Differences Between HTML and CSS Programming Languages

A web developer, also known as a Webmaster, is a professional who specializes in, or at least is highly involved in, the design and development of World Wide Web software with a client/server architecture. A web developer must understand how the Internet works and how it can be used by developers and designers to create websites. A web developer should know how to use programming languages such as HTML, JavaScript, and PHP. There are also other protocols such as SMTP, IMAP, and POP/SMTP that the developer should have knowledge of. The web developer may work directly with clients, assisting them with functional requirements and writing programs for them to use with Web development software such as Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, and so on.

Microsoft Frontpage

Some of the best development tools available are Microsoft Frontpage, Joomla, and PHP. The web designer can play a significant role in creating websites that are attractive, interactive, and user-friendly. In order to become a professional web developer, it is recommended that you attend a number of web design conferences and training courses to learn the different technologies and skills needed to succeed in this business. This will equip you with the information needed to land work as a web designer or developer.

Coding Languages

In the past, there were two main types of coding languages used to build websites: Basic HTML and JavaScript. The primary goal of the web was to allow individuals to have easy access to content without having to understand or navigate through complex languages such as Java, C, or C++. With the invention of HTML and JavaScript, it became possible for individuals to build interactive websites without needing to understand or navigate through difficult languages. While some developers still use basic html and JavaScript coding languages, most today learn alternative styles of coding languages such as CSS, HTML, and XHTML that are easier to understand and use. Another major difference today is the widespread use of flash movies and audio files.

Web Design

A majority of developers today focus on developing user interfaces for computers as well as the Internet. Web design encompasses the entire gamut from designing websites to developing applications. One of the more common tasks for web developers is creating templates, which are made from images and text and then creating a functional website. Other tasks include development of websites that are geared towards specific industries or uses, developing prototype sites, and developing prototypes that can be used for testing purposes. Web design and development professionals can also work directly with clients in the industry to develop unique marketing campaigns and solutions. In addition, they may be asked to create technical products that can be implemented by other companies.

Programming Language

Most websites that are developed today are written in either HTML or JavaScript languages. Although the primary programming language is JavaScript, many developers choose to use either HTML or CSS coding. In order to learn both HTML and CSS coding, many web developers enroll in formal classes at local colleges or universities. The majority of web designers to learn the most effective methods for developing websites by studying specific websites and reading books that discuss the topic. Learning through trial and error is often not very effective because one tends to overlook important aspects of the code.


There are currently four main areas in which there are two major differences between HTML and CSS. While both are primarily used for web development, there are significant differences in the scope of each area. For instance, while both are primarily used for crafting web pages, there is a significant difference between the functions involved. HTML mainly deals with creating and inserting text within documents while CSS deals more with formatting objects. The different areas of the code to make it crucial that a professional web developer completely understand the inner workings of the different coding languages.

Another key difference between HTML and CSS is that most mobile devices do not support the former programming language while most handhelds can view the latter. Because of this, most mobile web developers choose to use the simpler programming language. HTML and its coding are less complex when compared to CSS, which allows for greater flexibility. In fact, a recent study showed that a majority of consumers who use mobile devices prefer to view sites that utilize HTML over those that use CSS.

HTML Coding Languages

As previously stated, a developer must understand all aspects of the different HTML coding languages. For this reason, there are many different books and programs available on the subject that will greatly help in the process of learning how to become a professional web developer. A comprehensive tutorial or guidebook is recommended to help learn the various aspects of html and css. Once you have taken the time to become knowledgeable in these two important aspects of web development, there are countless opportunities in which you will be able to capitalize on your new skills.