Differences between a marketing agency and an advertising agency

Knowingwhat a marketing agencyis, we can clearlydifferentiateitfrom an advertisingagency: in an advertisingagency the primaryobjectiveis to publicize a product, serviceorcompany, throughtraditionalcommunicationchannels (television, radio, press…) orthrough online channelssuch as the web, blogs, forums, etc., they position a productorservice so that the potentialbuyerkeepsit in mind as say agencia marketing digital mentedigital.

On the otherhand, a marketing agencyworks in a more global way, marking the steps to be followedby the advertisingagency to carryout a campaign, sinceitoutlines the strategies, the actionplansthatindicatewhich are the mostappropriatechannels, the message to be transmitted, segmentspotentialcustomersintogroups and defines them to send a suitablemessage to eachone of them. Once the campaign has beenlaunched, the marketing agencycarriesout an analysis of the resultsobtained in order to feed the actionagain and improve the pointsthathavefailed.

In any case, the marketing agencyisalsoinvolved in otherprocesses, such as distribution, pricingorproductdefinition in many cases, i.e. the 4P’S of marketing (product, price, promotion, placement), so itgives a more global response to customersthan the merepresentation of a product to itsaudience.

In otherwords, a marketing agencydoes a broaderjobthan an advertisingagency. Advertising agencies are perfectalliesforcompaniesthatalreadyhave a marketing departmentor a marketing director and marketing agencies are the perfectalliesforsmall and medium-sizedcompaniesthatwant to evolve and do thingswellbutlack a marketing departmentor director to performthesefunctions.

Choosing the best Online Marketing Agency foryourcompany

With the rise of technologies, platforms and media associatedwith the Internet, the digital marketing agencyapproach has begun to surpass the popularity of traditional agencies, whichhavestruggled to keep pace withtheiryoungcompetitors. In fact, there are currently a largenumber of online marketing agencies in Spain and itisforeseeablethatthisnumberwillcontinue to increase in the comingmonths.To try to recognize the bestpractices in the sector and choose the best online marketing agency in Spain, initiativessuch as the eAwardshavearisen, whicheachyearreward the bestcompanies in areas as different as SEO, Social Media orcreation of mobileapplications. Currently, the recognition as the best online marketing agency in Spaingoes to MENTEDIGITAL.

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