Different modes to try out in Aeternum in New World game

One of the most awaited games of this year was New World that was released a few months back in September. Developed by Amazon Games Orange County and published by Amazon Games, New world was set to release in the year of 2020, but got pushed to this year. It is a massive multiplayer online game which is free to play and has captured the interest of several gamers across the world.

The game of New World is set in the mid seventeenth century on a fictional island located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean known as Aeternum Island. The players have to colonize this island and fight to create their own paradise. You can join other players in groups of four to five and join one of the three factions which are Syndicate, Marauders and Covenant in order to explore the island and fight other monsters.

The gameplay is simple and the players can use the resources and craft items to explore and play. There is no target lock hitting and therefore the players need to aim well to shoot the enemy. This may be difficult for unseasoned players and new players who may find new world power levelling a challenge. Apart from this, the players have to build up their character by working on their skills.

With each level, the game keeps getting tougher where the hostile mobs become complex and increase their attacking skills and intensity. The players have to counteract to protect their forts and settlements by using their stamina, health and mana along with their dodges, weapons blocks, timed attacks, crawling stealth and retreats. These may seem a bit overwhelming, but one can always resort to new world level boost for help in overcoming certain levels.

There are five different modes in the New World game which you can try out. There is the War Mode which is a player vs player mode in which your faction is supposed to attack or defend a fort in order to determine the destiny of a territory. Then there is the Expeditions which is similar to the MMO dungeon. In this mode you along with other players will be building a balanced party to defeat bosses and solve puzzles.

The third mode is the Invasion Mode. The Invasion mode is basically a Player vs Environment mode where a group of 50 players are supposed to consistently defend their fort or territory from continuous waves of enemies that includes the Void Destroyer. If you are able to hold fort for 30 minutes, you win or else your territory gets downgraded.

The last mode is the Outpost Rush mode which is the PvPvE mode and the most interesting one. This is a 20 players vs 20 players battle where you are competing with the environment and other players to gather resources, capture outposts and upgrade your weapons and skills while you fight the enemy at hand. All the above mentioned modes are interesting to play and one should engage in them at least once.

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