Did Hiring for Small Businesses Change in 2020?

So much changed in 2020 when it comes to how we live, work, and play because of the terrible virus that subsequently has taken over the entire world. We had to quickly adapt to what was happening and those people who didn’t were left to suffer and possibly lose everything. It’s harsh, but it’s the reality we’ve been faced with recently.

In the business world, things have moved online and we’re having to work remotely for just about everything. Small business owners have to run things from afar and fresh graduates are getting their first taste of employment from inside their own home. Again, it’s harsh but it’s our reality.

One thing I was especially interested in hearing about was how small business owners are posting job ads, recruiting candidates, and completing the hiring process.

So I hit the virtual streets and talked with some business owners to find out if and how they hired in 2021.

(1) “I tested out hiring some freelancers.”

Donny Gamble is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Retirement Investments. Here’s what he said about hiring, ever since the pandemic has hit us all.

“It was interesting to go about hiring in 2020. I didn’t know what to do honestly, as I usually hire local candidates who I meet from schools, collaborative spaces, and more. But, with everything that was going on and the need to keep things moving forward, I tested out hiring some freelancers.

I did everything online and used some helpful platforms like Upwork to help me find relevant candidates in my price point and find people who can help.

It was a good experience and is something I’ll definitely do moving forward.”

(2) “I continued to hire local candidates, but the process was definitely different.”

Jeff Parke is a Fitness Professional and the founder of Top Fitness Mag. He regularly hires for a variety of positions and had to pivot in 2020.

“I have always hired locally and so I didn’t know what to do when we were all in lock. In the end, I continued to hire local candidates, but the process was definitely different.

I did everything remote, only met with them when absolutely necessary, and adapted new tools to help us work (rather than just do everything in person). It definitely changes my mindset about hiring in the future, but we’ll see if it stays like this or if I go back to what I used to do.”

(3) “Remote hiring can be a tougher process, but the payoff can be extremely positive if done correctly.”

Jim Sullivan is an experienced HR professional and the founder of a U.S.-based recruiting service, JCSI. We wanted to get insight from someone who works in HR, so Jim’s insight was interesting to hear on the topic.

“I think everyone has had to change how they approach hiring and how they review candidates, but it shouldn’t dictate the type of person you hire and the work they can do. I recommend that small businesses and entrepreneurs’ approach in the same way, but just move everything online (or as much as they can).

Remote hiring can be a tougher process, but the payoff can be extremely positive if done correctly. In fact, remote hiring can open the door to new processes, tougher questions, more detailed applications, and more. There are a ton of benefits to it, but it’s just something most of us are not familiar with.

Do what you’re comfortable with, chat with other professionals who have experience hiring online, and make sure you’re happy with every step of the process.”

Thank you to these professionals for their insight into hiring in 2020 and beyond.

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