Difference Between March Vs. February Pisces

Individuals conceived between February 19 and March 20 are born under the zodiac sign of Pisces. The God of the Sea, Neptune, rules Pisces, so the sign of Pisces is two fish swimming opposite each other. Pisces is a Water element sign, like Cancer and Scorpio. People born under the Pisces sign are highly intuitive, sensitive, spiritual, and adaptable. They draw power from their emotions. There is much to learn about the March Pisces and February Pisces.

What Do the March and February Pisces Have in Common?

  • The March and February Pisces are in touch with their feelings and tend to pursue artistic careers or hobbies as they are drawn to beauty in all things.
  • Those born under the Pisces sign seek peace and harmony in their lives. They are compassionate, caring peoplewho often put others’ needs before their own.
  • All Pisces can wholly immerse themselves in a careeror pursuit when inspired. However, they desperately require alone time to continuously re-energize physically and mentally.
  • Pisces are born romantics searching for their true soul mate. Pisces are compassionate, forgiving, yet idealistic. TheMarch Pisces and February Piscesmate for life.

The Astrological Decans Influence Differences Between March Pisces Versus February Pisces

Everyone is not born in the same year, day, or even minute, even if they are born under the same zodiac sign. People under the same zodiac sign, such as Pisces, share some essential Pisces qualities. However, they might pursue different careers, express their feelings in another way, or handle relationships differently.

Every zodiac sign has three decans. Depending on which decan they fall into, planets will influence differently. For example, February Pisces is the first decan Pisces born within the last ten days of February to the first five days of March. February Pisces vs March Pisces are generally second or third decan Pisces born between March 6 and March 21.

Neptune almost totally rules February Pisces, so they have the typical Pisces qualities of creativity, empathy, sensitivity, and the surreal. The MarchPiscesversustheFebruaryPiscesare ruled half by Neptune and half by the Moon, so their moods and feelings can be heightened.

March Pisces Vs. February Pisces Personality Traits

  1. March Pisces vs. February Piscesis the ultimate mediators. Their sensitive souls can empathize with both parties on the opposite side of an issue, identify the conflict and propose a compromise that leaves everyone happy.
  2. Due to their focus on emotions and feelings, most Pisces fret over how they can bring s a situation back into harmony. TheMarch Pisces versus February Pisces tend to worry more over whether they are to blame for the situation or not solving the problem.
  3. Whether a person is a March or February Pisces, they tend to be forgetful, absent-minded, or flat-out eccentric. They can’t help it because they are almost always lost in thought, imagining, or inventing something.
  4. The March and February Pisces are rule-breakers. They don’t like being confined by other people’s views or standards. Similarly, they don’t take criticism very well. This water sign must express their creativity in their work, family, and relationships.

Do March Pisces or February Pisces Have More Strengths &Weaknesses?

The February Pisces


The February Pisces vs. March Pisceshas a more creative imagination and can transform their feelings and emotions into art, music, or dance in meaningful ways. They are in tune with nature’s natural order of things, constantly moving toward the ideal oneness of the universe. They are fierce advocates for the vulnerable, weak, and down-trodden.


The February Pisces can be so sensitive that they are unpredictable. They can take offense easily and may seem to be irrational at times. The FebruaryPiscesvs. MarchPisces rely on their intuition and sometimes struggle with the difference between fact and fiction.

Which has a more challenging time with boundaries? February or March Pisces? If you said February Pisces, you are correct. February Pisces feels the need for harmony and equality, so limits, rules, and boundaries are difficult for them to accept.

The March Pisces


The MarchPiscesversusFebruaryPiscesare beautiful dreamers whose creativity can push them into powerful positions. They are eloquent speakers and writers that can impassion others. Unlike the February Pisces that are satisfied to be passive, the March Pisces can be assertive and competitive when they want something.


The March Pisces think and make decisions with their emotions rather than intellect. While their love and passion can drive them to achieve great things, their fears and insecurities can destroy relationships. A March Piscesvs. FebruaryPiscescan becomes clingy because they fear loneliness. Their need to be loved and adored can spark jealousy or irrational demands for devotion to them. Alcohol, drugs, toxic substances, and people are deadly for vulnerable March Pisces, who can easily be led astray.

The March vs. February Pisces do have their differences. However, what they have in common outweighs the differences. Pisces is the most empathetic of the zodiac signs. They care deeply about the people and environment around them. At their best, they are creative, inspirational, and idealistic. At their worst, they can be lazy, vulnerable, and negative.