single ant without wasting your amount for a long period. They have the best suited and technical methods and often use chemicals to flee away from the ants from your house.

This is the commitment of a good and reputed company to take good care of ants’ problems by leaving no indication of ants coming back to destroy your house.

Even at the most reasonable rates, you can expect to get the best of services because it is a fact that quality services do not come up with a price tag.

Execution of the tiny crawling creeps

The pests can now forget about their safe escape because the Exterminatorblocks their way and guard your place. Bee spiders, rodents, cockroaches, ants, bees, or wild animals, nothing can get in to destroy your property o wreak havoc on your health. It renders services for your house, industrial or commercial arena situated inside or around the city, so there is no need to fear those creepy little insects when the exterminator is your guard.

To create a very good homely ambiance, people should eliminate ants as soon as possible. Pest controllers provide affordable pest control services in Newcastle to customers. Ants must not be spared as they will damage valuable and expensive antiques and wooden home décor furniture. They cannot shout to call their co-mates to strengthen up their troops. They are not human beings with good intelligence to think. Therefore, you are a winner in the end. Go ahead surreptitiously to check what type of ant exists in your room.

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Tips On Choosing Puppy Training Pads: How To Choosing Puppy Training Pads?



Bulldogology puppy pads

If you are a new pet owner, and you wish to train your puppy, then you’ll need some tips on choosing puppy training pads. You might think that there is little need for this type of education, but the results can be greatly beneficial to the two of you. These pieces of information are specifically designed for puppies, though they may work for other breeds as well. If you are not a new pet owner, then you’re probably wondering how to begin this training. There are several tips available to help you get started.

To begin with, you must provide a very comfortable place for your dog to do its “business”. The pads that you purchase, will have to be super absorbent and leak free. This is not difficult to find, and you find your money worth with Bulldogology puppy pads.

Once the pads are placed down, you must take the dogs to the same spot every day, in the morning, at noon, and in the evening. You should make sure that they are comfortable and easy with where they are doing their potty training. The dogs may be fearful or uneasy at first, but if you’re patient and kind, then they will eventually get used to it. Also, you must keep a close eye on your puppy at all times to observe whether he is comfortable or not. If you see that he’s uncomfortable, then you might want to take him to another location until he is confident. 

Tips On Choosing Puppy Training Pads

One of the most important tips on choosing puppy pads is they need to be away from sight. You do not want your dog to be where he wants to, since this can cause serious mess. It is also important that you set them on before your puppy gets to the actual part of training. By doing this, you can make sure he is comfortable and prepared for it.

Among the best places for the pet to potty is his den. This will help prevent him from getting into the elements and making his den a place to do his thing. There are many great dog pens that you can purchase, and they’re quite adorable. Most are very hardy, and they’ll keep your puppy nice and safe. There are a few that are constructed with places for the puppy to climb or play in, which is terrific for keeping him away from other things in the house that could be detrimental to him.
One of the greatest tips on choosing puppy training pads is that you ought to purchase one that’s absorbing and easy to clean up. You do not want to get one that is cheap or chintzy and it makes it hard for you to clean it. Most of them are disposable. This way, it can be used and thrown away. If you can’t get the puppy to use the dog pads, then you might have to seek out your dog trainer, or you can check out Bulldogology blog for more training tips and knowledge.

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Dog Forests: the best way to ventilate your dog.



Having a pet like a dog is like having a best friend around you. You probably smiling after reading this line, because dogs are very faithful pets. People having dogs in their life feels so relax and happy that they have to have someone to play and love with. People usually go out to get fresh air for their dogs. In many countries, people love to go out for a walk in their spare time to amuse their dogs with nature and to play with them. They even fit the GPS belt around them to track their location. There are many locations that are beautifully designed especially for dogs. Let’s talk about the dog’s world.

A dog forest in Denmark is a stunning area for your dog to get fresh air outside.

When you go and visit that area, you will feel the nature and positive vibes around you. You can easily search for it via GPS. You will gonna see maps having 100s of Hundeskove in Denmark. Analyze which dog forest suits you and your dog for some air. You can easily download the Dogs forest App from the store and search for the nearer dog’s forest area. You can take pictures and can upload them on the news feed. Your dog will enjoy the fresh air definitely. Visit for complete guide.

You might be curious about knowing what is the Dog Forest?

It is basically a wide area where your pet can go anywhere within the area to amuse and meet other dogs. But every place has some rules to follow. As a dog owner, you must be taken care of few rules for all people a positive experience. It was actually constructed by many investors. So they urge people to follow those rules. You must know how to control your dog so that anything bad will not happen. You should train your pets enough that if your dog gets irritated from another dog, he can come back to their owner on a first call. It’s the dog’s owner’s responsibility to trained them how to behave in a crowd or with other dogs and humans.

Dog Forest is a type of dog socialization in limited situations.

Dog Forest is wide enough that it has a small puppy’s farm for the small puppies and breeds. It’s a great area constructed by many private investors or other shareholders. Because it’s a great idea to go out with your pet to ventilate it with fresh air which becomes your outing too. Every dog forest is different, it has different services and areas. There are different amenities in different dog forest areas such as trash cans, toilets, parking spots, agility lanes, tables, benches, etc. Some dog forest areas have Campfire sites and Dog bag racks also. Your dog can freely run in the running area and play with other dogs and you. Because those areas are with zero trees and your dog can get air perfectly.

Buy some toys and foods for your Dog as some enjoyable things to play with within the dog’s forest. Digs Forest online blast so many dogs deal on special occasions such as Black Friday, New Year Eve, Christmas Eve, etc. you can easily buy the suitable deals for your dog and can enjoy at the dog forests.

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Many pets prefer a “spoiled” existence, filled with lush sheets, great snacks and a lot of love. Despite these comforts and treatment, they also feel discomfort.

Storm, sparklers, a new baby, or other household changes can all impact your dog. Further than psychological anguish, these stressful events can impact your dog’s physical health. They can contribute to severe stomach problems, diarrhea and vomiting. If your dog is feeling discomfort, you can call the doctor to arrange an appointment and thoroughly review the case. Your veterinarian staff is uniquely trained to render a diagnosis and to prescribe a detailed care plan for your dog.

Causes of Pomeranian Stress in Dogs (Dog Stress)

Loud noises

Animals have super responsive senses therefore a strange sound is just intensified to them. Learn how to protect the dog handle noisy sounds like explosions. Dogs turn to misbehave due to noise or sound unusual to them, this is one of the major stress in dogs.

Changing Your Home

Whether its moving homes, re-homing a dog after the death of a loved one, or taking a dog home for the first time after the adoption, unfamiliar environments will make any dog nervous. What you might see as a pet behaving excessively (such as peeing or vomiting up at home) could be a dog stressing out with their new place.

Leaving Your Dog at Home

There seem to be a lot of explanations you have to leave your dog at home alone for prolonged periods of time: fresh job, heading back to work after the child’s birth, a day trip to buy, and so on, but for a dog who is accustomed to have a business at home, it will behave out of separation anxiety. Even with humans, we have a problem at first time when left home only. Leaving your dogs at home will definitely freak them out at first site, however research proofs they get used to within time. 

Introducing the Dog to Other People

Unlike the old saying, “dogs are man’s best friend,” not every dog wants to be exposed to every human being. If it’s attributable to mistreatment from former owners or becoming defensive, the dog may need time to warm up to new people. The easiest thing to do is to calm down and not push it. Offer the dog plenty of time and room to get familiar with the new people and environment.

Treatment of Pomeranian Stress in Dogs

There are also strategies to help keep a dog from being stressed out. If the dog is stressed, the owners will help them settle down. Before moving further, a major factor to consider is to learn to minimize tense circumstances and not to pressure the dog.

For instance, if your dog doesn’t like water, you’re not allowed to dump it into the pool because it’s going to be incredibly painful for them. If it’s too hard for you to spend enough time with your dog, it’s recommended that you contact someone who has expertise with your pet to spend a couple of hours a day with your dog so it doesn’t feel bored.

Make sure your dog has a variety of training, since regular movement can help you more comfortable. Another crucial factor to remember is that dogs can experience the feelings of their humans. This ensures that they will quickly pick up what you’re doing and be nervous for you. So remember to relax yourself down, and you’ll calm your dog down immediately.

Conclusions on Stress in Dogs

Depending on how your dog was natured, the behavior might be different. You need to employ the services of veterinary doctors to check out for you.  Start a behavioral therapy program–You will work to desensitize your pet to a stress trigger by introducing it to a changed trigger cue, beginning at a very low level and eventually increasing the severity.

Another technique is counter-conditioning: to influence the dog to react favorably to the stimulus, to feel comfortable instead of nervous. This can be done by matching exposure to cause stimuli with something pleasurable, like food or toys. Desensitization and counter-conditioning are also mixed.

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