Disadvantages of Tablet

Disadvantages of Tablet

Whatever gadget you go for, you will be having some Pros and Cons. If we go a little back in the past around 10-15 years back. In India, we all were using just 2 different brands of phones mostly. Either people were using Nokia or Samsung. Even people were confused that Samsung and BSNL are the same company. And if we see now no one is buying Nokia phones. Technology is changing rapidly day by day. We can’t just wait for it to come to us.

These days, if you think your laptop is too big and bulky for you and the work you are doing on your laptop, is not worth carrying the laptop with you. You can check some tablets and go for one. There are so many gadgets available for use these days. People are even working using their smartphones. Yes obviously this can be hectic but again you have some options. Here in this post, Disadvantages of Tablet we will tell you the bad part of tablets. Before that let’s just clear things about tablets.

Tablet, iPad, Smartphone, & Laptop

People have asked too many questions related to these Tablet, Ipad, Smartphone, & Laptop. We will see some differences between all these gadgets so that users don’t get much doubt about these gadgets. Also, this will help users in buying the gadgets easily.

Tablet is just a name for a variety of devices. In Android tablets, you can have a lot of options with different brands.iPad is a tablet from Apple.Smartphones are much handy and designed to fit comfortably in your pocket or purse.Laptop Comes with an inbuilt physical key-board.
Tablets are more useful while working for a longer period of time.On iPad, you will be getting an iOS Operating System.The camera on smartphones captures much better images than a tablet.On laptop More features available as compared to a tablet, smartphone, or iPad.
Android tablets mostly use Google Android as their Operating System.With Apple, you can be sure that there will be no malware issues.You can easily send text messages, calls, etc.The laptop has an In-built track-pad for the mouse.
In Tablet, you can multitask using many apps at a time running in the background.Apple has better integration of social media apps like Facebook and Twitter. So it’s easy to post and update.Smartphones have low weight, high durability, small size, long battery life, etc.It is designed for productivity.
Much superior while editing videos and photos.There is a long list of app lists available on iPad.You can easily communicate using smartphones rather than using a tablet.The laptop is more powerful than all of them.

Disadvantages of Tablet

As we all know that every gadget has some Pros and Cons. As every user has their own demand and uses. You can’t make a gadget that satisfies everyone and fulfills everybody’s requirements. First, we will see the disadvantages of Tablet and then will go for the advantages too. Here are some Disadvantages of Tablet:

  • No Keyboard and Mouse – With a tablet, you will not be having an external mouse or keyboard. They use a touchscreen interface instead of a physical one. It can be painful to write long emails or messages.
  • Processor – Tablets can be used for making presentations but we can’t compare their processor with a laptop processor. You can’t use a tablet for rendering video, using complex spreadsheets, or image editing, etc.
  • Portability if Compared with Smartphone – Obviously smartphones are easily portable. You can easily keep a phone in your pocket  Also, you can do all the work on a smartphone also. Now we have another option of Phablet which is portable and comes with the advantage of a bigger screen.
  • Tablets & Ports – Tablets lack ports like USB or HDMI which means you will not be able to connect your tablet to another device like a TV or PC. Also, you will not be getting Flash memory ports.
  • Can be Fragile – Tablets can be fragile because of the design. They are not made to absorb heavy impact. So you will be needing a protective cover all the time.
  • The cost can be higher for some tablets.
  • No optical drive is available as CDs or DVDs.
  • Can’t store a high amount of data.

What’s the Judgement?

Obviously, if you are a coder or editor you should not go for a tablet. As in coding and editing, we need a heavy processor to work. But again if you are just surfing on the internet, using social media, playing games, studying, etc. then you can easily go for a tablet without any hesitation.

First, make your requirements clear and then you can go for the budget and other sections before buying your gadget.

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