Do you like having pretty nails but do not wish to spend a bucket load in salons? Do not fret, we have got you covered! We have compiled the best tricks and tips you need to know to get perfect salon like beautiful nails at home itself! Follow the below mentioned steps and tricks to become a pro at nail art!

  1. Prepping your nails:

The first and very important step in getting beautiful nails is to get them prepped. This includes filing and buffing your nails. This step ensures that you rid your nails of the uneven and old nail surfaces and get a perfect surface to paint on. Getting started on your pedicure or manicure is always done with this step, and you must never skip it. The correct way to use a file is to start from the outer corner of your nail and move inwards towards the centre. Also, always remember to make your strokes in one direction to ensure uniformity. 

Pro tip #1: instead of using a nail-cutter, use a buffer and file to give the perfect shape to your nails.

  1. Always apply the base coat and top coat:

Remember this step is super necessary to ensure that your nail art comes out beautifully and lasts long as well. If you go to any salon you will find no matter how simple the nail art is, the professional never skips this step. 

Base coat: The base coat is required since it ensures that any oils present on your nails don’t cause your nail paint to peel. You can use a perfect nail polish paint brush, for the base coat. If you want to protect your nails and cuticles, you ought to apply your base coat properly and it will keep your nails from breaking and your cuticles from peeling.

Top coat: Next comes the top coat which ensures that your nail paint colour comes out well. It also prevents chipping of your nails. If you are using a matte nail polish, ensure that you use a matte based top coat as well. If not, you will end up with a shiny finish which will ruin your matte finish. To ensure long lasting nail paint, you a top coat which dries up quickly so that you do not end up smudging your nail paint.

  1. Applying the nail paint:

Pro tip: It is very important that when you pull the brush of paint from the bottle, you need to wipe one side of the brush at the inside of the bottle’s neck. Next, fan the brush along the neck. This will help you remove the excess of nail paint from the brush so that it will not spoil your nail. Next, using a single smooth stroke starting from the bottom centre of the nail apply the nail paint moving towards the tip. Then using the same direction, apply the nail paint to the left of the centre and then to the right.

Pro tip #2: To get the best look, let the first coat of paint dry and then apply a second coat. This will ensure that you get a perfect colour and final finish.

Pro tip #3: If you want to get a perfectly designed outline around your nail, use a fine tip brush and dip it into some acetone. Using this fine tip brush make an outline, removing the excess nail paint that spread over on the sides of your nails. Once you have done this, apply some moisturizer so that your cuticles do not peel away.

Pro tip #4: The biggest challenge you face when applying nail paint on your own is to applying it using your non dominant hand to your dominant hand. For example, if you are a lefty you fill face an issue in applying nail paint using your right hand. To get over this difficulty, rotate your dominant hand and move it as you paint along the nails.

These basic tips will help you get the perfect salon like nails at home itself. Now you no longer need to worry about spending huge amounts of money to get pretty nails, you can do them yourselves!

Next, read on to learn how to apply a liquid sindoor with ease like a pro! There are some points you need to note if you want to rock your sindoor look!

  • Always steady your hands before applying sindoor or you will end with a messy trickled sindoor which will ruin your entire makeup.
  • Next, decide your hairstyle and then apply your sindoor accordingly. If your hairstyle has a long partition, a long stroke of sindoor should look well. Whereas if you are doing a side partition of hair, apply a tiny dot of sindoor.
  • If you want to add some extra glam to your sindoor, you can accessorise it with a tiny diamond bindi or use a glitter liner and make an outline on your sindoor. 
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